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Bl. Giuseppina Nicoli - Brief profile


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Italian Daughter of Charity beatified in 2008.

Published in: Spiritual
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Bl. Giuseppina Nicoli - Brief profile

  2. 2. She spent most of her life ministering to the poor on the island of Sardinia
  3. 3. She was a Daughter of Charity
  4. 4. She became Sister Servant (the superior of her house)
  5. 5. She introduced the Sisters to the women's prison, and the Sisters began to visit the incarcerated and minister to them
  6. 6. She organized youth group volunteers and brought them together for spiritual retreats
  7. 7. She taught catechism to the poor, illiterate, and those without religious education
  8. 8. She served as adminstrator of her province in Turin and then as directress of the Seminary (noviciate)
  9. 9. Back in Sardinia, she opened a School of Religion for young people…
  10. 10. …and worked with sick infants and children
  11. 11. During World War I, she used her time to care for wounded soldiers
  12. 12. She worked with a group called Monelli di Maria: a group of orphaned, homeless, and abandoned children
  13. 13. Originally, these were just a group of street children that knocked on the Sisters' door asking for food, money, etc.
  14. 14. Sister Giuseppina re- named them Monelli di Maria, or "Mary's Street Kids" (some translations say “brats” or “street urchins”)
  15. 15. She made sure they went to Mass and were taught catechism…
  16. 16. but also taught them how to read and write, as well as a trade that would give them a job and take them off the streets
  17. 17. By teaching them about God and His love for them, she also made them aware of their own dignity
  18. 18. they who had been denied an education because of their poverty
  19. 19. they who had been kicked out of their homes by their parents
  20. 20. they who had been orphaned
  21. 21. they whom the world left behind.
  22. 22. In 1924 at the age of sixty-one, Sister Giuseppina died.
  23. 23. Her last words were "Yes! Thank you!"
  24. 24. Joy is a great remedy. I recommend it to you and I do so very enthusiastically...! Be joyful! I say it again 'be joyful'! When we are joyful, we are less aware of evil and are cured more quickly. Cast all your cares on God; He is the best of fathers and will look after you as well as possible. Blessed Giuseppina Nicoli Here's a pearl of wisdom she left us:
  25. 25. Source: Loosely based on the article “BE JOYFUL! I SAY IT AGAIN… 'BE JOYFUL!': BLESSED GIUSEPPINA NICOLI" from presentation by