The Calling of a Vincentian


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What is a Vincentian?

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The Calling of a Vincentian

  1. 1. In today’s world, what are the duties of those who identify themselves as Vincentians? The Calling of a Vincentian
  2. 2. Be a missionary
  3. 3. Relieve the needs of the poor
  4. 4. Instill in others a deep sense of their missionary vocation
  5. 5. Set life's priorities amidst a sea of information and distractions
  6. 6. Have a profound love for God and a deep love for the human person that leaps beyond using others for one's own personal advantage
  7. 7. Make the poor always feel welcome
  8. 8. Create a home for refugees
  9. 9. Resist and counteract indifference, or the absence of God from the contemporary world
  10. 10. Foster awareness of issues of justice; combat desensitization
  11. 11. Let persons' dignity and gifts as human persons, rather than their economic status, be what distinguishes them
  12. 12. “Search out more than ever, with boldness, humility, and skill, the causes of poverty and encourage short- and long-term solutions; adaptable and effective concrete solutions...”
  13. 13. Use your knowledge, skills, and resources for investigating and grappling with the causes of poverty, urban problems, rural problems
  14. 14. Help countries provide better education for all their young
  15. 15. Help the global community find peace and true human liberty
  16. 16. Look for the opportunity to come into firsthand contact with the poor: this contact can change your life, enabling you to see a world where the suffering Christ lives on; liberating you to ask: What contribution can I make, even in my own small way, to the future of suffering humanity?
  17. 17. Be filled with life and vision and hope and enthusiasm and be able to communicate that to others
  18. 18. Create unity among disparate men and women
  19. 19. Break down the barriers of division
  20. 20. Eradicate the crippling causes of poverty
  21. 21. Love fullness of life and know how to promote it
  22. 22. Based on a DePaul University Centennial Laureate Lecture by Robert P. Maloney, C.M. Download the full text The Calling of a Vincentian