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Dino lesson plan_ppt

  1. 1. Dinosaurs: The top 5
  2. 2. Martina Vilar NavarroL’Ensenyament de l’anglès a l’educació primària
  3. 3. Contents1. Introduction …………………… 42. Lesson plan …………………… 63. The implementation ………….. 174. Materials ………………………. 235. Reflections ……………………. 25Dinosaurs: The top 5
  4. 4. 1. IntroductionThis lesson plan is divided into 5 sections: theintroduction, the lesson plan, theimplementation (a short video and somephotos during the implementation), somereflections about it and the materials givento the pupils.Dinosaurs: The top 5
  5. 5. The main objective of this lesson is to reinforcethe vocabulary previously worked in theEnglish classroom, through the topic ofdinosaurs.They will be able to practice the every dayexpressions, reinforce them and to use thevocabulary worked in real a real situation.Dinosaurs: The top 5
  6. 6. 2. Lesson planTitle of the Lesson: Dinosaurs: The top 5Unit of Study: Prehistoric animalsLevel and group: First level of primaryNumber of children: 21Dinosaurs: The top 5
  7. 7. Background Information: This lesson isplanned within a transversal project aboutprehistoric animals. All the teachers inevery subject have worked some aspectsabout this topic. In the English classroomwe are going to know somecharacteristics about the top 5 ofdinosaurs, the pupils will invent their owndinosaurs, they will name them and finallythey will participate in a Dino competition.Dinosaurs: The top 5
  8. 8. Learning objectives:- To learn some characteristics aboutdinosaurs.- To recognize the differences among thetop 5 dinosaurs.- To invent a dinosaur.- To respect the classmates works andpreferences.Dinosaurs: The top 5
  9. 9. Competencies involved:- Communicative competence- Oral competence- Audiovisual competenceAssessment:- Direct observation- Participation in the classroom activitiesDinosaurs: The top 5
  10. 10. Lesson development0. Warm up: Starting song. Date. Askingpersonal questions to the pupils. Topicpresentation: Dinosaurs (10’).1. Lets see the top 5: The teacher will showthe pupils the web page:http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/dinosaDinosaurs: The top 5
  11. 11. On this page they will discover the top 5dinosaurs in the Natural History Museumfrom London and some of theircharacteristics (15’).2. Lets invent a dinosaurThe pupils have to choose different partsof dinosaurs. E.g.: A big head (fromTyrannosaurus), big body (fromTriceratops) and long tale (fromDiplodocus) (15’).Dinosaurs: The top 5
  12. 12. Dinosaurs: The top 5Then they will colour the result (brown,green, yellow, etc.). As a result, they willinvent their own dinosaur (15’).3. Dino competitionFinally, they will decide the class Top 5in a Dino competition (5’).
  13. 13. Dinosaurs: The top 5Interaction:- Teacher-students- Students-studentsSkills:- Listening, speaking and interacting.
  14. 14. Dinosaurs: The top 5Materials:- Computer- Wall screen- Internet- Paper- Glue- Colours
  15. 15. Dinosaurs: The top 5Bloom’s Taxonomy:- Creating- Applying- UnderstandingICT resources:- ICT resources- Web page:http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/dinosaurs- Video camera recording
  16. 16. Dinosaurs: The top 5Personal notes/reminders/homework/otherconsiderations:The pupils English level is not very good,since they only have got one session everytwo weeks and it is the first year they studyEnglish. And I am not the English teacher.
  17. 17. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: video
  18. 18. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: photos
  19. 19. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: photos
  20. 20. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: photos
  21. 21. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: photos
  22. 22. Dinosaurs: The top 53. The implementation: photos
  23. 23. 4. MaterialsDinosaurs: The top 5MYDINOSAUR
  24. 24. 4. MaterialsDinosaurs: The top 5caelophysisstegosaurustyrannosaurusdiplodocus triceratops
  25. 25. 4. ReflectionsThe result of the lesson plan Top 5 dinosaurwas not as I thought previously. I thinkthat the first difficulty is that I have beentoo many time without teaching English.The second one is that the children arenot my pupils, I do not know their EnglishknowledgeDinosaurs: The top 5
  26. 26. Dinosaurs: The top 5(although their English teacher, my colleague inthe school, told me about them and that theyhave not been exposed to English a lot).Moreover, they had not tools to understand myEnglish explanations, so I had to translate toomany times.I think that it was a very easy activity, but it tookme more than one hour. Luckily, the otherteacher did not mind to borrow me someminutes from her classroom time.
  27. 27. Dinosaurs: The top 5Fortunately, and for me, the most important pointof view of the activity, it was a success for thechildren, they liked a lot, from the beginning theywere very enthusiastic, of course, they liked thetopic dinosaurs and they enjoyed a lotdiscovering some of them in the Natural historymuseum web page, and even more when Iasked them to invent their own dinosaur from thedifferent parts of the top 5 dinosaurs.
  28. 28. Dinosaurs: The top 5They asked me to repeat the classroom, they triedto speak in English, although they said to mefew words, and I realised that they had gotseveral problems to pronounce and even to saythe sentences aloud, they became shy becausethey recognized their language problems inorder to produce what they wanted or they couldin Spanish or Catalan.
  29. 29. Dinosaurs: The top 5To sum up, I think that the situation was not usual,for them and for me. So in another contextperhaps the lesson plan could go better.However, I have enjoyed a lot, I have learnedand I have realised that I need to teach Englishagain.
  30. 30. Dinosaurs: The top 5