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Dear Patrons,

Greetings from Sri Padhmam !
The Share & Care, E-magazine for the month of June 2012 reaches you now. Best performing participants cover this time CRI Pumps, Coimbatore, Wheels India ( TVS ),c hennai, TAFE, Bangalore, TIMKEN, Chennai & Eicher, Bhopal.
Frequently asked Questions on ISO 14001:2004, Environmental Management System is another feature, in lieu of World Environment Day – June 5.
Please go through the attachment and keep writing to us ! For all your specific feed backs and enquiries you may mail us to
With best wishes,
M Latha, Partner

For further Details visit our website
Thank you..

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Share & care june 2012

  1. 1. 1Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012World Environment dayJune 5Share & CareJune 2012“What a person’s mind canconceive & believe,it can achieve…”E.mail : avm@sripadhmam.comA V ManivannanPrincipal Consultant & TrainerWebsite : www.sripadhmam.comElectronic Magazine from Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  2. 2. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 2In Chennai :Plot # 231, New # 12,44th Street, 8th Sector,KK Nagar west,Chennai. 600 078In Pondicherry:No. 30, Thillai Nagar,Pondicherry. 605 0041. Best performers2. The power of English3. F A Q on EMS4. How to improve talent ?5. Health Care : Mudras6. Voice of Client : CheminA V ManivannanPrincipal Consultant & TrainerSri Padhmam Consultancy & TrainingChennai & PondicherryWebsite : www.sripadhmam.comCell : 94428 92185Contents for the month
  3. 3. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 3TAFE,Bangalore Process FMEA implementationMr. Vasu & TeamMr.Sampthkumar & TeamWheelsIndia(TVS)ChennaiTime Management & Goal settingMr. M SrinivasanMr.S Sathiyanarayanan
  4. 4. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 4CRIPumps,CoimbatoreDesign FMEA workshopMr. P Saravana kumar,Mr. P Selvaraj,Mr.R SridaranMr. V Nagabalaji &Mr.P Muthukumar
  5. 5. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 5WheelsIndia(TVS)SriPerumpudurISO 14001 : 2004 - EMSMr.R VinothMr. P RameshMr.A Balsal,Mr. N Rajasekar &Mr. P Raman
  6. 6. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 6EicherTractorsBhopalProcess FMEA workshopMr. Shailesh TiwariMr. Varun SharmaMr. Ashish GuptaMr. Kamlesh Tiwari
  7. 7. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 7TIMKENChennaiTime management & Communication skillsMr. R Nandhakumar &Mr. R Sathish
  8. 8. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 8 One who serves and an agentbetween 2 personsGo between- Noun - Verb - Adjective - AdverbIt means…..How to apply ?It is better to avoid a go between in top secrete matter Unfriendly InimicalHostile- Noun - Verb - Adjective - AdverbIt means…..How to apply ?“The important witness in this case hasturned hostile” ….”ThepowerofEnglishBy N Nagarajan8Share & Care : May 2012
  9. 9. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 9FrequentlyAskedQuestionsA : No. It is left to the choice of the Organization to decide whereas Legal requirements to be met atany cost.Organization to prove its PDCA cycle of improvement.1. Will there be Stipulated norms for pollution levels in the Standard ?A : No. It is also left to the choice of the Organization to decide whereas it is necessary to provide ajustification for the selection of the Resources for consideration.This may reflect in its Environmental policy too.2. Should we have to consider all the resources for conservation with suitable system ?
  10. 10. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 10FrequentlyAskedQuestionsA : It will be a surprise to see the poor / no awareness on Environmental issues with many !Usage of A/c – emits Cloro-Floro-Carbons which will damage the Ozone layer. Most of the personswill be unaware of this simple fact. It was a surprise for me to pose a question from manymanagerial level employees, that ‘what is the problem if oil spills on the ground ?’.I’m not here to ridicule the questions, where as I’m trying to highlight the need for providingawareness to all on Environmental issues and how to manage them in a right way.That way, training is of paramount important on EMS. We need focused top management,responsible employees and competent Auditors to design and implement a very good EMS in place.For this on-going training is a must !3. What way EMS related training programs carries their value on EMS implementation ?
  11. 11. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 11FrequentlyAskedQuestionsA :1. Nothings comes from nowhere and everything goes some where.2. Think Globally and Act locally.4. Can you define the EMS in a nutshell ?5. What are the movies related to Environmental issues – worth watching ?A :1. The Day after tomorrow on Global warming2. The inconvenient truth on how Factories are responsible on Environmental issues3. What Happened in Bhopal at Half-past 12 ? On the Bhopal Gas tragedy.
  12. 12. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 12Idleness is a disease• It is a fact that many scientific inventions replace most of the manual work.• But that doesn’t mean we should sit idle.• Fast growing science and technology is a boon for us.• It consumes time & work.• This gift of science must multiply our enthusiasm to work hard and improve ourefficiency.• We should realize that computers and robots do not make us idle.• Only our mind is idle and idleness is said to be a disease.Part7“Idleness”Gist on “How to improve talent ? “– By Mr. Lena Tamilvanan
  13. 13. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 13Health Care : MudrasPrithvi Mudra( Mudra of Earth )
  14. 14. “Method ““Time duration““Specialty““Benefits“Courtesy : Mr.R Pradeep Kink, CQA, ELGI equipments, CoimbatoreTip of the ring finger touches the tip of the thumb, with the other three fingersstretched out.It reduces all physical weaknesses.Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth)It has no particular time duration. You can practice it any timeyou want.• It helps to increase the weight for weak people• It improves the complexion of skin and makes the skin to glow• It makes the body active by keeping it healthy
  15. 15. Sri Padhmam Share & Care - June 2012 15We are very happy to convey, that the 6S ( Work place Management ) project hascreated competitiveness among the zonal leaders and every member is activelyparticipating in this improvement project.Especially in our Materials department, we could see major changes. OurConsultant Mr. A V Manivannan’s way of conducting the meetings and his approachare quite impressive.It has been an excellent opportunity for the management and our entire team toget associated with him and to see the progress today.With the further support & guidance from Mr. A V Manivannan, we are confidentof achieving our future goals.E. Radhiga RaguAssociate Director (QMS)Chemin C & I PondicherryVoice of the Client : 6S – Work place management Journey