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Trend Report


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This my trend report that I created for my Ad Research class. I also have a tumblr blog where I kept all my research.

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Trend Report

  1. 1. Moving Beyond the Table -An Analysis of Food Culture
  2. 2. Table of ContentsIntroduction 3Questions of Interest 3Methodology 4How To Use This Report 4About The Author 5Contact Information 5Major Trends:Sharing Food Ideas & Discovery 6Food Is The New Art 13Convenience and Sustainability 20Key Learnings & Take Aways 27 2
  3. 3. Introduction Questions of InterestFood is a necessity of life, crucial to our survival in this • What are some of the current trends that are defining ourworld. It is one of the things that we focus our day around. food culture?However, our concept of food is very different from what • How are people being brought together through food?it was to our ancestors and even to people of the pastcentury. • How has technology affected food culture?Food has moved beyond its literal meaning as something • What new ways are people experimenting with food?of sustenance. But one common aspect that it has heldthroughout time is the power to bring people together. • How can we work towards creating food practices thatHowever, today this notion of togetherness is not as are environmentally friendly?traditional, such as the family dinner. People are unitingthrough food, but in unique and different ways that havemoved passed the typical medium of table and kitchen.Food continues to evolve as technological innovationthrives, along with the passions of chefs and food loversstriving to push the boundaries of conventional food ideasand norms. 3
  4. 4. Methodology How To Use This ReportResearch for this report was conducted primarily online This report should be read as a type of introductoryand all information found was gathered into a Tumblr guide into the ever-changing world of food. It highlightsblog. Food blogs and trend sites were the main source unique ideas, product developments, and food inspiredof the information, along with various news sources. creativity. As with anything today, change is imminentInspiration for the blog and report were also found through and innovative ideas are popping up every minute.experimenting in the kitchen and trying out ideas foundthroughout the research process. Food has transformed into quite a broad topic and now encompasses more than a single idea and definition. It has truly taken over our lives whether directly or indirectly, and everyone is affected by it. Therefore, it is important to understand and recognize how food is developing and changing and to keep up with this progress. Use this report to familiarize yourself with the changes taking place in the food world. This also gives you a benchmark of what is currently taking place so that you can be ready for the next set of trends that are just around the corner. 4
  5. 5. About The Author Contact For More InformationMarcelina Ward is currently a graduate student at the Marcelina WardAcademy of Art University in San Francisco obtaining mward0118@gmail.comher Master of Fine Arts in Advertising with an emphasisin Account Planning. She will graduate in the spring of http://www.marcelinaward.tumblr.com2011 and is looking forward to diving into the world ofadvertising. Marcelina currently works as an interiordesign assistant and in her free time she loves to cook,with a special passion for baking. She also enjoys crafting,especially around the holidays and loves anything MarthaStewart related. 5
  6. 6. Sharing Food Ideas & DiscoveryTechnology, the internet, and mobile applications have enabled people to shareinformation quickly and easily. Food sharing sites and online communities havea large presence and allow people to share their ideas with millions of people ona daily basis. This sharing of information brings people together while technologyenhances our method of discovery. 6
  7. 7. Simplified recipes in 140 characters or lessMaureen Evans (or @cookbook as she is known onTwitter) came up with the idea of Eat Tweet sinceshe loves the idea of reducing recipes down to theirsimplest form. A blogger and amateur cook, Maureenstarted tweeting recipes to her followers, who in turnstarted sharing their own recipes and tweeting themback to her. Maureen compiled 1,020 recipes intoa cookbook titled “Eat Tweet” which showcasesthese unique 140 character or less recipes. Youmight have a hard time at first trying to figure out theabbreviations, but don’t worry, it comes with a guideto decipher the Twitter lexicon. 7
  8. 8. Application to track the source of your foodHarvestMark supplies shoppers with information aboutwhere their produce comes from. This application wasdeveloped by YottaMark, based in Redwood City,California, by a group of people who are dedicated toproduct traceability and authentication. Anytime shopperssee the HarvestMark logo on a product, they can thentrack the source of that item by entering a sixteen digitcode through the iPhone application or online throughthe website. Now the source and shopper are connectedthrough this application. Farms can share informationabout themselves with their patrons and provide relevantinformation about their produce and 8
  9. 9. Website offers convenient way to track a city’s foodtrucksZagat is now home to a food truck tracking site, which for nowfocuses on New York City. It is in beta form at the moment, buthas plans to expand its location offerings. Users are able toview trucks alphabetically, by cuisine, or just simply browse thetrucks that are in their geographic location. Although food truckinformation is readily available through Twitter and specific foodtruck websites, Zagat has brought all this information togetherand now houses it on their website. Now people are informed ofvarious food trucks rather than just the ones they know, whichgives them the opportunity to try new things. Zagat has founda simple way to share information about food trucks in oneconvenient location. So forget having to sift through your tweetfeed or visiting several websites, Zagat has everything you needto find the perfect food truck meal. 9
  10. 10. Holiday food finding challenge that benefitsthe less fortunateThe Foodspotting Holiday 2010 Spotathon offersfoodies a fun, food finding challenge. Users are asked tospot specific items and account for them by snapping aquick photo, which is then shared with the Foodspottingcommunity on their website. Upon completion of allitems in a category, Foodspotting will donate theappropriate animals from the Heifer International giftcatalog. For example, there is a Cow Category in whichusers find 15 different food items that include milk as amain ingredient. After finding all 15 items, a milk cowis then gifted. Heifer International provides animals tofamilies in need in order to help them become self-reliant. Through simple food and photo sharing, thisonline community can feel embrace the gift giving 10
  11. 11. Application that encourages social eating to helpsave energyNeighbor Dining is a new social dining concept createdas a proposal from advertising student Luong Lu for theEuropean energy company Vattenfall. Lu’s idea centersaround the insight that many people live alone and eatalone and waste more energy in the process. So whynot bring these people together and save energy at thesame time. The proposal for Neighbor Dining will allowpeople to login into a community website, which is linkedto their utility bill, and see what is cooking in their area. Ifyou see what you like, then you request to join that dinnerand the host is notified of the request. You can also hostyour own dinner by adding it to the menu. Guests thatattend your dinner check into your place on Foursquareand you automatically receive a discount on your energybill. There is also a cooking hotline to lend some adviceto those who aren’t as savvy in the kitchen. Through thesharing of food, people can come together to save energyand meet new people.http://luonglu.com 11
  12. 12. Online food community and cookbook that allows usersto showcase and share their skills, talents, and recipesAmanda Hesser is a New York Times Food Reporter who wasassigned to write the New York Times Cookbook. Along this journeyshe met Merrill Stubb, also a fellow food writer, and as the twocontinued to work on this project, they came to the realization thatthe best recipes come from home cooks. This is what gave them theidea for food52. This is a site where they allow cooks to showcasetheir creations and recipes, along with starting conversations withinthis food community. As a result, food52 has created an onlinecommunity cookbook that is completely user generated wherecontests and voting are used determine finalists and winners. Ontop of this, the food52 site houses a real-time question and answerforum “foodpickle.” Users can ask, answer, and view all of thisthrough text messages, twitter, and the 12
  13. 13. Food Is The New ArtFood is now the medium for many artists to express their creativity. No need for artand craft stores with food providing the perfect materials for any project. Using food asa means to create art has opened up a new world of creativity that let’s artist expressnew ideas in a fun and unique way. 13
  14. 14. Cookbook showcases ingredients in artful layoutsIKEA is known for their furniture and unique take on design,but they really stepped out of the box with their cookbook(Hembakat är Bäst - Homemade is Best). With photographerCarl Kleiner and stylist Evalina Bratell, each of the 30 recipesshowcased in this book are shown in a way never seenbefore. Two images for each recipe show the ingredientsand the final product. But instead of simply listing out thenecessary ingredients, they are shown as a visual withexact measurements depicted in the images. The ingredientpages alone are works of art, with the added bonus of thefinal product being edible 14
  15. 15. Edible Pizza Flags to Document World TravelsTiny Urban Kitchen is a food blog from an east coastwoman named Jen. The premise of her blog is being ableto cook in an urban size kitchen. For one of her projects,she decided to document and remember all the placesshe has visited by making pizzas. Jen used her creativityto come up fun ways to make the pizzas represent theflags of the countries she has visited. She even tried toutilize the ingredients most commonly found in each ofthe countries. For example, her Italy pizza flag was madefrom mozzarella, basil, and tomato. Jen found a uniqueand delicious way to remember her travels, as well ascreating some amazing art that she can enjoy 15
  16. 16. Fashion literally taking cues from food andcravingsFashion trends and styles are all over the place andfind inspiration in everything these days. Ted Sabareseand Sung Yeonju are two examples of designers findinginspiration in food and actually taking this to the nextlevel and using actual food to construct their pieces.Sabarese’s vision came from the cravings that modelshave but don’t necessarily get to satiate. His project,entitled “Hunger Pains” showcases models in completelyedible garments, using items like breads, pastas, fruitsand vegetables. He uses simple photography to trulyhighlight the unique food outfits. Korean artist, Yeonju,focuses on creating dresses that are made completelyfrom food. Her project is titled “Wearable Foods” andshe primarily uses food in its raw state to create theseunique 16
  17. 17. Recreating famous works of art withvegetables and a touch of absurdityChinese artist, Ju Duoqi, first started playing withfood a few years ago, stringing together peas tocreate an outfit. She quickly found that vegetablesoffered her a way to create pieces of art, especiallywith the option to do so many different things withthe actual pieces of food, such as boiling, blanching,rotting, wilting, and frying. She found that byrecreating famous pieces of art, she was able tobring new meaning and emotion to these pieces.This specific project is entitled “The VegetableMuseum,” but she also has another project whereshe showcases cabbage, titled “The Fantasies ofChinese Cabbage.” 17
  18. 18. Sliced vegetables to create one of a kind bowlsand jewelryMargaret Dorfman has always found that going outsideand searching for materials has been the best way tocreate art. She doesn’t believe in going to conventionalart stores. She finds inspirations in her visits to localethnic markets and the interesting vegetables thateach have to offer. In this respect, Margaret’s specialtyis the art of vegetable parchments. She uses an old-fashioned mandolin slicer, along with some other toolsand knives, but everything is done by hand. Margarethas created a line of vegetable parchment bowls andparchment jewelry. Each of the bowls are assembledslice by slice and then glazed with a non-toxic finish.For the jewelry, Margaret has created cuffs, earrings,and necklaces. With all her work, she maintainssustainable practices by using recycled water andpackaging, composting leftovers, and donating unusedmaterials to the zoo. 18
  19. 19. Beer that encourages musical creativityTuned Pale Ale is a musical kit for beer drinkers created byMatt Braun and his partner Christopher Mufalli. Matt is adesigner, artist, and DJ, so it was only a matter of time untilhe found artistic inspiration from beer. This kit contains sixbeer bottles in a wooden holder and the idea is that this setupcan also be used as a drum. The wooden box and ridgeson the outside of the bottle enable one to use this kit as apercussion instrument. While the label on the bottle depictswhere it can be held in order to produce certain musicalnotes when using it as a wind instrument. Braun wants toshow people the musical qualities of beer and encouragethem to experiment on their own. 19
  20. 20. Convenience andSustainabilityEnvironmental issues are at the forefront and we areconstantly trying to figure out new ways to reduce ourimpact on the earth, along with teaching people how tolive a greener lifestyle. We should alter our current foodpractices and make them more convenient and available.By doing so we make the transition easier for those lookingto adopt these practices into their daily lives. 20
  21. 21. Simple and smell-free way to compost inany homeComposting is now required by law in manystates, yet some people are still taken back bythe idea or more so the smell of it. Fuccillo Studiohas designed the perfect way to compost in thehome. Made from non-toxic silicone, the freezercompost bin allows users to throw compostableitems into the bin and then store it in the freezer.By doing so, this eliminates all the problems mostpeople deal with when home composting. Thesleek and modern design of the bin also adds tothe uniqueness of this product. No more flies, nomore mess, no more smell, and the perfect wayto compost. 21
  22. 22. Pub adheres to strict rules to lower carbon footprintThe Duke of Cambridge is a British pub located in Islington,London, however, they are unconventional in their approachto their business and menu in comparison to other pubs.The Duke of Cambridge is the only gastropub to be certifiedby the Soil Association. They are committed to serving local,organic, fair trade, and sustainable food, which adheresthem to strict environmental rules. For example, nothing isbrought in by plane, beer comes from local breweries, andmeat comes from small, local farms that are respectful of theanimals, all to guarantee a low carbon footprint. Even withall these rules and food practices, they still manage to serveamazing food. Their menu is always changing, sometimestwice a day, given what’s available on a particular day.And no surprise, The Duke of Cambridge has won severalawards for their ethical 22
  23. 23. Compost center recycling food waste into alternativeenergy and electricityComposting or recycling food waste is traditionally used tocreate fertile soil and compost, however, a Seattle basedcompost center is recycling this waste for other uses.Cedar Grove Composting is now collecting food and yardwaste in order to turn it into natural gas and electricity. Aftertrucks bring in loads of food waste, the center adds bacteriato the loads to help break it down. After this process, itis then transferred to a closed container where it starts torelease large amounts of methane. Instead of releasingthese gases into the atmosphere, they store them and willeventually burn the methane and in turn power and heatthe compost facility. This natural gas also has the potentialto provide 23
  24. 24. Environmentally friendly way to deliverfarm fresh foodFarm fresh food delivery is not a new concept,but Minnesota based VeloVeggies, founded byRandall Dietell, is taking the idea one step furtherand is using a method that produces zero-emissions. VeloVeggies uses their VegBoxesto pack farm fresh produce to deliver to thedoorsteps of their customers, but they are uniquein that they deliver their boxes by bike. Evenbetter, they bike deliver these boxes the sameday that they are packed. And to top it all off, theyalso pick up compostable waste from Minnesotahomes. They are truly an example of a companythat support local and community agriculturealong with their commitment to green practices. 24
  25. 25. Insects as a possible source of food with a lowenvironmental impactNumerous countries around the world already eat insects andhave been for quite some time. However, the Western worldhas yet to openly welcome this practice. Marc Dennis is ona mission to change the perception of entomophagy, or thepractice of eating insects. He launched his website to sharehis knowledge on the subject, along with hosting bug dinnerparties. He doesn’t charge for his dinners since his goal is tospread the word about this practice. He has just reason for thismission, since there are over 1,400 species of edible insects.They are also a great source of protein and are a possiblesolution to the negative impact of traditional livestock farming.With insect farming, costs are low as well as the environmentalimpact. Dennis has also found ways to humanely prepare theinsects to reduce any insect 25
  26. 26. City garden visualizes and teaches food sustainabilityLandgrab City is a large scale vegetable garden locatedin the middle of Shenzhen in Hong Kong as part of theShenzhen & Hong Kong bi-city Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture. Joseph Grima, Jeffrey Johnson, and JoséEsparza were commissioned to create this educationalinstallation. However, this is no ordinary garden, not onlybecause of its size, but because of its message. The actualgarden and plot of land represents a scaled down mapof the city. The purpose of this garden project is to teachfood sustainability and visually demonstrate how muchfood is needed to feed 4.5 million people, which is the totalsurrounding population. Another goal of this project is toend food scarcity and to influence changes in internationalfood 26
  27. 27. Key Learnings & Take Aways• Food culture and food trends are always changing and are directly effected by the surrounding society.• The internet and mobile applications have allowed people to connect and share food ideas and information quickly and easily through these platforms.• Food is now a medium in which artists can use these ingredients to create unique pieces of art.• Environmental issues are forcing people to re-think the idea of food and food sustainability.• Food is no longer a single idea or definition and has merged with multiple subjects, such as technology and art. 27