Improving collaboration with Raketeer


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This is the talk I presented at the Edulearn conference in Barcelona. It covers my graduation project about a serious game with multi-touch interaction to teach children with PDD-NOS collaboration.
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Improving collaboration with Raketeer

  1. 1. Improving collaboration with Raketeer A serious multi-touch game for children with PDD-NOS Maarten van Veen Arnout de Vries Fokie Cnossen Rob Willems
  2. 2. Context TNO on future ICT in education Future learning environments Virtual worlds Educational renewals More insight and understanding through realistic problems Working in projectgroups
  3. 3. Target group Children with a developmental disorder PDD-NOS Social interaction Collaboration
  4. 4. Serious gaming “A serious game is a game in which education (in its various forms) is the primary goal, rather than entertainment” (Michael and Chen, 2006) Fun and engaging learning Promising results
  5. 5. Multi-touch Multi-touch screens Natural User Interface Gestures Multi-user
  6. 6. Collaborative skills 1. Waiting for their turn 2.Handling mistakes of the other 3.Receiving criticism 4.Sharing goals, tasks and objects 5.Discussing a task with others 6.Realizing one’s actions have consequences for others
  7. 7. Raketeer Rocket game theme Six levels Solving equations Learning collaboration Math points and buddy bonus
  8. 8. Raketeer Level 1 - collecting rocket parts
  9. 9. Raketeer Level 2 - collecting rocket parts together
  10. 10. Raketeer How many passengers are there in the rocket? Level 3 - counting passengers
  11. 11. Raketeer Share Level 4 - collecting rocket inventory
  12. 12. Raketeer Make an amount of: Level 5 - mixing rocket fuel
  13. 13. Raketeer Level 6 - defending the rocket
  14. 14. Usertests School for special education 14 children (13 boys and 1 girl) age 8 -12 period of 4 weeks 20 minutes of play a day
  15. 15. Methods Game data (sum, answer, points, time) Pre and posttest teacher ratings Teacher interviews Children interviews Observations
  16. 16. Preliminary results Children described Raketeer as fun and engaging Children showed no disinterest or lack in motivation Children were very competitive 8/14 children thought Raketeer was more fun than a regular computer/console game
  17. 17. Preliminary results
  18. 18. Preliminary results
  19. 19. Preliminary results
  20. 20. Preliminary results
  21. 21. Preliminary results Behavioural change during play Transfer to the classroom unsure yet One exception
  22. 22. Future work Further analysis of data A longer period of use A larger study More subjects Different disorders
  23. 23. Questions ? For more information: visit or mail