THE COMPANY DATA ARE ITS MOST IMPORTANT ASSETHIGH AVAILABILITY AND DATA                                                   ...
 You must ensure a 24x7 mode of operation?                        THE NEVERENDING STORY           You have limited resou...
PLAN      BUILD        RUNHIGH SECURITY AND SIMPLE MA-                                               Equip your infrastruc...
No unnecessary commitment of capital                                   High security also in the case of logical errorsInv...
A LITTLE BIT OF THEORY         THE ENTRY IN THE PRIVATE                                                              A Dat...
HOW CAN I EXPAND MY STORAGE NETWORK?                                If the DataCore storage hypervisor must be replaced, t...
transtec360 TAKES CARE THAT YOU COULD USE YOUR ITtranstec360                                                      INFRASTR...
transtec360 – SERVICEPORTFOLIO                                           IT-Design & Trainingservices to complete your IT ...
IT-DESIGN & TRAINING. SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE FROM 30transtec360                    YEARS OF IT EXPERIENCEservices to comple...
THE COMPANYREFERENCE                                                                   For 150 years now the patient is in...
DATACORE PROVIDES HIGH-AVAILABILITY STORAGE AND                      of all running processes; the reaction times were mas...
transtec Germany                                    transtec Switzerland                             transtec AustriaTel +...
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Solution magazine 2012_final_nl


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Our new solution magazine for datacore solutions. Mainly focussed on High Availability.

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Solution magazine 2012_final_nl

  2. 2. THE COMPANY DATA ARE ITS MOST IMPORTANT ASSETHIGH AVAILABILITY AND DATA The infrastructures in the computer centres and server roomsSECURITY WITH DATACORE have changed massively in recent years. Thanks to the server virtualisation, the server hardware was largely reduced and the infrastructures became more dynamic. Mobile end devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks permit access to the data always and everywhere. As a result of this ever growing change and the faster changing requirements, the storage systems and networks must adapt to the changes with the same speed as it is possi- » We are the sp ble with the applications and servers can demonstra through the server virtualisation. This development has made the planning efficiency of of the data pools for many years ahead virtualisa almost impossible. The possibility to ac- cess the data always and everywhere transtec has been a successful DataCore partner for requires high availability and security HANS-JUERGEN BAHDE, C 8 years. You can rely on the opinion of our clients. of the data. No matter where, during op- The numerous successfully completed projects speak eration, maintenance works, extensions or migrations, if the stor- for themselves. age systems are not available, the infrastructure is also unavailable. More information under: YOUR CHALLENGE Your IT has grown along with your company and thus has be- come more complex. Confidential and company-critical data are distributed over different storage devices and even at different storage locations, whereby the clarity and security suffer as a result and the management has to commit more resources. As a result of the constantly changing technologies, parts of your infrastructure are not current anymore, are not adequate to your performance needs and require increased attention. You must ensure a 24x7 mode of operation. That is why you would like to invest in a future-proof and flexible solution in order to be equipped in the long term for any circumstances.
  3. 3.  You must ensure a 24x7 mode of operation? THE NEVERENDING STORY  You have limited resources in the IT? After the planning and the implementation have been “success-  You have server and/or desktop virtualisation or plan to fully” completed, then at the latest in a couple of months comes introduce it? the disillusionment when it turns out that the meticulous plan-  You have a performance problem? ning is not correct anymore because unexpected projects are  You have different storage systems in operation? queued in different departments and thus the requirements to  You have to renew and migrate your storage system? the planned system have changed.  You must create a disaster location? ON THE SEARCH FOR THE IDEAL SOLUTION Every infrastructure has its own Who would not prefer to start planning from scratch with challenges; each company has dif- today’s experience? Unfortunately, the costs would make onepecialists who ferent requirements to performance, throw away the bill. One can find various manufacturers andate to you the security and availability. In particu- technologies in the existing storage networks. However, it is lar, the requirements of the indi- not possible to activate and manage centrally for “cooperation” the storage vidual applications to the storage these different systems. In order to reduce the costs and fulfil ation. « medium are significantly different the high requirements to the storage networks, it is absolutely from each other. In order to be able necessary to apply each system exactly where it brings the to establish an effective storage most benefits. Both as regards the costs and also with re- system, which is practical also from spect to the security. In order to achieve these synergy effectsEO TRANSTEC AG TUEBINGEN economic efficiency point of view, a through all manufacturers and all existing systems, the storage consolidation of all necessary storage classes (tiers) is neces- virtualisation is the means of choice. sary. Only in this way, all areas can benefit equally from all available classes. » Thanks to the storage THE RIGHT STORAGE FOR EACH TASK It is not practical to use an SSD storage device for a backup- virtualisation with DataCore, to-disk system. It is just so impractical to operate databases you guarantee that your on SATA hard drives. Then either the costs get out of control infrastructure is dynamic, or the environment has deficits in performance and security. Later on, when it comes to partitioning, one quickly notes economical and available at any that with the cleaner partitioning of the data areas the stor- time. « age network becomes confusing. In addition, the increas- ing complexity resulting from the many tiers, the different connections and the various availability classes is adding to DOMINIK JAETH, DIRECTOR EUROPEAN PRESALES that.
  4. 4. PLAN BUILD RUNHIGH SECURITY AND SIMPLE MA- Equip your infrastructure with virtual disk pools which can be used, expanded, scaled down, shifted and mirrored. AdaptableNAGEMENT at any time and according to the needs. Expansion/new acquisitionHIGH FUNCTIONALITY Always secure, always availableDataCore protects your storage network from failure and data Mirror the data of the individual areas or the complete storageloss, increases the speed of the applications, prevents operation system synchronically (sync. mirror) and increase the availabil-faults and safeguards your investment for years to come. ity. Your infrastructure remains available at any time even in the case of a failure.The central overview helps in the operation and planning, andmakes possible the quick and reliable service Maximum performance without “hardware battle“ PLAN BUILD RUNThe central management of your entire storage infrastructure Enhance the performance of your databases, applications andat one place. No matter if your storage is located at one or sev- virtual desktop environment. The secured high-performanceeral places. No matter if spread over two fire zones or distribut- read-write cache of up to 250 GB intercepts high loads and saves up to 30% on expensive hardware (SSDs, SAS HDDs). Load distribution for maximum efficiency Distribute the load over several locations. With the LoadBalanc- ing functionality, you utilize you storage resources optimally Simple and central management and distribute the load over several storage systems – even over $ed on different continents. In the central management console, several have at any time an exact overview over status, availability,performance and usage rate. Thus you can react quickly andreliably to any situation.As dynamically as your requirements Performance enhancementSay goodbye to the static LUNs and the inflexible storage silos. $
  5. 5. No unnecessary commitment of capital High security also in the case of logical errorsInvest only when it is absolutely necessary. The volume and per- CDP (continuous data protection). The “video camera“ for your stor-formance requirements to a storage system are very dynamic. age system. Unlike the online snapshots, which “freeze the stored data at one or several determined points in time, CDP permits the I/O-exact viewing of each individual change. Just as in a film, a given PLAN BUILD RUN storage area can be “wound” forwards and backwards in order to $ view the data at a certain point in time and to restore them. This is useful above all in systems, in which there are many and quick Cost saving & investment protection changes (databases, e-mail).An exact planning for several months or years is almost impossi-ble. The thin provisioning fills your storage bit by bit according Protection of completely distributed data stockto the needs. Expand them according to your requirements The asynchronously remote replication protects your data in theexactly when it is necessary. This saves costs in the acquisition different locations. No matter if you would like to replicate youras well as in the operation. data from a primary location to a second location or you want to synchronise the data from outside locations to the central office. The RUN PLAN BUILDZero downtime for faster expansions and migrations asynchronous replication protects your data even as far as throughThe complex migrations when exchanging storage systems entire continents.are things of the past. With virtual disk migration you migrateyour data from one storage system to the other without affect- Efficient handling of expensive resourcesing the operation. There is no interruption of the operation at Which data on which storage class (tier)? What is most cost effec-renewal or replacement of the infrastructure. tive? The answer to these questions is taken over by the automatic storage tiering. DataCore stores the data automatically in the High availability Better storage utilisationHigher comfort for users and operatorsDocuments deleted inadvertently, applications damaging the “suitable” storage areas in order to achieve maximum perform-data, human errors are no problem anymore. Online snapshots ance with optimal costs. DataCore distributes your databases andpermit the restoration of individual data or complete data areas in e-mails transparently on several tiers. From SATA Raid5 for very fewseconds without the need to revert back to your slow backup. demanded areas up to SSD Raid10 for maximum performance. $
  6. 6. A LITTLE BIT OF THEORY THE ENTRY IN THE PRIVATE A DataCore storage system consists at least of one storage node CLOUD WITH DATACORE which can provide the above-described functionality. In Figure 1, a system is described, which mirrors the data synchronously (highly available) and replicates them to a third location (DR loca-SITE A Site A Site B SITE B tion, DR = Disaster Recovery). The system on the DR side can func- tion as a pure DR location or can be used also as a fully adequate Server infrastructure storage system. If, for example, the SAN iSCSI, FC, FCoE asynchronous mirrored system is in » We support you a branch, it can serve there both as your project with a local storage network and also for receiving the data of the primary lo- From the planning, cations in order to increase the secu- mentation and up t rity. Furthermore, the existing and High-performance High-performance the changed data can be replicated Caching Caching THOMAS PFEFFER, HEAD O to the primary system. In this way, ACTIVE ACTIVE Virtual disk the two systems secure themselves mutually. With concepts of this kind, in a case of emergency, the operation at the remote lo- cations can continue. ... Synchronous mirror is possible over many kilometres WHAT HAPPENS IF THERE IS A FAILURE? Any Storage-Devices If a storage system or even a complete site fails, the servers, SATA, SAS, SSD, iSCSI, FC, etc. which access the storage network, switch over transparently Snapshots, CDP, Tiered Storage & Migration and within several seconds to the still active system. The operat- ing systems and the applications are not affected by the very fast switch-over times. This functionality makes possible the continuous and interruption-free operation of the infrastruc- ture.
  7. 7. HOW CAN I EXPAND MY STORAGE NETWORK? If the DataCore storage hypervisor must be replaced, this can No matter whether there is still space for additional hard drives take place in a storage cluster also without interruption of the and SSDs, JBODs must be attached or completely new storage operation. In this case, all queries to the storage network are systems must be added. The expansion of a DataCore storage directed to a DataCore node, and the node that has to be re- system is made in an easy, uncomplicated way and without placed is taken out of operation. The system can be removed or downtimes. maintained. After the successful work, the node is reintegrated in the network and put into operation. With the help of the virtualisationu in each phase of layer of DataCore, new storage space can be integrated in the certified experts. storage cloud and made available through the imple- where resources are needed. No Server infrastructureto the operation.“ « matter whether new space for ex- pansion of the existing pools (LUNs) is used or completely new pools AsynchronousOF PROFESSIONAL SERVICES replication must be made available. This takes place individually and in a completely dynamic manner. WHAT TO DO WHEN INDIVIDUAL SYSTEMS MUST BE REPLACED? If individual storage systems come from maintenance, are defec- tive or do not correspond to the requirements anymore, they can be replaced and integrated quickly and without interruption of the operation. In order to replace a storage system, the new system is integrated in the storage network and made known to DataCore. If this has taken place, the data of the old system are No solution without experts – you can find mirrored on the new system during operation. If the mirror is synchronous between the two systems, the old system is simply information about our offer of services on the removed. next pages.
  8. 8. transtec360 TAKES CARE THAT YOU COULD USE YOUR ITtranstec360 INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIMALLYservices to complete your IT  transtec360 stands for clearly defined services which are provided by competent and friendly employees.  transtec360 offers to you client-specific services in order to fulfil your individual requirements.IT SERVICES AT TRANSTEC  transtec360 conveys specialised IT knowledge to you andtranstec360 stands for a comprehensive service port- helps you to find the configuration that is optimal for you.folio which expands with services the products andsolutions of transtec. Our IT know-how from over 30  transtec360 helps you in the planning, implementation andyears of experience in the development and manufac- successful completion of your IT project.turing of high-value, client-specific IT systems buildsthe foundation for the services which bring to you a  transtec360 ensures the availability of your hardware andclearly recognisable benefit. The transtec service em- takes care that a disruption does not become a problem.ployees communicate at equal footing. transtec360does not use a complicated language, is distinguished  transtec360 supports you in the operation of your IT andby a clear convincing promise of performance and maintains the performance of your IT systems during theirmakes your IT a well rounded business. entire lifespan. professional service IT-consulting mytranstec remote service on-site service ITIL support 24x7x4 maintenance workshop after warranty skill leasi SLA service servicedesk customer service center managed service single point of conta express exchange accelerate productivity • • • • •
  9. 9. transtec360 – SERVICEPORTFOLIO IT-Design & Trainingservices to complete your IT  System Analysis  Benchmarking  IT-Consulting  Trainingtranstec360 stands for a comprehensive service portfolio,  Workshop  IT-Project Managementwith services which support you in all phases, from the first  Expert Leasingproject conceptualisation, through the integration and up tothe day-to-day operation. Installation Services  Integration & Implementation  Migration & Updates » Do you have a question about our services or requirements which goes beyond our standard portfolio? Your Hardware Services transtec contact person will be happy  Warranty  Pickup & Return to consult you and prepare your indi-  Express Exchange  On-Site Repair vidual offer! « RALF NOPPER, SERVICE MANAGEMENT Managed Services  Service Desk  Single Point of Contact  Remote Service  On-Site Management  Network & Security Management Repair Center Services  Repairs of IT-Equipment  Chip-Level Repairs PLAN BUILD RUN Planning, implementation and operation. Read on the next pages how your high-availability project could be implemented.
  10. 10. IT-DESIGN & TRAINING. SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE FROM 30transtec360 YEARS OF IT EXPERIENCEservices to complete your IT Use the comprehensive theoretical and practical experience of our IT specialists and have the necessary know-how in-house when you actually need it. transtec360 Expert Leasing offers you educated, certified and friendly IT specialists. We offer you this specialised knowledge in order to support you in the best way in your IT projects or convey readily our knowledge further to your employees to facilitate the use of your IT infrastructure. In the course of the project, we combine the individual consulting, analysis and elaboration of the concept for a client-specific solu- tion. We do not offer standardised and inflexible IT products. The great advantage for you is the possibility to receive hardware and services directly from the manufacturer and to combine them in such a way, so that your requirements could be optimally covered. PLAN transtec360 services in the planning phase of your Data- Core storage virtualisation project:  Comprehensive analysis of the existing environment  Workshop for a joint evaluation of the results  Individual consulting and client-oriented conceptualisation of the IT solution by applying our comprehensive project experience  Creating and editing a site planning guide and pre-instal- lation checklist in accordance with the DataCore specifica- tions  Documenting the project requirements and the acceptance criteria in a transtec workbook
  11. 11. INSTALLATION SERVICES. INSTALLATION, INTEGRATION AND MANAGED SERVICES. OPERATION-SUPPORT IT SERVICESMIGRATIONSThe transtec professional service team integrates new solutions The transtec360 Managed Service supports your admini¬stratorin your IT infrastructure. On-site installations by certified and in the operation of your IT solution during its full lifespan.experienced technicians, directly from the hardware manu- Use our IT specialists to outsource individual activities or handfacturer. The migrations, upgrades or support in the IT opera- over complete functions in order to provide some free space fortion belong to our regular tasks. Thanks to our comprehensive yourself.project experience in a wide variety of sectors, the heterogene- Combine your desired service, depending on the area of respon-ous infrastructures and very different scenarios are for us on sibility, with single point of contact or service desk services,the order of the day. Our goal is, together with you, to realise the contingency reservations on an hourly basis, or use our monitor-project and to convey the necessary knowledge, so that you can ing and maintenance services in order to keep the availability ofput to optimal use your new solution. your IT at a constantly high level and be able to react quickly inNo matter what the activities are, from the simple rollout serv- the case of a failure.ices up to the implementation of complex IT solutions, we takecare that your IT project runs smoothly and remains within theplanned timeframes. BUILD RUNtranstec360 services in the implementation phase of your transtec360 services after the completion of your project:DataCore storage virtualisation project:  Use our service desk as a single point of contact for your Installation/configuration/integration of the complete Data- solution Core solution on site  Operation support services Integration of your existing storage systems in the new solu-  System configuration or system management support tion  Trainings for administrators and consulting services Configuration of the SAN infrastructure and data migration  Client-specific on-site practical workshops for system optimi- Testing and acceptance of the complete environment (based sation on defi¬ned criteria of the DataCore functional test plan;  Conceptualisation/implementations of upgrades or updates provision of services by a DataCore certified implementation  Migrations and expansion of your environment engineer (DCIE)  Consistent further development and continuation of your IT Acceptance of the environment by the client, transtec and concepts through your contact person DataCore Introduction for the administrators in the solution and the documentation of the environment
  12. 12. THE COMPANYREFERENCE For 150 years now the patient is in the centre of attentionDIAKONIE-CLINICAL CENTER STUTTGART at the Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart. In this way, the educa- tional hospital of Tübingen University has a long tradition in the medical treatment and care for sick persons. Under the „We are very satisfied with the solution designed by transtec. Already in supervision of experienced physicians, the medical students the planning phase it became clear how important it was for transtec can accomplish the practical part of their education at the to design the best possible solution for us. This good feeling continued Diakonie-Klinikum. further on without reserves also during the commissioning of the clus- Quality is important in all areas. For its comprehensive quality ter. All our technical requirements were completely implemented. Only two days after the delivery of the hardware, all servers were up and management, Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart was honoured with running; the complete VMware installation and adaptation to the exist- the KTQ quality certificate (Cooperation for Transparency and ing infrastructure took only 10 days. The cluster has been in operation Quality in the Healthcare). The specialised missionary social for several months, and it convinces us daily anew with its performance welfare competence of the employees, and its comparatively simple administrability.“ their motivation and commitments are the basis therefore. About 13,500 persons are treated in the in-patient departments AFSHIN ESFAHANIAN, SYSTEM AND NETWORK ADMINISTRATION and 25,000 receive outpatient treatment. About 1000 employ- ees work in the physician services, the nursing area, the func- tional and business departments, the departments of technol- ogy, management and pastoral care. The hospital has a total of 459 beds. The quality is extremely important in all areas of the academic educational hospital of Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart. How high the quality factor is actually valued is shown by the fact that in 2002 Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart was one of the first hospitals to receive the KTQ quality certificate. With the same quality understanding, the Diakonie- Klinikum devotes itself to the task of putting the entire IT infrastructure on a rock-solid and at the same time high-performance and high- availability basis.
  13. 13. DATACORE PROVIDES HIGH-AVAILABILITY STORAGE AND of all running processes; the reaction times were massivelyMORE SECURITY reduced. The necessary storage is provided by two scalableTwo transtec SAN4324M-B storage servers build the redundant- transtec SAN4324M-B storage servers with DataCore. Thanks toly designed storage pool for the entire network. Both systems the virtualisation, the usually necessary hardware was drasti-have the already pre-installed DataCore storage virtualisation cally reduced. As a result, already during the planning phase ofsoftware SANsymphony. The high-performance software pack- the ESX cluster, a four-digit Euro amount was prognosticatedage actively prevents any possible operation failures or data as additional saving potential in the area of the direct energyloss. costs. The resulted reduction of the necessary cooling systemsIn this way, the storage disk drives in the background are reduces additionally the costs. The build-up, installation andmirrored automatically and synchronously. For the case of a configuration of the systems with investment volume ofpossible hard drive defect, it is made sure that the affected 140,000 Euro took place in the first quarter of 2010. Two userdata can be restored quickly and without loss. This is all the groups were trained by transtec in the operation of the VMmore important because any data loss can affect also patient- system and in the administration of the DataCore software. Anrelated documentations which document the course of the efficient backup solution for virtual environments is planneddisease or the recovery process. Each of the used SAN4324M- on the basis of ESXpress.B servers can accept up to 24 S-ATA, SAS or SSD hard drives,offers far-reaching extension possibilities per fibre channeland thus sufficient resources for growing data volumes. Thestorage servers have two Intel Xeon 5500 processors and up to „The transtec virtualisation solution permits us to free system resources.144 gigabyte main memory. There are reserves for the highest We achieve in this way a high level of flexibility because the infrastructurerequirements. can now be adapted to a new software profile by means of a few settings. The central server management reduces many processes to a portion of the time that was needed before. In addition the fewer physically neces-THE SOLUTION sary systems bring an enormous energy saving potential.”The transtec virtualisation solution integrates itself smoothlyin the already existing infrastructure of Diakonie-KlinikumStuttgart. At present, 46 virtual servers are hosted on a total offour transtec CCV-V55002U ESX servers. The very high-perform- AFSHIN ESFAHANIAN, SYSTEM AND NETWORK ADMINISTRATIONance virtualisation server permits the simple administration
  14. 14. transtec Germany transtec Switzerland transtec AustriaTel +49 (0) 7071 703-400 Tel +41 (0) 44/818 47 00 Tel +43 (0) 1/726 60 90 www.transtec.attranstec United Kingdom ttec Netherlands transtec FranceTel +44 (0) 1295/814 500 Tel +31 (0) 24 34 34 210 Tel +33 (0)© transtec AG, May 2012Prices apply ex stock plus VAT and are subject to change without notice. Call for current prices or use our online service. Please note that we supply only commercial, governmental and institutionalcustomers. The graphics, diagrams and tables found herin are the intellectual property of transtec AG and my be reproduced or published only with its express permission. No responsibility will beassumed for inaccuracies or omissions. Other names or logos my be trademarks of their respectives owners. Rev. 1.0