How to present your design to the development team so they build it right


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How to present your design to the development team so they build it right

  1. 1. How to Present Your Design to the Development TeamSo They Build It Right Michael Walkden @michaelwalkden
  2. 2. delivering teams designer developerleader agile northwestern practitioner product quality softwarekids start-ups untanned youth vw bus
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  4. 4. Abstract ConceptAwesome Product
  5. 5. And
  6. 6. Photo By: Eleaf
  7. 7. The Plan • Tour of the developer psyche • Tools • Write some software Photo By: slworking2
  8. 8. The Developer Brain
  9. 9. Structural / Procedural Thinker
  10. 10. Independent Thinker Photo By: adwriter
  11. 11. Pattern Matcher
  12. 12. Long Term Planner Photo By: Nicholas_T
  13. 13. Pessimist
  14. 14. The Best Developers *In a Nutshell
  15. 15. Arrogant Smart Lazy
  16. 16. Option 1
  17. 17. Option 2
  18. 18. Speaking The Right Language
  19. 19. Be Specific
  20. 20. Explain WhyUse Metrics
  21. 21. Talk About The Users,Teach About The Users
  22. 22. Tools You Both Can Enjoy
  23. 23. InceptionA short period of hard collaborative work; to better understand project objectives, identify potential users, and define high level functionalscope so that size of the project can be roughly estimated and an incremental release strategy can be identified
  24. 24. User Centric Design
  25. 25. Scrum / IterationPlanning Meetings
  26. 26. Retrospectives*A learning exercise
  27. 27. Design Huddles
  28. 28. User Activity Diagrams *Not the UML kind
  29. 29. Personas
  30. 30. Wireframes
  31. 31. User Stories As a [user role] I want to [goal] so I can [reason] ExampleAs an administrator I want to review users logsso I can determine if a security breach occurred
  32. 32. User StoriesA visual representation “The card”Expectations What done means / TestsWritten description Notes / ConversationFurther information Everything else
  33. 33. User Stories Small Independent Valuable Testable Estimatable ~Negotiable~
  34. 34. Acceptance CriteriaGiven Who Set the sceneWhen User takes an actionThen Expected result
  35. 35. So .... What the ?$@# dodevelopers do all day long?
  36. 36. Agile DevelopmentIndividuals and interactions over processes and tools Working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan
  37. 37. Test Driven Development (TDD)Write Write RunTest Code Test Higher quality design Clean simple code
  38. 38. TDDWrite Write RunTest Code Test
  39. 39. DemoLets write some code
  40. 40. WALSTIBThe developer brainUsing the right languageCommon toolsDay-in-the-life of a developer
  41. 41. Michael Walkden @michaelwalkden