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Al watania Poultry social media plan


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this plan to developing Al watania poultry profile through social media channels according to the monitoring results during February and March 2019.

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Al watania Poultry social media plan

  1. 1. • Executive Summary • Industry, Digital & Consumer Trends • Situation analysis • Competition analysis • Project objectives • Social media management Index
  2. 2. Al Watania Poultry Company founded in 1977 by Sheikh Sulaiman Al Rajhi. The group of companies has expanded to Egypt to develop the poultry industry based on the best available experiences using the latest technologies to produce the high quality products. About Al Watania
  3. 3. This presentation explains the steps of social media management for Al Watania Poultry Digital media channels. The scope of works is based on the best practices of managing Digital media assets, existing digital landscape in the target region, target audience's affinities and preferences. This file explains the steps of digital revamping, including Digital media management and components of content strategy and creative. Digital media plan summary
  4. 4. Industry, Digital & consumer trends The table below showing conclusions outline facts and trends in the poultry industry and mass marketing in Egypt region for 2019 in terms of "positive" and "negative“. Positive Negative consumption in Egypt will increase from 993 thousand tons in 2017 to 1 156 thousand tons in 2026 with Past purchase experience of frozen poultry by those who only purchase live poultry 57% of the respondents, who currently only purchase live poultry, pointed out that they had purchased frozen poultry in the past while 43% of the respondents, who only purchase live poultry, pointed out that they have never purchased frozen poultry before. The consumption of poultry meat from live poultry vendors reached around 720 thousand tons in 2016, with a relative share of 64% followed by frozen poultry, part of which is imported, with Egypt's total consumption of it reaching around 327 thousand tons. The Egyptian poultry industry is not consolidated; top 10 largest producers barely account for 20% of the total industrial broiler production. Over 70% of the total industrial broiler meat production is done by the farms with less than 15 000 birds per cycle with poor biosecurity level and high cost of production. Policy changes are difficult to implement. The internal poultry market in Egypt is substantial and will likely grow by more than 30% in the next 10 years. It is protected by 30% import tax for poultry. GOE is not consistent in its support of the domestic poultry industry.
  5. 5. Digital consumers trends Digital for living: Users in the region don't just 'go online' – they live online 91% of local population use a mobile or smartphone. 89% of online consumers in the region are prompted by both online and offline content or ads to look for more information immediately, on a connected device. 86% of internet users (accessing via computer, tablet or smartphone) go online for personal reasons daily. An average person in the region now owns 2 or more connected devices. Digital presence is critically important in the regional business. Digital for buying 82% of regional smartphone users have used their device while shopping for specific products. 71% if consumers in the target region who have researched on their smartphone have actually bought a brand, they wouldn't usually consider because of relevant information available on their smartphone in the moment. Users go online to find useful information on local businesses: 45% look for prices, 29% search for business hours, 27% look for contact information.
  6. 6. Active digital media channels: Facebook ( ) LinkedIn ( ) Inactive digital media channels: Instagram ( ) Twitter ( ) YouTube ( ) Al Watania Poultry digital media channels
  7. 7. Time range – last month Al Watania Poultry Facebook Page Situation analysis Brand Like growth Posts per day Like comments & shares all posts PTA (people talking about) Engagement rate Posts per types Image Video Text Alwatania Poultry Egypt N/A N/A 348 5.7K 2% 100% 0% 0% Conclusion: during the last month the only 2 posts are published so the number of interactions is so little, according to amount of page likes. To activate with fans, should add something on a daily basis with that number of likes, the brand should be able to activate more followers with their posts it is recommended to post about a current and engaging event' post something funny or promoted posts in order to boost the engagement.
  8. 8. Competition analysis Explanation of the analysis below: green color represents the strongest presence in the channel among 5 key competitors; the red color represents the weakest presence in the channel. Alwatania Poultry Almaraa Poultry Koki Egypt Dakahlia Poultry Pyramid Poultry Awzan company Facebook 369,248 Likes alwatania.egypt 11,333 Likes m/Almaraa.Poultry/ 449,543 Likes https://www.facebo 213,412 Likes https://www.facebook.c om/PoultryDakahlia 13,052 Likes yramidpoultrycom 173,856 https://www.facebook.c om/awzancompany/ Instagram 771 Followers /alwataniapoultry/ N/A 2,323 Followers https://www.instagr N/A N/A N/A Twitter 164 Followers aegypt N/A 5 Followers KokiCppc 315 Followers ahliaPoultry 29 Followers oultry 31 Followers tapha2 YouTube 327 Subscribers lwataniaegy 58 Subscribers m/channel/UCzVW8GKYjE MyVZMSNtYWZvA 1,087 subscribers https://www.youtub pt/ 1,014 Subscribers m/user/DakahliaPoultry Co/ 186 Subscribers er/pyramidpoultryco/ N/A LinkedIn 5,316 Followers ompany/al-watania-poultry- egypt-/ N/A 1,986 Followers https://www.linkedi i--americana-egypt/ 1,101 Followers m/company/dakahlia- poultry/ 89 Followers mpany/pyramid-poultry- company/about/ N/A
  9. 9. The analysis of social media platforms has been conducted in order to see the areas that need improvement for Al Watania Poultry brand inn terms of better digital media exposure. Analysis conclusions: the current position of the Al Watania Poultry in digital media is good compared to the key competitors. Koki Egypt has significantly more powerful presence on Facebook, meanwhile Al Watania Poultry has good in Facebook & Instagram. Al Watania Poultry has more powerful presence on LinkedIn Competition analysis
  10. 10. Objectives Project objectives: 1. Increase fan base. 2. Improve fans engagement & loyalty. 3. Excel the brand position. 4. Fix the website bugs Marketing Tasks: 1. Design and develop the infrastructure of digital media assets. 2. Increase customer base. 3. Maximize brand awareness. 4. Increase customer engagement. 5. Mange communication platforms at customers touch points on digital media.
  11. 11. - Digital media management of four channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) to promote Digitally the campaigns & create engagement. - Integrate the campaigns across the channels, cross promote the campaigns. - Leverage offline activations wherever applicable due to local regulations. - Use the virality of potential of content via the channel mix: owned, paid and earned digital channels. Mechanics - Steps Steps
  12. 12. Develop & Empower Digital media channels: Mechanics – Digital Media Professional content management of digital media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and (website). A- Community management: Develop interactive images & GIFs, infographics, articles. Develop the website and create updated articles. B- Contents development:
  13. 13. Digital media channels management The scope of works includes: Monitoring digital media channels to develop a strategy that will influence the targeted audience. Social listening: Use of different moderation options to stay within reasonable limits & fit the brand identity. Moderation: Develop visual communication of creative ideas which describes the brand identity & customer needs. Design: Use of optimized mix of posts to create better engagement on social media platforms. Posting: Monitor latest technology & social media trends to keep the social media platforms up-to-date. Digital Upgrading: Use of social media analytics tools to track & measure the success. Analysis: Prepare monthly reports; adapt social media strategy & implementation. Report & Optimization:
  14. 14. Digital Media Channel Number of posting per channel per time period Facebook 2-3 Posts per week Instagram 2-3 Posts per week YouTube Number of posts depends upon availability of content provided and budget Twitter 2-4 tweet per day Total: 76 – 144 posting per month The scope of channels managed includes Digital media assets
  15. 15. Thanks +2 01282210191