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MAP 21 5310 changes


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Changes in Funding for Specialized Transporation

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MAP 21 5310 changes

  1. 1. HSTC Steering CommitteeMay 15, 2013MAP-21MAP-21Changes in Funding forChanges in Funding forSpecialized TransportationSpecialized Transportation
  2. 2. Under MAP-21Under MAP-21• Section 5310 becomes Enhanced Mobilityfor Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities• Merges former New Freedom functionsand funds into 5310• Makes 5310 a formula program with 60%of funds going to large urban areas• Our Region’s share in 2013: $737,685
  3. 3. Expanded 5310Expanded 5310Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and People withDisabilitiesProjects that:serve the special needs of transit-dependentpopulations where public transportation isinsufficient, inappropriate or non-existent (55%)go beyond the ADAprovide alternatives to public transportationimprove access to fixed route
  4. 4. Eligible RecipientsEligible Recipients• The Designated Recipient (10% Admin)• FTA Direct recipients (transit agencies)• Non-profit agencies• Public bodies approved to coordinateservices for the elderly and people withdisabilities• Public bodies that certify that no non-profits are readily available to provideservices in their area
  5. 5. Eligible 5310 ProjectsEligible 5310 Projects• 55% must goto “traditional”5310 projects• Remainder mustgo beyond ADA orimprove access tofixed route• Can now include operating and capital• Typically carried out by non-profits
  6. 6. 6Funds can improve access to transit…Funds can improve access to transit…Improvements must leadto greater access to fixedor flex routes for peoplewith disabilities.Sidewalks/curb cuts, etc.near:- medical facilities- schools/colleges- residential clusters- shopping destinations- employment centers
  7. 7. 7Infrastructure that improves access to transit
  8. 8. Coordinated Planning andCoordinated Planning andProject SelectionProject Selection• Must be included in or derived from the localCoordinated Plan (this requirement may berevised)• Projects do not have to be competitivelyselected (but can be)• Funds will be available in the year of allocationplus two years (must be obligated in an FTAgrant in that time)• MVRPC will request “Designated Recipient”status – would manage project selection process
  9. 9. • For more information about Section 5310,contact:Bob
  10. 10. • For more information about Section 5310,contact:Bob