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Jack Link's Strategy Presentation


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This is visual presentation made for Jack Link's Portion Control Beef Jerky. Our goal was to position this product as a healthy snack that mom's can buy for their children.

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Jack Link's Strategy Presentation

  1. 1. Jack LinkʼsPortion Control
  2. 2. AgendaWhat does the current beef jerky market look like?How can we differentiate Portion Control from the current market?Who is our new target audience?How can we communicate with this new audience?
  3. 3. =/
  4. 4. Beef Jerky Market Share
  5. 5. Snack Market Share
  6. 6. Moms have misconceptions of Beef Jerky
  7. 7. Beef Jerky is not a top-of-mind product for moms
  8. 8. Moms incorrectly view Beef Jerky as unhealthy Too much sodium Unhealthy
  9. 9. Price Shopping Work Schedules Cooking Kids Farmville Safety Bills Me-Time Exercise Health Cleaning Money Fun Husband Friends LaundryConvenience Relaxing
  10. 10. So, what do moms value?
  11. 11. Momʼs top priorities Convenience 29 Convenience Health 47 Price Health 24 Price
  12. 12. Price
  13. 13. “ Over recent years, value-for-money has become the single most important criteria for shoppers around the world. ”SOURCE: Datamonitor: Changing Grocery Shopping Patterns, 2008
  14. 14. Convenience
  15. 15. “ There is an overlay of simplicity and convenience that just comes along with being a mom. All moms are looking for convenient products that require no compromises. ”SOURCE: Iconoculture, 2008
  16. 16. Health
  17. 17. “ Parents typically look to themselves when it comes down to the ultimate responsibility for their children’s health. ” “ Childhood obesity is a serious and escalating public health concern, yet children are targeted as never before by marketing and high-calorie, nutritionally deficient foods. ”SOURCE:Yankelovich, Childhood Obesity, 2007Linn & Novosat, Calories for Sale, 2008
  18. 18. If Jack Linkʼs Was a Car...
  19. 19. So Jack Linkʼs Is...
  20. 20. Jack Links Portion Control willtoughen up your health
  21. 21. Thank You