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MVMF Facts & Figures PPT

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  1. 1. Why we do what we do...
  2. 2. Over 8 out of 10 victims of crime want to see more constructive activities for young people tostop them becoming engaged in criminal activity in the first instance.
  3. 3. On average 498 people sleeprough each night, with 248 of those in London.
  4. 4. As of 26 August 2011, therewere 86,821 people in prison in the United Kingdom. 82,532 ofthese were men, 4,289 women.
  5. 5. The prison population includes over 2,500 ex-service personnel.
  6. 6. A quarter of prisonerssentenced are under 21.
  7. 7. A quarter of young offenderscome from looked after children homes.
  8. 8. The annual cost of convictingsomeone and keeping him or her in prison for one year is £127,000...
  9. 9. ...yet re-offending rates are currently at 55%. The HomeOffice estimates the annual cost of re-offending at a colossal £11billion.
  10. 10. ...and how we do it
  11. 11. 1140 people have danced through the evening at 3 MVMF Balls tosupport projects that engage young people in initiatives within their communities or schools, to help divert them from antisocial behaviour.
  12. 12. 307 MVMF supporters walked atotal of 1,626 km to fund MaydayAchievement Awards that fund life skills training for vulnerable, homeless and disaffected adults and young people.
  13. 13. 250 carol singers have serenadedby the light of over 2,000 candles at our annual Christmas Carol Concerts, so the MVMF can collaborate with Watts Gallery onthe Artist in Residence programme for women offenders at HMP Send, supported now for three years.
  14. 14. 95 guests paid to enjoy a three- course lunch cooked by servingprisoners in The Clink Restaurant at HMP High Down, so MVMFcould commission Geese Theatre Company to deliver its Insult to Injury anger management programme to High Down prisoners.
  15. 15. 77 cyclists have ridden 3991km for projects that raise money for rehabilitation programmes in prisons that give offenders theconfidence and life skills to stay out of jail after their release.
  16. 16. 64 sportsmen have played morethan 124 overs in 2 MVMF Cricket Matches, in aid of projects whichoffer support and a voice to youngpeople who are brought up in care.
  17. 17. 7 bold rowers tackled 465 miles of the Yukon River in 50 hours to fundraise for sports programmes for the vulnerable, including thelaunch and ongoing funding of oneof the first homeless football teams in the UK.
  18. 18. 5 MVMF heroes have run over 78 km to specifically focus on theproblems ex-service personnel face after their release from the armed forces.