OriGene Technologies Capabilities Overview Feb 2011


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Opportunity overview with OriGene Technologies. OriGene is looking to identify strategic collaboration partners for its full-length human proteins, validated monoclonal antibodies and "gene centric" tool box.

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OriGene Technologies Capabilities Overview Feb 2011

  1. 1. Developing Better Assays for Every Human Protein OriGene Technologies, Inc. Mark E. WatsonSr. Director Business Development Phone: (240)994-6873 Email: mwatson@origene.com
  2. 2. Collaboration Opportunities with OriGene • Strategic Licensing Agreements • Supply agreement for cDNA clones, full-length human proteins and validated monoclonal antibodies -Purchase of full cDNA clone collection or subsets -Human and Mouse ORF clones available -Bulk full-length protein development -Licensing of hybridoma cell lines (e.g. TrueMAB mAbs) -Joint mAb and/or Hybridoma cell line development -Custom multiplex assay development • Collaboration agreements for antibody decoding and auto- antibody studies using the proprietary protein lysate microarray technology from OriGene • Custom service projects leveraging gene synthesis capabilities from Blue Heron Biotechnology, including codon & antibody optimization
  3. 3. OriGene’s Key Capabilities • Largest collection of cDNA clones in the world • Protein production in human cells – 12,000 transfected antigen lysates – 5,000 purified proteins from HEK293Tcells – Est.10,000 available by the end of 2011 – Heavy-labeled MRM/Mass spec. standards. • High throughput mAb production/ validation – Recently opened second facility to expand production to over 500 released and fully validated mAbs/month – Three fold increase in production capabilities by year end 2011 • Cytomyx tissue bank: – >140,000 tissue samples – High throughput IHC validation capabilities • Synthetic Gene Production & Services – Blue Heron Biotechnology Acquisition (Ab & Codon optimization) • 10,000 Antigen Chip (Autoimmune & Cancer tests) • Luminex multiplex assay development (Marligen acquisition)
  4. 4. Complete Gene/clone Resource TrueORF/Gold True Proteins TrueMAB TruePlex Human/mouse 5,000 human >1,800 mAbs Expression vectors Custom purification IHC, IF, IP, FC, WB Clones/genes Proteins Antibodies Assays Any species Optimized Antibody engineering Multiplex Assays Any sequences expression Any variants
  5. 5. High Throughput Work Flow Transient Transfection Cell Lysates Affinity (MegaTran) Column 15,000 12,000 5,000 TrueORF Clones Over-expression Lysates Purified Protein Largest offering of mammalian cell expressed human proteins
  6. 6. Highest Quality Standard Not just sequence-verification But also, Expression Validation on 12,000 TrueORF clones APO3C TP53 ENC1 CDH3 LRP1 TrueORF:RC206566 TrueORF:RC200003 TrueORF:RC201842 TrueORF:RC207346 TrueORF:RC218369 ORF size: 300 bp ORF size: 1182 bp ORF size: 1770 bp ORF size: 2490 bp ORF size: 13635 bp Predicted MW: 11 kd Predicted MW: 53 kd Predicted MW: 65 kd Predicted MW: 91 kd Predicted MW: 504 kd
  7. 7. Transfected Over-Expression Lysates • 12,000 TrueORF clone transfected HEK293T cell lysates • Mammalian cell expressed full length, WB validated • Delivered in modified RIPA buffer to preserve protein function • Ideal tools for antibody validation, protein function studies, and as assay standards
  8. 8. Over-expression Lysates • OriGene over-expression lysates adopted in Antibody Atlas Program to validate polyclonal antibodies (e.g. Atlas Antibodies). • Improved validation success rate from 32% with regular cell lysates to 89% with over- expression lysates. • Data from Prof Mathias Uhlén, Program Director.
  9. 9. 10,000 Lysate Protein Arrays E-Cadherin1 Enlarged image Anti-DDK (Rabbit) Anti-E-Cadherin1 (mAb) Using OriGene antigen microarray chip technology to decode antibodies that were generated by whole cell immunization
  10. 10. Full Length Human Proteins• Produced from TrueORF cDNA clones• 5,000 full length human proteins• Expressed in HEK293 cells• Optimal preservation of protein structure, post-translational modifications and functions
  11. 11. Human Protein Activity mTOR Activity Assay Homogeneous time-resolved fluorescent (HTRF®) assay. mTOR is a serine/threonine protein kinase that regulates cell growth, cell proliferation, cell motility, cell survival, protein synthesis, and transcription. mTOR belongs to the phosphatidylinositol 3- kinase-related kinase protein family. First commercial provider of active, full-length human mTOR protein
  12. 12. MS Collaboration with ISB • Generate signature peptide sequences for all 5,000 human proteins – Sequences will be in PeptideAtlas database • Heavy-isotope labeled purified proteins – 5,000 available now for SRM/MRM application • Isotope labeled peptides – Coming in 2011 for all 5,000 human protein
  13. 13. mAbs for Every Human Protein  Dedicated mAb production center - Capacity: +200 immunizations per month  Authentic proteins as antigens - Full length proteins made in human cells  Extensive validation - WB: 9 different cell lines - IHC: 24 different tissues - IF - Flow cytometry - Luminex - Additional validation available  Hybridoma cell lines for licensing - High value targets available: ERCC1, LGR5, HES1 & NOTCH1 Goal: To produce high quality mAbs to every human proteins in 5-10 years
  14. 14. HTP Validation of mAbs Anti-KRT WB with OriGene Anti-KRT WB with cell panel of 9 different cell lines over expression lysate (For endogenous protein detection in cell line) ERCC1 (1A3) ERCC1 (4F9) IF data with A549 cells IF data with A549 cells IHC data for human carcinoma liver tissue
  15. 15. Immunoassay Development Quantitation of 6 Growth Factors in an 11-plex ELISA 30000 FGF -4 25000Median Fluorescent Intensity VEGF -D EGF 20000 HGF PlGF 15000 VEGF -A 10000 5000 0 1 10 100 1000 10000 Analyte Concentration (pg/ml)
  16. 16. Summary  OriGene has developed the most comprehensive genome wide product solutions available  Leading developer of high quality reagents and multiplex assays for every human protein  OriGene is your perfect partner for companion diagnostic and biomarker assay development  Additional information available at: www.origene.com