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Digital millennium copyright act


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CSIS200: Society in the Information Age

Social Justice powerpoint presentation.

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Digital millennium copyright act

  1. 1. Digital Millennium Copyright ActMatthew BeyerSophomore at Siena CollegeApril 29, 2013
  2. 2. DMCA History• Enacted by the US Congress in October 1998to update the US Copyright Act in order tocope with new communications technologies.• The DMCA was necessary in order for the USto comply with the World Intellectual PropertyOrganization.World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the UnitedNation’s agency dedicated to the use of intellectual propertyas a means of stimulating innovation and creativity.
  3. 3. How does the DMCA Work?Title I: WIPO Copyright and Performances andPhonograms Treaties Implementation ActTitle II: Online Copyright Infringement LiabilityLimitation Act.DMCA Safe Harbor: Online Service Providers are not heldliable for their users’ copyright infringementDMCA Takedown Notice: A form used to request that anonline service provider remove specific material that infringeson one of your copyrights.
  4. 4. Image from GoogleImage from Youtube
  5. 5. How does the DMCA Work For YOU?How many people here have at least onecopyright? (Not copyrighted material)Image from
  6. 6. But How Does the DMCA REALLY WorkFor You?By limiting your freedoms through thecriminalization of the production anddissemination of technology, devices, or servicesintended to circumvent DRM that control accessto copyrighted works.Digital Rights Management (DRM) are any technology used bycopyright holders to control access to their copyrighted goodor service.
  7. 7. URLs requested to be removed from Google Searches per weekImages from Google
  8. 8. Images from Google
  9. 9. DMCA Takedown Abuse• NASA’s second Mars Rover video was DMCA’dby Scripps Local News.• Fox DMCA’d a San Francisco Chronicle articleclaiming that it was distributing the movieChronicle.• GoPro DMCA’d a reviewer for using the namesof their products.• Microsoft DMCAs their own webpages.
  10. 10. Who Does This Hurt?The general public:• By disrupting commons like Youtube videos andonline articles.• By arbitrarily removing our data and content.Online service providers:• Google is forced to deal with a disproportionatenumber of takedown requests.• Other hosts like Youtube are forced to removelegitimate content, which harms their users.
  11. 11. What Can We Do!?• Petition your local Congressman and HouseRepresentative!• Petition Google, Youtube, and other majorDMCA targets!• File an appeal if your content is removed!• Or deal with it.
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