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110527 osmadd-wherecampeu


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My talk at WhereCamp EU 2011 in Berlin about using twitter as an interface to easily add a POI to OpenStreetMap.

Published in: Technology
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110527 osmadd-wherecampeu

  1. 1. #osmaddeasy OpenStreetMap editing through twitter
  2. 2. seeds• everyone* uses twitter• everyone* has a smartphone with GPS• twitter is a universal* messaging channel * well, almost.
  3. 3. how it works• user tweets amenity:pub;name:Bellman Bar #osmadd• osmadd picks up tweet and archives it• osmadd adds POI to OpenStreetmap
  4. 4. caveats• this is (semi) anonymous editing• location may not be accurate•
  5. 5. why we should do it anyway
  6. 6. why we should do it anyway• we don’t need more users, we need more engaged users.• the first mile plays a crucial role• we need
  7. 7. is it there yet?• No• But it’s not a lot of work
  8. 8. More ideas• after a few contributions, suggest creating OSM acct. @mvexel thanks for your contributions, why not create an OpenStreetMap account
  9. 9. thanks OSM > mvexeltwitter > @mvexelMartijn van Exel