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Going Places Phase II Summary Presentation


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Going Places Phase II Summary, presented to the MVRPC Board, 5 May 2011

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Going Places Phase II Summary Presentation

  1. 1. Summary of Phase II Future Landscape Exploration Board of Directors May 5, 2011Martin Kim, Director of Regional Planning
  2. 2. Planning Process and Scope We are here
  3. 3. Scenario Building through Civic Engagement
  4. 4. How do you envision the Region in 2040?How and Where should the Region develop? Educate Engage
  5. 5. Land Use Themes Business Infill/ Asset- Radial Unrestricted as Usual Conservation Based Corridor DevelopmentDevelopment Development Development Development
  6. 6. Dot Mapping Mind MappingDesigned to solicit input on the A brain-storming exercisebest areas for new designed to collect thoughtsdevelopment or redevelopment about principles, characteristics,for each theme and policies for each theme
  7. 7.  First Workshop with the Steering and Planning Advisory Committee members 17 Community-based workshops 15 Focused Group workshops  Social and cultural group  Business and economic development group  Transportation and infrastructure group  Environmental group  Planning group  Higher education group  Young professional group  Middle/High school group
  8. 8. Workshop Summary by Theme # of % of Participants ParticipantsBusiness as Usual Development 19 3%Infill/Conservation Development 290 48%Asset-based Development 178 29%Radial Corridor Development 64 11%Unrestricted Development 22 4%Create Your Own 36 6%TOTAL 609 100%
  9. 9. Dot Map Analysis Mind Map Analysis
  10. 10. Scenario Assessment through Performance Indicators
  11. 11. Scenario Evaluation Criteria Development with - Going Places Planning Advisory Committee
  12. 12. Future Land Use Scenarios and Assessment Results
  13. 13. Future Land Use Scenarios and Assessment  Seven alternative future land use scenarios addressing the question “where and in what ways the region develop by 2040”  Assessment of potential effects of each scenario on the region measured using a set of 12 performance indicators
  14. 14. Sharing Future Land Use Scenarios and Assessment Results
  15. 15. Open Houses5 open houses in October and November, 2010
  16. 16. Guided Tour to Share Information
  17. 17. Virtual Open House
  18. 18. Steering and Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Summary Phase II Wrap Up and Phase III Kick-Off 9:00 – 10:30 am on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at the Center for Regional Cooperation A total of 38 attendees reviewed and endorsed the seven future land use scenarios and their assessment results of Phase II Reviewed, discussed, and provided input on the Phase III 2040 Regional Growth Framework Development process
  19. 19. Phase IIEndorsementResolutionon page 180