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It's all about teamwork


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My lecture to Prakticum eSports students 8.12.2016

Published in: Education
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It's all about teamwork

  1. 1. IT’S ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK Prakticum 8.12.2016 Mikko Meriläinen University of Helsinki @MVMerilainen
  2. 2. THINGS WE’LL LOOK INTO ● Teamwork ● Communication ● Leadership ● Respect ● Feelings ● Toxicity ● Winning and losing
  3. 3. WHY DO WE NEED A TEAM? ● To play better ● To have more fun ● To support each other
  4. 4. WHAT MAKES A TEAM? ● Not all groups are teams (think matchmaking) ● Respect ● Teamwork and tactics ● Communication ● Ability to deal with problems
  5. 5. THEY KNOW ME FOR MY ONE-TAPS ● We focus on the most visible stars (AWP, dps, HS%) ● We often forget about the others (IGL, support) ● No-one wins a game alone ● Find your roles - everyone is needed ● Better together: players complement each other ● A star is someone who makes the game easier and better for their team
  6. 6. COMMUNICATION ● #1 priority - you need to communicate ● A skill just like everything else ● Communication practice: sounds silly, is useful ● Constructive criticism ● Keeping it together in stressful situations ● “Stop the moaning and groaning!” ● Keep up the mood
  7. 7. LEADERSHIP ● A good leader is very useful ● Helps with communication ● Democracy isn’t always good ● Both in-game and out-of-game ● Briefing and debriefing
  8. 8. RESPECT ● Everyone on your team is valuable ● Everyone on your team is a person ● Everyone has good and bad days ● Everyone should do their best
  9. 9. DEALING WITH FEELINGS ● Competition can get tense ● Skills that can be trained ● Tilting, raging, sulking, moaning, clowning… ● You will sometimes feel bad – accept it ● Get to know yourself and others ● Don’t make fun of others ● Put yourself in another’s shoes
  10. 10. PHRASES TO MAKE LIFE BETTER ● “Sorry I got angry” ● “I think that was my fault” ● “You’ll do better next time” ● “I need help doing this” ● “We still love you” ● “Really good calling / support / communication / team work”
  11. 11. DON’T BE TOXIC ● No-one likes an idiot ● Being nasty to others won’t help you or your team ● Learn to recognize when you’re getting angry ● Find other ways to let it out ● Racist, sexist, homophobic etc. comments are never ok
  12. 12. WINNING AS A TEAM ● Make sure everyone gets praise ● Be polite to your opponents ● Analyse your game ● What did you do right? ● What was your best thing in the game? ● What can you improve upon? ● How could your opponent have won?
  13. 13. LOSING AS A TEAM ● Make sure everyone gets praise ● Be polite to your opponents ● Don’t start blaming each other ● Analyse your game ● What did you do right? ● What was your best thing in the game? ● What can you improve upon? ● Why did your opponent win?
  14. 14. BE A BETTER PLAYER ● Know yourself ● “When am I at my best/worst?” ● “What am I good at?” ● “What do I need to practice more?” ● Help others ● Be self-critical and honest with yourself ● Remember to give yourself credit ● Are you putting the team or yourself first?
  15. 15. BE A BETTER TEAM ● Help each other ● Share your knowledge ● Be supportive ● Practice ● Talk ● Talk about practice ● Practice talking
  16. 16. HOMEWORK ● Step 1: Discuss the things in this lecture with your team ● Step 2: Pay extra attention to communication and teamwork in your next practice session ● Step 3: Write a blog post on your team and yourself as a team player: what are your strengths and weaknesses, what is a good role for you, what are your team’s best aspects…
  17. 17. Thank you! Mikko Meriläinen University of Helsinki @MVMerilainen