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Past simple presentation


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Past simple presentation

  1. 1. Past Simple 2 VMBO kader
  2. 2. Grammar item •Past simple: regular verbs Form •Affirmative sentences: the correct form of the regular past simple by adding –ed. Function •To express something that happened in the past, using past simple. Meaning • Things we indicate for an action that occurred in the past and which does not extend into the present. Use • To talk about things that happened in the past and ended in the past.
  3. 3. Je gebruikt de past simple om aan te geven dat iets is begonnen en geëindigd is in het verleden. PAST -x - NOW FUTURE Voorbeelden: • You watched tv last night. • They played football yesterday. • She visited me last summer.
  4. 4. the car
  5. 5. Regels: • werkwoord + ed work - worked • Werkwoord eindigt met -e  + -d share - shared • Werkwoorden die eindigen op -y • kijken naar letter ervoor  a/e/i/o/u  -ed, play - played • anders wordt  -y  -ied study - studied
  6. 6. Substitution table I played the guitar yesterday Peter worked in a restaurant this morning He crashed the car last night My parents walked in the park a year ago You studied for the test
  7. 7. concept questions 7 My teacher lived in Rotterdam when she was young. Does she live in Rotterdam now? Did she live in Rotterdam in the past? When?