Corporate health your road to success


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Corporate health issues are a rising concern among the present work force. Sitting for long hours in front of the computer and in the confines of a room leads to a number of health issues. This, in turn, degrades the level of productivity leading to reduction of work quality as well as quantity. So, it is best for every employer to start a wellness program to avoid incurring losses.

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Corporate health your road to success

  1. 1. Corporate Health - Your Road to SuccessCorporate health or occupational health mainly concerns the health of the employees working inan organization. Corporate health should be a part of the HR policy of all organization. Everyresponsible employer should be well acquainted with this policy and provide the necessaryhealth benefits to the employees. Occupational health is not only beneficial for the employeesbut also the employers. Why is this so? This is because the work activities are directly related tothe health of the employees. With deterioration in the health of employees, rate of work also getsaffected.Study shows that for every employee the amount an employer spends on salaries, an additionalamount is always spent for their health related compensations. Keeping in mind the losses thatan organization has to incur, it is best for the interest of the employers to maintain a goodcorporate health inside the organization. Illness or injuries of employees not only causesmonetary losses for the organization but they directly affect productivity of work. So in allrespect if corporate health is not maintained in the organization, the employers are going to facelosses.What should the employers do?Like every other business initiatives that the employers take it is essential that the employersshould measure the pros and cons before taking any health initiatives for the employees. Properassessment should be done before any step is taken. Providing outdoor training opportunities tothe employees is another option which the employers can choose. In this busy schedule it is hardto get the time to exercise. So maintaining a regular outdoor training regime is extremelynecessary.An overall health assessment of every employee should be done before any step is taken.Accordingly the wellness programs should be scheduled. Depending on the type of illness orhealth problem of the employee, the health care should be provided.The corporate health program should not be constrained to the employees only, the employersshould also have their own health regime. Mobile training is also an option other than outdoortraining for busy work person. Outdoor training is the best way to keep yourself and youremployees fit. The advantages of outdoor training are many. Exercising in the open air isrefreshing and clean. Adequate sunlight is also necessary for the body which can be obtainedwhen exercising outdoors.How can employees benefit?The grueling work schedule leaves no time for the person to exercise. Backaches, weightproblem, nervous problems are all health issues which crop up from work place. Thus, wellnessprograms that are offered by the employers should positively be availed by the employees toreap the benefits. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. This, in turn, increases the energy towork, leading to more productivity. So, employees can not only reduce their own monetarylosses but also keep themselves fit and healthy.
  2. 2. Corporate wellness programs should include weight loss or fat loss programs since obesity is amajor health concern for working people. Regular heart checkup is also important. Time-to-timechecking of injuries and other ailments should also be a part of the wellness program. Goodcorporate health will lead to healthy employees which in turn will increase the productivity andassist in success of the organization.