Phase II Wrap up and Phase III Kick Off


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Phase II Wrap up and Phase III Kick Off

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Phase II Wrap up and Phase III Kick Off

  1. 1. Phase II Wrap Up and Phase III Kick-Off Meeting Steering Committee andPlanning Advisory Committee March 22, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda Summary of Phase II - Future Landscape Exploration: Future Land Use Scenario Development and Assessment Overview of Phase III - Building a Clear and Shared Regional Land Use Framework
  3. 3. Planning Process and Scope We are here
  4. 4. Phase II Process
  5. 5. Scenario Building through Civic Engagement
  6. 6. How do you envision the Region in 2040?How and Where should the Region develop? Educate Engage
  8. 8. Land Use Themes Business Infill/ Asset- Radial Unrestricted as Usual Conservation Based Corridor DevelopmentDevelopment Development Development Development
  9. 9. Dot Mapping ExerciseDesigned to solicit input on the bestareas for new development and/orredevelopment for each themeAsked participants to place sticky dotson maps of the Region Population dots Employment dots
  10. 10. Mind Mapping ExerciseA brain-storming exercise designed tocollect thoughts about principles,characteristics, and policies for eachtheme
  11. 11.  First Workshop with the Steering and Planning Advisory Committee members 17 Community-based workshops 15 Focused Group workshops  Social and cultural group  Business and economic development group  Transportation and infrastructure group  Environmental group  Planning group  Higher education group  Young professional group  Middle/High school group
  12. 12. Workshop Summary by Theme # of % of Participants ParticipantsBusiness as Usual Development 19 3%Infill/Conservation Development 290 48%Asset-based Development 178 29%Radial Corridor Development 64 11%Unrestricted Development 22 4%Create Your Own 36 6%TOTAL 609 100%
  13. 13. Dot Mapping Input Compilation and Analysis using GIS
  14. 14. Mind Mapping Input Compilation and Analysis
  15. 15. Scenario Assessment through Performance Indicators
  16. 16. Scenario Evaluation Criteria Development Going Places Monopoly Board 23 land use factors represented in each box are grouped by theme
  17. 17. Future Land Use Scenarios and Assessment Results
  18. 18. Sharing Future Land Use Scenarios and Assessment Results
  19. 19. Public Outreach 5 open houses in 3 counties
  20. 20. Guided Tour to Share Information
  21. 21. Virtual Open House Presentations
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Phase IIEndorsement
  24. 24. Phase III February 2011 – December 2011
  25. 25. Major Tasks Identify, develop, and evaluate a preferred scenario Build consensus around the 2040 Regional Growth Framework Seek approval from the MVRPC Board of Directors
  26. 26. Process and Timeline
  27. 27. Final Preferred Scenario Identify the final preferred scenario using:  Distribution of participants amongst the seven scenarios during the scenario building workshops  Scenario voting results from the Going Places Steering and Planning Advisory Committee members, public open houses, and mail and web surveys  Results from the phone survey Evaluate the final preferred scenario using the 12 performance indicators
  28. 28. The 2040 Regional Growth Framework will be more than a map – it will alsorepresent the core values, principles, and characteristics of the Miami Valley and include recommendations for regional policies and strategies for implementation
  29. 29. 2040 Regional Growth Framework Not to assign traditional land use designations such as residential, commercial, or industrial areas Will define areas that are “appropriate” or “preferred” for future development, redevelopment, and preservation Will serve as a resource, providing a regional perspective on land use issues for local communities in their future land use policy and plan development efforts
  30. 30. Building Consensus around the 2040 Regional Growth Framework Public Open Houses Presentation and Input Solicitation Endorsement and Formal Review Approval from MVRPC Board of Directors
  31. 31. Questions?Comments?
  32. 32. Upcoming WorkshopRegional Policy Roundtable Workshop June 2011 Formal Invitation will be mailed to you
  33. 33. Thank You!