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India Asset Management Corrosion Technology Roadmap


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Corrosion Technology Roadmap for India Asset Management

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India Asset Management Corrosion Technology Roadmap

  1. 1. Corrosion Technology Roadmap for India Asset Management Provide nation-wide technological strategy development and technology assessment for corrosion management. Develop platform for innovation and building bridges between professionals, technologies and management systems. Identify critical technologies that must be explored and technology gaps that must be filled to meet our national demand on corrosion control. Link corrosion management strategies to future actions. Enable professionals and industries to link applications, technical challenges, and technology development for corrosion management. Design Application Prediction Open Access Monitoring Assessment Control Network You  can  join  us  “India  Asset  Management‐  Corrosion Technology Roadmap” group on Linkedin.
  2. 2. We CAN control corrosion in India " " is a connection platform for knowledge transfer leading to exchange of proven corrosion technologies and control methods developed in and out of India and make as a technology hub for corrosion activities in Asia "We CAN control corrosion in India" is a connection platform to: Establish multi-dimensional communication pathways to identify Indians contributing for corrosion management development outside India and overseas experts/companies willing to showcase and/or develop their technology strengths in India. Guide professionals from various disciplines working in India to learn from the best knowledge source for corrosion management. Develop a national focus (from domestic through to industrial establishments) on corrosion control and prevention. Exchange with industrial and entrepreneurial affiliates and government officials, world corrosion societies and affiliated associations in and out of India for dissemination of corrosion information. Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and the spread of technical and management skills and encourage investment in training, research, and development. Enhance the levels of research and training in the knowledge base that is relevant to integrity assurance CS M processes by stimulating collaborative research and development projects and forging lasting partnerships. You CAN join us “We CAN Control Corrosion in India” group