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MVRPC Board Orientation presentation


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Presentation for new Board members.

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MVRPC Board Orientation presentation

  1. 1. Miami Valley RegionalPlanning CommissionOverviewAgency OrientationMay 2, 2013Brian O. Martin, Executive Director(937)531-65401
  2. 2. Agenda• Review of folder contents• Presentation– MVRPC as an Organization– Strategic Plan– Key Products– Planning services and programs– Project funding• Questions and answers2
  3. 3. Miami Valley Region Planning Commission(MVRPC)…• A Regional PlanningCommission andMetropolitan PlanningOrganization3• Voluntary association oforganizations– Formed in 1964 underSection 713.21 of theOhio Revised Code
  4. 4. MVRPC’s Board Members…• Make decisions about regionaltransportation priorities• Communicate between MVRPC andlocal elected bodies or otherorganizations which they represent• Actively participate in major MVRPCinitiatives• Represent the interests of theircommunity/ organization in matterswhich come before the Board,• Bring an informed regional perspectiveto matters which come before theBoard or their organization.4
  5. 5. MVRPC Staff5ExecutiveDirectorBrian O. MartinDirector of Finance andAdministrationTim GillilandDirector of Marketing andPublic AffairsLaura LogesDirector ofRegional InitiativesBob SteinbachDirector ofRegional PlanningMartin KimExecutiveAssistantAnn BurnsProductionCoordinatorDarrin HallAccountingTechnicianTonya LeeReceptionist/SecretaryTashia HunterIT/Web Manager/ArcIMS SpecialistMike LucasRegionalPlanner IIKjirsten FrankGISCoordinatorTom HarnerRegionalPlanner IIJulie BlackResearchAssociateVacantGIS Specialist/PlannerKathryn YouraPolkManager ofEnvironmental PlanningMatt LindsayDirector of Long RangePlanning and EngineeringAna RamirezSenior Planner ShortRange ProgramsPaul ArnoldRegionalPlanner IVAmi ParikhRegionalPlanner IJon WhiteRegionalPlanner IOmar PetersRegionalPlanner IIIBradley DanielIntern(s)
  6. 6. Strategic Plan (Draft)ValuesIntegrity, Transparency, Inclusion, Diversity, InnovationMissionMVRPC promotes collaboration among communities, stakeholders, and residents to advance regional priorities.MVRPC is a forum and resource where the Board of Directors identifies priorities, develops public policy andcollaborative strategies to improve quality of life throughout the Miami Valley Region.VisionOur Board of Directors’ decisions, through strategic partnerships and staff efforts, contribute to theadvancement of the Region’s economic vitality, enhanced quality of life, strong sense of place, and expandedopportunities that attract and retain talented individuals and organizations to the Miami Valley Region.6
  7. 7. MVRPC Goals (Draft)RegionalStewardship• Foster Regionalthinking• Transcendboundaries• Discover sharedsolutions• Develop RegionalprioritiesVibrantCommunities• Promotetransportationchoices• Attractinfrastructurefunding• Promote thetransportation andland use vision• Support localplanning effortsPartnerships• Expand businessand developmentpartnerships• Expand civicorganization andprofessionalassociationpartnerships• Expand existinggovernmentpartnershipsSustainableSolutions &Environment• Effective clean airprograms• Protect waterresources• Protect the naturalenvironment• Encourage eco-friendly designpractices• Promote energyefficiency7
  8. 8. MVRPC’s Role in Regional Issues8
  9. 9. Metropolitan Planning Organizations• MPOs carry out a metropolitantransportation planning process– Urbanized areas of 50,000+must have an MPO– Areas of 200,000+ (likeGreater Dayton) aredesignated as TransportationManagement Areas and haveadditional requirements.– An MPO may serve onecounty, several counties, oreven multiple States.• MVRPC was designated MPO in19739
  10. 10. Who are involved in the planning process?• General public• Local Jurisdictions andTransit Agencies in theRegion– Elected officials, engineers,and Planners• Business community andspecial interest groups• Federal and StateGovernment– FHWA, FTA, EPA, ODOT,OEPA, Others10
  11. 11. Key Documents Produced by theMetropolitan Planning ProcessDocumentTime/HorizonContentsUpdateFrequencyWork Program(UPWP)1-2 yearsPlanning studies &tasksAnnuallyLong RangeTransportation Plan(LRTP)20+ yearsFuture goals,strategies &projectsEvery 4 years(Since MVRPC isdesignated as amaintenance area)TransportationImprovementProgram (TIP)3-5 yearsTransportationinvestmentsEvery 2-4years11
  12. 12. Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)• UPWP published annually• Follows State Fiscal Year(July – June)• Lists regional transportationplanning activities/products– activities/products to enhanceregion’s multimodaltransportation System– various studies such as MajorInvestment Study,Interchange ModificationStudy, InterchangeJustification Study, etc12
  13. 13. Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)• Adopted in May 2012• Fiscally constrainedmultimodal transportationplan• An estimated $5.7 billion oftransportation investmentfunds– $2.7B roadway capacity– $2.9B transit capital– $13M bikeway– $6M enhancements13
  14. 14. Regional Forecasts
  15. 15. The Going Places planning process is on-going. Only locallyadopted plans were included in the land use forecasts used in theLRTP.
  16. 16. Freight & Congestion Management
  17. 17. Air Quality
  18. 18. Air Quality Awareness Program• Coordination with the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency(RAPCA)– issues “Air Pollution Advisories” on days when high air pollution levels areforecasted for either ground-level ozone or PM2.5 (particle pollution)– coordinates with media to ensure wide-spread penetration of advisory.• Conduct outreach with media and special interest groups to informresidents on actions they can take to reduce air pollution.• Maintain website which includes real-timemapping of Air Quality Index (AQI) readings.18
  19. 19. Transit Services
  20. 20. Bike and Pedestrian Network
  21. 21. MVRPC RIDESHARE Program• Free matching service linkingcommuters who live in five-countycoverage area and Clinton County• www.miamivalleyrideshare.orgwebsite provides “matchlists” ofpotential poolers• Vanpool Program – vehicleproviders lease vans to groups of7 to 15 people who are travelingover 25 miles one-way• Twenty-six (26) vanpoolsoperating as of May 1, 2013.21
  22. 22. MVRPC Transportation Programs• Guaranteed Ride Home– Provides “poolers” with a guaranteed ride in case of an emergency.• Drive Less Live More– Coordinates program which encourages residents to try alternativetransportation (rideshare, transit, walking or biking).– Partners with GDRTA, Five Rivers MetroParks and Miami Conservancy District.• Pedal Pals Program– Matches people who want to bike to work or school together. Coordinates bikesafety outreach efforts (Bike Light Program, bike helmet fittings)• Transit 5310 Designated Recipient (Proposed)– Coordinates senior and disability transportation vehicle purchases for Miami Co.Transit, Greene Cats, and GDRTA.22
  23. 23. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)• Current TIP – SFY2014 –SFY2017 TIP• Four-year program of projectsthat have funding– Implementation device of the LRP• Monitors projects from theirinitiation through completion• TIP currently includes$ millions worth of projects23
  24. 24. MVRPC’s Regionally Controlled Funds• Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds– Approximately $11.2 million per year• Congestion Mitigation / Air Quality (CMAQ) funds– Approximately $6.1 million per year• Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds– Approximately $1.1 million per year24
  25. 25. Coordinate TransportationFunding Requests• Participate in Dayton Development Coalition’s DaytonRegion Priority Development and Advocacy Committee(PDAC) to coordinate annual government fundingpriorities– Lead agency for Transportation and Government ServicesProject Review Panels• Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC)– ODOT’s program for funding major new capacity projects, $12million or more– Coordinate Region’s applications with ODOT Districts25
  26. 26. Q & AThank you for coming!26