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Increasing Student Involvement In Extra-curricular activities


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Published in: Business, Education
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Increasing Student Involvement In Extra-curricular activities

  1. 1. Increasing Extra-Curricular Activities at CSUSBCollege of Business and Public Administration Marissa Parris Management 306 Winter 2012
  2. 2. Content• Definition• Importance of extra-curricular activities• Reasons for getting involved• Types of activities• Steps to improves student involvement in extra-curricular activities• Graphs – Gender participation – Number of activities students are involved in – Types of actives students are involved in
  3. 3. Extra-Curricular ActivitiesExtracurricular activities are activities performed bystudents that fall outside the realm of the normalcurriculum of school or university education.Extracurricular activities exist at all levels of education, from4th-6th grades, junior high/high school, college and universityeducation
  4. 4. Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities• Time management skills: improves balancing school, homework, family life and after school activities• Self-Confidence. Enhances the chance to excel in the arts or in sports, can make a huge difference in self-esteem.• Teamwork and Respect. Working together for achieve a common goal and remove the focus from the individual to the team
  5. 5. Good Reasons for Getting Involved  • Allows you to develop • Brings together people from personal interests outside of different majors/ levels of class education• Demonstrates you’re a well – • Provides chance to serve the rounded individual community• Confirms to yourself that • Exposes you to health/ there is more to education medically – related project(s) than just class
  6. 6. Types of extra-curricular • Student government • Track and field   • Basketball • Soccer • Music club • Political club • Religious club
  7. 7. Steps to improve student involvement in extra-curricular activities• Increase student-peer interaction• Promoting activities that enrich student experiences in both academic and social reinforcement.• Have classroom presentations about the different types clubs and activities available on campus
  8. 8. Gender participation inextra-curricular activities
  9. 9. Number of activities students participate in
  10. 10. Types of activities students participate
  11. 11. Conclusion• Extra-curricular activities that are available to students on campus should be advertised more to encourage student involvement.• Another way students become involved in campus life is through organizations and experiences which promote diversity