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  • Giant water lillies
  • Coloured clay
  • Waterfalls in the park
  • Mauritius a tourist destination

    1. 1. O Mauritius is an island nation of the southeast coast of African continent in the Indian Ocean. O It is 870km from Madagascar and covers an area of 2040km2 and the capital city is Port Louis. O The main languages spoken are Mauritius Creole, French and English. O English is the only official language but newspapers and television programmes are usually in French. Asian languages also form part of the languages. O Population is composed of Indians, Africans, Chinese and French.
    2. 2. O Mauritius island was the only home of the dodo bird. The birds became extinct in less than eighty years after the European colonisers took over the island. O They were easy prey to settlers because of its weight and inability to fly. O Population of the island is estimated at about 1,286,340 people. O The currency is Mauritian Rupee and their time zone is UTC+4. O Driving is on the left.
    3. 3. TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN MAURITIUS BLACK RIVER GORGES NATIONAL PARK O Covers 6574ha, in hilly south-western part of Mauritius. O It was constructed to save the natural vegetation of the island. O Has the highest point of the island known as the ‘black river peak’. O Protects most of the islands remaining rainforest and home to many species of animals and birds.
    4. 4. O Endermic plants and animals including the Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius Kestrel, pink pigeon, Mauritius Parakeet, Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike, Mauritius bulbul, Mauritius olive white eye, Mauritius fody among others.
    5. 5. MAURITIUS BOTANICAL GARDEN O Also called Pamplemousses Garden. O Is located near port Louis and is the oldest garden in the southern hemisphere. O Built by Pierre Poivre in 1767, covers 37ha. O Famous for its giant water lillies, spice garden and unique collection of 85 varieties of palm from Central America, Africa and islands around the Indian Ocean.
    6. 6. PORT LOUIS O Capital city and main port of the island. O Port Louis was constructed in 1735 by French governor, Mahe de Labourdonnais. O It is sorrounded by a mountain range called ‘the port louis moka range’- worth watching. O Has many historic and colonial buildings one of them is a fortification named Fort Adelaide or La Citadelle built by British in 1835. O Main attractions here include Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis Bazaar, Police Baracks, The Mauritian Chinatown and Old Port louis Theatre.
    7. 7. O The capital city has three museums i.e: The Blue Penny museum, the Mauritius Natural history museum and the Mauritius stamp museum. O Oldest post office in Mauritius near Caudan Waterfront. O There are also French styled buildings.
    8. 8. ILE AUX CERFS ISLAND O Known in English as the Deer island. O A paradise for water sports and has one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. O Near East coast of Mauritius in the Flacq district. O Famous for sandy beaches, beautiful lagoon. O There is no deer on the island nowadays.
    9. 9. GRAND BASSIN O Also known as the Ganga talao. O Situated in secluded mountain area in the district of savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius about 600m a.s.l O Is a holy lake for Mauritians of Hindu faith(claimed that the water inside the lake communicated with the water of the holy Ganges in India). O Also overlooking the lake is statue of Mangal Mahader(shira statue), which is 33m, making it the highest statue in Mauritius.
    10. 10. CHAMAREL PARK O 7 coloured earth and Chamarel falls. O Landscape of chamarel is the only place in the world with clay of seven colours at one place. O Colours are red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. O Purple and yellow are predominant. O Waterfall of chamarel three distinct streams plunging down into a gorge(about 100m)
    11. 11. TROU AUX CERFS O Is a high extinct volcano located in curepipe, Mauritius. Is 605m in measure. O The crater is 300m in diameter and 85m deep. O There is a small lake at the centre of the crater. O It was active until 600,000-700,000 years ago.
    12. 12. IILE AUX AIGRETTES O A tiny coral island of the coast of the town of Mahebourg. O Has been declared a nature conservation pane for protection of natural resources and endagered species. O World’s rarest birds the Kestrel, rare pink pigeon can be seen. O Also the Green gecko helsuma and the aldabra giant tortoise, and plant species found nowhere else on earth.
    13. 13. GABRIEL ISLAND O Located near the Round island and the flat island at the extreme north of Mauritius. O Distance between Gabriel Island and Flat Island is only 750m. O Has beautiful unspoilt beaches, with crystal clear water surrounding the entire island. O Popular site for snorkelling.
    14. 14. EUROKA CREOLE HOUSE O Built in 1830 in a magnificent garden surrounded by waterfalls of Moka river and the Moka range. O One of the largest houses in the island with 109 doors and windows. O Was restored and opened in 1986 as a museum. O The museum has dedicated areas to music, art, antique maps, Chinese and Indian house wares
    15. 15. Grand bay • Grand Bay was the first area of the island to fully experience the tourist boom. A shopping and leisure paradise, Grand Bay is also where Mauritians go when they want a fun-filled night out (restaurants, bars and discos). Recently renovated, La Cuvette beach is well worth a visit.
    16. 16. Most famous waterfalls in Mauritius. O Chamarel waterfalls. O Alexandra waterfalls. O Tamarind waterfalls. O Rochester waterfalls. O Exil waterfalls.
    17. 17. Tamarind falls
    18. 18. Rochester falls
    19. 19. Exil waterfalls
    20. 20. Additional attractions O Balaclava Ruins- few meters away from Baie aux Tortues. Ruins of the old Balaclava estate. O Flacq market- one of the most important villages in Mauritius. Largest open air market in the country. O Mahebourg- one of the main fishing village sin the island. Main attraction is the Monday markets- one of the biggest and beston the island.
    21. 21. Balaclava ruins
    22. 22. mahebourg
    23. 23. Activities • Watch dolphins — Up-close in their natural habitat off the western coast (Tamarin) of the island. • Speedboat — Rides are available from Trou d'eau Douce to the popular island playground of Ile aux Cerfs for beaches, golf and watersports O Horse racing — The Mauritius horse racing club commonly called the Champ de Mars was founded in 1812, making it the oldest horse-racing club in the Southern Hemisphere. Horse racing is the most popular sport in Mauritius, and you can expect to have about 30,000 visitors on each race day
    24. 24. O Hiking and trekking — In Mauritius with breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, and forests. O Swimming with dolphins — Go on a speed boat trip and swim with dolphins in the open sea. O Blue safari submarine — See the wonderful underwater tropical fish without even getting your feet wet. O Tour the Moka mountains — by quad bike, horse or 4-wheel drive at the accessible nature park of Domaine Les Pailles.
    25. 25. How to get around O The best way to get around on land is, by motor vehicle. O The bus is the cheapest way to travel in Mauritius. O You will require an international driver’s license to drive on Mauritian roads. O An excitingly unique way of getting around Mauritius is by Seaplane. O Also by use of helicopters, boats and metered taxis.
    26. 26. Where to stay O Because of its developing tourism sector, Mauritius has been able to advance its collection of hotels that beat the standards of all kinds of tourists. O Examples of hotels and resorts are: O The Paradis Hotel and Golf Club. O Le Saint Geran. O Shanti Ananda Maurice O Also look up hotels in Mauritius.
    27. 27. How to get there O By plane O Air Mauritius is the home carrier and operates a network of routes to the local islands and to international destinations in Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. O Some international airlines also serve from their home bases. O By sea with the use of yatchs.
    28. 28. references O Mauritius travel guide. O Wikitravel. O Lonely planet- Mauritius. O the end