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Share & Care April 2013


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Dear Patrons,

Greetings on behalf-of Sri Padhmam & our Principal Consultant & Trainer Mr. A V Manivannan !
The Share & Care e-magazine for the month of April 2013 reaches you now. Best performing participants covers this time --
· Turbo Energy ( Brakes India –TVS ), Mahabalipuram,
· Wheels India (TVS), Sri Perumbudur
· Turbo Energy ( Brakes India –TVS ), Sholinghur,
· Leo Fasteners , Pondicherry &
· Brakes India (TVS), Chennai

The other interesting features are –

1. OHSAS answers

2. Lean and Agile Supply chain – Article by Mr. R V Ramakrishnan

3. Management thought

4. HR Quiz – Right answers,

5. Terrorism in India – Opinion Survey

6. Lighter side to laugh

Please go through the attachment and keep writing to us ! For all your specific feedback and enquiries you may mail us to

We whole-heartedly welcome your participation in Share & Care !

With best wishes,
M Latha, Partner

For further Details visit our website
Thank you..

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Share & Care April 2013

  1. 1. APRIL 2013 What a perso s i d a o ei e & elie e, It a a hie e… A V ManivannanPrincipal Consultant & Trainer 094428 92185 1 Share&Care-April2013
  2. 2. Contents for the month of April, 2013 1. Outstanding Performing Participants3. I teresti g arti le o Lea & Agile supply hai y Mr. ‘ V ‘ 5. HR Quiz : Answers for the previous month questions 7. Lighter side to Laugh 2 Share&Care-April2013
  3. 3. Turbo Energy ( Brakes India TVS ) Mahabalipuram TamilnaduDesign Outstanding PerformersFMEA • Dr. V Arun Prasad • Mr. G Selva Sundar • Mr. Deepan Vikash S P Facilitated by Mr. Murali
  4. 4. Wheels India Sri Perumbudur Tamilnadu InternalEMS auditor Outstanding Performers Refresher • Mr. P T Castrow Franklin Program • Mr. N S Umapathy • Mr. S Ramalingam Facilitated by Mr. G Anbu Selvan
  5. 5. Turbo Energy ( Brakes India TVS ) Sholinghur TamilnaduMeasurement Systems Outstanding Performers Analysis • Mr. R Ganapathy Raj(MSA) • Mr. B Indrajith Facilitated by Mr. Sivakumar
  6. 6. Leo Fasteners PondicherryStatistical Outstanding Performers Process Mr. G Srinivasan Control Mr. A Velmurugan (SPC ) Mr. V Ravikumar Mr. S Vettrivel Facilitated by Mr. S Anandraj
  7. 7. Brakes India ( TVS ) ChennaiMeasurement Outstanding Performers Systems Analysis Mr. B Balaki (MSA) Mr. L N Pandey Mr. JVR Ravi & Mr. S Parthasarathy Facilitated byMr. Lakshminarasimhan
  8. 8. OHSAS - A glimpse : Answers for the Last month Questions1. What the Latest Edition number of OHSAS 18001 ? : 2 ( Two )2. Which clause of OHSAS deals with Hazard identification related requirements ? : 4.3.13. Duri g hi h period ‘oad safety eek is ele rated ? : Jan 1st week of every year4. OHSAS recommends to deal fist with Incidents or Accidents ? : Incidents first5. OHSAS 18001 : 2007 deals with Property safety also ? : No. Only on Humans6. Which world level organization deals with Factories Health and Safety ? : International Labour Organization ( I L O)7. Which industrial disaster in India changed the whole look in to the Industrial accidents ? Bhopal Tragedy ( in India ) [ and Chernobyl ( in USSR ) ] 8 Share & Care - March 2013 Share&Care-April2013
  9. 9. LEAN AND AGILE SUPPLY CHAINS Enhancing Competitiveness in Business By R V RamakrishnanManagement & Training Consultant, Chennai Mr. R V Ramakrishnan ( RVR ) is known to me for the past 6 years as a highly resourceful person in Value Chain Manufacturing function. He has profound knowledge and a thorough Implementation exposure too ! A different personality, who is now adding his Value to our Chain of Patrons through Share & Care !! - A V Manivannan 9 Share&Care-April2013
  10. 10. LEAN AND AGILE SUPPLY CHAINS Enhancing Competitiveness in Business By R V Ramakrishnan Management & Training Consultant, ChennaiBusiness ChallengesToday, manufacturers operate in an increasingly demanding environment that includesglobal competition, increasing pressures for cost reductions, quality driven complianceand improvements in on-time and in-full orders. Andy Grove, CEO, Intel, talked about“Business of the future” with an interesting example –• Every morning in Africa, when a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.• Every morning, when a lion wakes up in the same jungle, it knows that it must out run the gazelle or it will be starved to death.• It does not matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you would better be running. 10 Share&Care-April2013
  11. 11. Lean & Agile Supply Chain by R V RTo stay ahead of competitors, organizations have to raise their performance standards in areasof design, manufacture and introduction of new products.• This has resulted in a shift in the focus of companies from one that is totally internal to a model that is customer-centric.• A o pa y s a ility to e a i dust y leade depe ds o ho ui kly it a espo d to changes in customer demands and come out with the right products and services.• The evaluation of a supplier and his status until the nineties was based on factors such as product performance, price, quality and timely supply but lately two more requirements have got added.• They are responsiveness and reliability. It was the practice in the past to manufacture products in bulk and stock them while their sales force went in search of customers.• This odel, also k o as the push p odu tio esulted i the p odu tio of la ge u s of standardized products that were produced based on sales forecast that may turn out to be inaccurate and unreliable feed-back from sales.• Today there has been a turn around with the customer dictating what products are produced and when. 11 Share&Care-April2013
  12. 12. Push Lean & Agile Supply Chain by R V R X The shift has ee fro the push odel to a pull odel where produ ts are adeto order. This is alled Lea Ma ufa turi g .• The system is no longer static and organizations have to cope with continuous change. In the context of the world shrinking into a global village,• Supply Chains have become complex. Manufacturing plants are being set up in developing countries to reduce cost while searching for markets in developed economies.• Li & Fung is the largest trading company in Hong Kong innovating in Supply Chain Management, producing genuine global products by manipulating the manufacturing alue hai a d opti izi g ea h step ith the help of the pull st ategy.• I today s tu ule t usi ess e i o e ta u e of halle ges a e fa ed y a y organizations.• They are related to the rate, scale and predictability of change Will Co ti ue….. 12 Share&Care-April2013
  13. 13. 5 Products or services that do not possess the right features and characteristics both by design & by construction are products of poor quality. 13 Share&Care-April2013
  14. 14. H R Quiz : Right Answers1. Factories Act came in to existence in India, after Independence a. True b. False ( Year 1881 )2. The Rule for having Welfare officer in a plant is where…. a. 250 + employees are employed b. 1000 + Employees are employed c. None of the above ( 500 + employees )3. The year of inception of Trade Union Act in India is … a. 1948 b. 1961 c. 1926 d. None of the above4. In which Country the Labour Legislations started first ? a. UK b. US c. German d. India 14 Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  15. 15. H R Quiz : Right Answers5. In which one of the following sequence, Factories Act is framed ? a. Health, Welfare & safety b. Welfare, Safety & Health c. Health, Safety & Welfare6. ‘Theory of Notional extension’ is a part of…. a. Factories Act b. Trade Union Act c. Workmen Compensation Act7. In most of the Labour legislations in India, Definitions are part of…. a. Section 2 b. Section 4 c. No specific section is pre-defined d. None of the above8. Mostly, ACTS are enacted by ….. a. State Legislatives b. Parliament c. None of the above 15 Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  16. 16. H R Quiz : Right Answers9. Salary payment day shall be the 10th day from the previous wage period, when a. Number of persons are more than 1000 b. A written permission is obtained from the State Government c. The industry is having some kind of Hazardous processes. d. All the above e. None of the above10. As per Factories Act 1948, Competent Person may be an Institution also a. True b. False Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training Chennai & Pondicherry 094428 92185 16 Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  17. 17. Terrorism Continues to be a great threat to India.This is because of … A. In-effectives Rules present in the Country Options B. Go er e ts i -efficiency in dealing with Terrorism C. Too much of Population dilutes the controls Your views may be sent through e- ail to… or sms to 094428 92185 17 Sri Padhmam Consultancy & Training
  18. 18. Maximum resource utilization !?!LIGHTER SIDE TO LAUGH Courtesy : Mr. B S Subrahmanian 18 Share&Care-April2013
  19. 19. What are the programs we offer ?TECHNICAL TOPICS Statistical Process Control ( S P C ) Process Control charts Problem solving tools & QC circles Measurement Systems Analysis ( M S A – Ed # 4 ) Process capability analysis Six sigma awareness BEHAVIOURAL TOPICSMANAGEMENT TOPICS  Time Management & Goal setting Total Quality Management ( TQM )  Personality development program ISO / TS 16949 : 2009  Inter-personal skills & Team building ISO 9001 : 2008  Communication skills ISO 14001 : 2004  Leadership skills OHSAS 18001 : 2007  Power of positive thinking Internal Auditor Training  Supervisory development program Six S ( Five S ) Work place management Failure Mode & Effects Analysis ( FMEA Ed # 4 ) Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan ( A P Q P Ed # : 2 ) Production Part Approval Process Share&Care-April2013 # : 4 ) 19 ( P P A P – Ed