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Dear Patrons,
Greetings on behalf-of Sri Padhmam & our Principal Consultant & Trainer Mr. A V Manivannan !
The Share & Care e-magazine for the month of May 2013 reaches you now. Best performing participants covers this time --
• Wheels India (TVS), Sri Perumbudur
• Leo Fasteners , Pondicherry
• Wheels India (TVS), Chennai &
• Preethi, Chennai

The other interesting features are –

1. Lean and Agile Supply chain – Article by Mr. R V Ramakrishnan
2. Terrorism in India – Opinion Survey results
3. Article on Auditing : What, Why & How ?
4. The Power of English
5. Voice of Customer : Wheels India (TVS) &
6. Statistical Process Control ( SPC ) Quiz
Please go through the attachment and keep writing to us ! For all your specific feedback and enquiries you may mail us to
We whole-heartedly welcome your participation in Share & Care !
With best wishes,
Development Manager,
Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training.

Cell: 1) +91 9442892185 (8.30 AM to 8.30PM)
2) +91 9791795214 (6 PM to 8.30 PM)
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Share & Care May 2013

  1. 1. 1Share & CareMay 2013hat a perso ’s i d a o ei e & elie eIt a a hie e…avm@sripadhmam.com094428 92185A V ManivannanPrincipal Consultant & TrainerE-magazine from Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  2. 2. 2Share & Care - May 2013Wheels India (TVS)ChennaiCommunication Skills workshopOutstanding PerformersMr. M GopalMr. R ArulKumarMr. N KarthikeyanMr. V Sathishkumar2 day Intensive workshopat Wheels India LimitedTraining centre,ChennaiFacilitated by : Mr. K Saravanan
  3. 3. 3Share & Care - May 2013Leo FastenersPondicherryProcess FMEA workshopOutstanding PerformersMr. N Siva PragasamMr. S VettrivelMr. J SivakumarMr. A Brabhu2 day Intensive programat Hotel Anandha Inn,PondicherryFacilitated by : Mr. S Anand Raj
  4. 4. 4Share & Care - May 2013Wheels India (TVS)Sri PerumbudurTeam Building workshopOutstanding PerformersMr. C GovindarasanMr. G DevanesanMr. J Thomas MartinIntensive workshopat Wheels India LimitedSri PerumbudurFacilitated by : Mr. G Anbu Selvan
  5. 5. 5Share & Care - May 2013Preethi Kitchen AppliancesChennaiProblem Solving Tools workshopOutstanding PerformersMr. D Arulmozhi VarmanMr. S Thulasi RamanWorkshopat Preethi Training centre,ChennaiFacilitated by : Mr. P K Sitaraman
  6. 6. 6Share & Care - May 2013Wheels India ( TVS )Sri Perumbudur6S ManagementOutstanding PerformersMr. R PadmanabanMr. N S UmapathyFacilitated by : Mr. G AnbuselvanTraining programat Wheels India LimitedSri Perumbudur
  7. 7. Share & Care - May 201377LEAN AND AGILE SUPPLYCHAINSEnhancing Competitiveness in BusinessByR V RamakrishnanManagement & Training Consultant, ChennaiMr. R V Ramakrishnan ( RVR ) is known to mefor the past 6 years as a highly resourcefulperson in Value Chain Manufacturing function.He has profound knowledge and a thoroughImplementation exposure too !A different personality, who is now adding hisValue to our Chain of Patrons throughShare & Care !!- A V Manivannan2
  8. 8. Share & Care - May 2013 8The new millennium faces the following challenges:• unpredictable changes in a turbulent market• rate of innovation in technology affecting products and processes• competition demanding frequent product changes• declining life time of products and technology• forecast-based projections of demand is no longer viable• execution against actual demandIn order to face the above challenges, organizations are initiating corporate-wide LeanProgrammes so as to compete in the 21st Century.
  9. 9. Share & Care - May 2013 9Lean Wins the RaceLet us look at this story. Laurel and Hardy are ready for a 100-metre race at theCommunity Club.They are eagerly waiting for the gun shot to start the race. The race is on and Laurelis well ahead of Hardy to reach the win-post and to grab the trophy.Hardy is left far behind and struggling to run. Obviously, what is the moral of thestory – Lean Wins the Race. This applies to Organizations as well.Many organizations are struggling since they have been accumulating fat in the formof wastes. Only such organizations that can shed their wastes can enhancecompetitiveness and remain in business.At this stage, many questions come to our mind. What are the types of wastes, howdo we identify them, what are the tools available, how do we implement and sustainLean culture and what are the success stories?The following chapters explain the concepts of Lean & Agile Supply Chains so as toWin the Race in this competitive environment.Laurel &Hardy !
  10. 10. Share & Care - May 2013 10Lean Supply ChainsBasically, “Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the network of organizations thatare involved through upstream and downstream linkages, in the differentprocesses and activities that produce value in the form of products and servicesin the hands of the ultimate consumer.”• The need for innovation, because of competition among companies has compelledthem to seek new ways of business and Supply Chain Management perhaps could beconsidered as an effective tool that might be used to gain leverage over competitors.• The two-fold aim of reducing cost and increasing value for the customer requires atotally different approach in the way business responds to the demands of the market.‘ Lean Thinking’ is imperative in today’s market if there is to be an improvement in cycletimes, work-in-process, inventory levels and quality.• The idea behind ‘Lean Thinking’ is to shorten the time between orders from thecustomer to the delivery of the goods by eliminating waste.Will continue….
  11. 11. Share & Care - May 20131111Terrorism Continues to be a great threat to India.This is because of …A. In-effectives Rules present in the CountryB. Go er e ts’ i -efficiency in dealing with TerrorismC. Too much of Population dilutes the controlsOptionsYour viewsA : 48 %C : 16 %B : 36 %
  12. 12. Share & Care - May 201312UditingA WhatWhyHowAn Interesting Article???Systems
  13. 13. 13Internal Auditing A V Manivannan 94428 92185 avm@sripadhmam.comSystems auditingResource personA V ManivannanPrincipal Consultant & TrainerSri Padhmam Consultancy & TrainingI S O 19011 : 2002
  14. 14. 14SYSTEMS AUDITInternal Auditing A V Manivannan 94428 92185 avm@sripadhmam.comInternal ExternalBetweenDivisions / UnitsWith inDivision / UnitBy theCustomerBy theCertificationagencyFirst partyauditSecond partyauditThird partyaudit
  15. 15. 15QMS EMS OHSASInternal Auditing A V Manivannan 94428 92185 avm@sripadhmam.comSYSTEMS AUDITOTHERSIn any CombinationPurpose For implementationpurpose( Requirements )Reference standardFor terms &definitions / GuidanceFor auditingQualityManagementISO 9001:2008 ISO 9000:2005ISO 19011:2002ISO / TS 16949:2009 ISO 9000:2005EnvironmentalManagementISO 14001:2004 ISO 14004: 2004 &ISO 9000:2005Health & SafetyManagementOHSAS 18001:2007 OHSAS 18002:2000 &ISO 9000:2005
  16. 16. 16Internal Auditing A V Manivannan 94428 92185 avm@sripadhmam.comA systematic and independent (Objective, impartial) examination to determine : Whether Systems are adequately defined Activities are in line with the Systems Effectiveness of implementation, Achievement of objectives / results, and Opportunities for further improvements.What is an Audit It is meant to collect facts for deciding improvements. It is not an exercise to blame anyone. No one-upmanship.
  17. 17. 17Internal Auditing A V Manivannan 94428 92185 avm@sripadhmam.comThey indicate :o Health of the management Systemo Extent of complianceo Commitment to Qualityo Need for ImprovementsWhy to Audit ?( Purpose )As a result all the activities / functions ofan organization become betterEfficiency Effectiveness
  18. 18. 18Share & Care - May 2013 Teach InstructImpart- Noun - Verb - Adjective - AdverbIt means…..How to apply ?“ The Engineer has to impart the knowledgeto the Technicians properly “ Frank OpenCandid- Noun - Verb - Adjective - AdverbIt means….. How to apply ?“Today we had a Candid discussion in the officeThepowerofEnglishBy N Nagarajan
  19. 19. 19Well Done Wheels India ( TVS ) – Sri Perumbudur Plant !Dear Mr.AVM,Thank you very much for your support and guidance through out our EMS design stage, documentationand implementation part ( ISO 14001:2004 )Our unique approach in WIL-SPDR was well appreciated by the Beareau Veritas Auditor.Particularly the Auditor mentioned more about the knowledge level of our Internal Auditors / Core Team Membersand the depth of work in arriving the Aspect Register.She mentioned some minor observations and No NCRs were raised. We feel very happy at this moment.Thank you once again for your guidance.I am confident that our team will surely succeed in the Stage II audit too with the same spirit.Castrow Franklin P T.Manager - Manufacturing,EMS - Co-ordinatorWheels India Limited, Sriperumbudur.Voice of the Customer : Wheels India - TVS
  20. 20. 20SPC QuizStatistical Process Control : SPC
  21. 21. Share & Care - May 2013211. What is the Purpose of Stability Check ?2. What is the Target for a Ppk Study ?3. Will a Stable process Produce non-conformities ?4. In a Process Control Chart, all points are with in limits. Does it mean‘No Special cause variations’ present in the process ?5. What is the minimum size of samples needed to compute Sigma of the process ?6. Which process will provide us the Control limits, in a practical way ?7. What is called ‘Rational sub-grouping’ ?8. Who popularized Statistics in the Engineering Field ?9. Which are the Constants to be used to compute the Control limit for X-MR chart ?10.Who offered the basic concepts of Variations ? Free down load theRight
  22. 22. 22What are the programs we offer ?TECHNICAL TOPICS Statistical Process Control ( S P C ) Process Control charts Problem solving tools & QC circles Measurement Systems Analysis ( M S A – Ed # 4 ) Process capability analysis Six sigma awarenessMANAGEMENT TOPICSBEHAVIOURAL TOPICS Time Management & Goal setting Personality development program Inter-personal skills & Team building Communication skills Leadership skills Power of positive thinking Supervisory development program Total Quality Management ( TQM ) ISO / TS 16949 : 2009 ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 : 2004 OHSAS 18001 : 2007 Internal Auditor Training Six S ( Five S ) Work place management Failure Mode & Effects Analysis ( FMEA Ed # 4 ) Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan ( A P Q P Ed # : 2 ) Production Part Approval Process ( P P A P – Ed # : 4 )