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Social media plan for Concentrix Egypt "Convergys Egypt"


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This plan shows how to develop Convergys Egypt presence in Social media through three months (July, Aug, Sep), according to analysis results for the last three months for social media and market.

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Social media plan for Concentrix Egypt "Convergys Egypt"

  1. 1. • Current Social Presence • Comparing the social media profile. • Objectives and Steps • The scope of channels managed • Target Audience • Targeting and Budget • Samples of posting ideas. Index
  2. 2. Current Social Presence %Facebook Page 2.1MTotal Fans 1.8KNumber Of Reactions 31Number Of Comments 171Number Of Shares 2KTotal interactions %Types of Posts 16.7%Videos 3.3%Links 80%Pictures During the last three Months the number of comments is very low that is mean we need to publish more interactive posts what’s make page fans more engaging with posts. Also we need to increase the Video posts, and create other post type like GIFs, and being active in Instagram & YouTube , and also we need to increase the deals with Social media influencers, as you will see in the next slid how competitor use the different channels
  3. 3. Current Social Presence Convergys Egypt Vodafone Egypt Careers Teleperformance Egypt Raya Contact Center Facebook 2.1M 289K reers 1.9M performanceEgypt/ 188.4K ContactCenterhr/ Instagram 2,064 followers rixeg/ 5,230 Followers areers 4,386 followers performance_egypt/ 3,121 followers ontactcenter/ YouTube N/A N/A 912 subscribers teleperformancegypt 298 subscribers el/UCXJwd0QoAw2YN_IjU6xM8xg Comparing the social media profile for Convergys Egypt with competitors.
  4. 4. Objectives Objectives and Steps Increase fans number by posting information related to industry. Increase fan base. Improving fans engagement & loyalty by create post about work environments and the benefits for Concentrix Employees. Improve fans engagement & loyalty. Excel the brand position by create posts related to the trends and setting up strong community by Facebook groups for exchange the ideas and knowledge.Excel the brand position. - Design and develop the digital media channels create poll questions. - Record videos and shots photos from work environment. - Maximize brand awareness and promote the posts through social media channels. - Engaging with fluent speakers for (GR,FR,SP,IT) in Egypt through social media channels. - Mange communication platforms at customers touch points on digital media. - Covering all events related to company and industry and publishing at social media channels. Marketing Steps
  5. 5. Digital Media Channel Number of posting per channel per time period Facebook 2-3 Posts per week Instagram 2-3 Posts per week YouTube Number of posts depends upon availability of content provided and budget Total: 20 – 28 posting per month The scope of channels managed includes Digital media Channels
  6. 6. Target Audience CBAClassificatio n Expert and seniors career level how looking to grow up in his career path Age group (35 - 40) Post graduated who looking to increase income Age group (25-34) Fresh and undergraduate who looking to start his new career Age group (18- 24)Steps Asking polls questions (Do you have a best friend at work?) Asking queries like (what if …..)Create Quizzes and riddles 1 Showing how easy to upgrades by showing the stories of Concentrix employees Showing how is Concentrix job is best place gives competitive salary Showing how is Concentrix jobs is best opportunity for start the new career 2 Publishing how Concentrix develop the policies and strategies Publishing the information related to annual increase and different benefits for Concentrix employees Publishing information related to how to catch the opportunities through GIF animation post3
  7. 7. We will target the audience according to their behaviors and Interests as you see in the photo at the left side, also will apply this for each language by different Ad group to measure how successful for each one. Target Audience
  8. 8. In this profile we change some details to targeting different persons by different behaviors and goals. Target Audience
  9. 9. Estimated size of audienceLanguage Speakers2.5K - 3K peopleGerman Language 3K - 3.5K peopleSpanish 1.5K - 2K people 5K - 6K people Français (Canada) Français (France) 1.5K - 2K peopleItalian This is an estimate of the size of the audience that's eligible to see ads according targeting criteria and shown ads on Facebook apps and services in the past 30 days. Targeting criteria: Age group (18-24) Location: (Cairo, Giza, Faiyoum) Total advertising budget is 800$ per month for all ad group related to (German language , Spanish, France, Italian) Targeting and Budget
  10. 10. Samples
  11. 11. Samples
  12. 12. Samples
  13. 13. Thanks Mobile: 01282210191