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Enterprise Search (re-Imagined)


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Content without access is worthless. Searching for company data has mostly been a poor experience. This needs to change…

This slidedeck is from a webinar performed on september 19th 2018, presented by Joel Oleson and Maarten Visser were they discussed the current issues with Enterprise Search and look at what Microsoft is doing in this space. Besides best practices and tips they will also look at the Meetroo Entree product and how it helps organisations to improve the Search Experience.

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Enterprise Search (re-Imagined)

  1. 1. Enterprise Search (Re-Imagined)
  2. 2. Enterprise Search (Re-Imagined) Joel Oleson Maarten Visser
  3. 3. What is Enterprise Search Content without access is worthless. Enterprise search is how your organization helps people unlock and seek the information they need from enterprise repositories through indexing and categorization. Getting relevant information with a simple query
  4. 4. Demo HowWhy entree Q&A
  5. 5. Information overload Customers demand quick results Tools are failing
  6. 6. Why Does Search Fail? • Data is locked up • The right data is not indexed • Indexing technology has not been configured properly • Users don’t know how to write good queries • Lack of tuning, ranking and relevancy
  7. 7. Search Use Cases • Discovery – What’s New. What should I know about. What documents are my peers working on... • Trending & Popular – What is high ranking for terms I care about. • Quick Access to key resources • Research – Topic based results that provide insights and recommendations based on role
  8. 8. Office 365 SharePoint Search Tricks Exact Phrase “SharePoint spaces” Exclude SharePoint -portal Include +SPS +DC Wildcard Micro* Range 6/6…6/23 Before or After >9/12/18 “ ” - + * Author: filetype: created: modified: filename: Author: “Jim Adams” Filetype: pdf Created: 9/12/18 Filename: Windows LastModifiedTime:9/12/18...9/15/18 LastModifiedTime>9/17/18 … < >
  9. 9. O365 Search Improvements Consistent search experience across Office 365 Search in SharePoint mobile app zero-time search with organizational custom results (e.g. SharePoint list); custom entities; custom search verticals and filters; answers directly from search (rather than “results”).
  10. 10. Consistent & Standardized Answers
  11. 11. Desktop Search Cortana and profiles
  12. 12. SharePoint Mobile App Search • Answers directly from search (rather than “results”).
  13. 13. How Meetroo Entree improves Search • User friendly UX (No training required) • Crowdsourced and managed (anyone can add and edit links) • Organisational library (Premier content visibility of what matters)
  14. 14. Content Services content repositories and applications outside of Office 365 Internet & Internal systems
  15. 15. Microsoft Teams is the hub for Teamwork Meetroo Entree is the hub for Discovery & Search
  16. 16. Content needs to flow Top Down and bottom up! Content needs to be crowdsourced company wide!
  17. 17. End Users Service Company Service & Data Owners ev Internal Service & Data Owners 3rd Party Service & Data Owners v ev Direct Contact Direct Contact Direct Contact Direct Contact Direct Contact Direct Contact SKYPE
  18. 18. It’s meetroo mission to make people work happy, by providing easy access to information.
  19. 19. • No organisational bookmarks • No customization
  20. 20. Q&A
  21. 21. Thank you for your interest
  22. 22. Pricing Free Search Business Desktop Enterprise Desktop $0 $2 $4 $8 per user/per month