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iPod therefore iWrite 01


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I am researching the use of iPods in Japanese classrooms; in particular the development of hyper-threaded multiple media content by students for students. This is a short slideshow.

Published in: Technology, Education
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iPod therefore iWrite 01

  1. 1. iPod therefore iWrite Dr. Michael Vallance Department of Media Architecture Future University (Mirai Daigaku) Hakodate
  2. 2. Interactive text-based stories (iStories) Reading Mazes ((Rinvolucri & Berer; Hamilton; Durani; Higgins & Johns) circa 1981-89) Summer Camp @ Apple, 2005
  3. 3. Demonstration: a student project Choose a story: context + title Draw a storyboard Plan (use Inspiration software) Develop story in iWriter Preview project Upload to iPod Extras Add audio Export to Web (3 styles)
  4. 4. Benefits of iStory development Flexible in process and outcome Student designed group work Opportunities to implement writing skills Digital literacy practice creating, organising, evaluating & presenting information in a digital context Opportunities for authentic and meaningful communication within project development of the iStory outcome
  5. 5. Useful tools + reference iWriter ( iPod2Go ( Vallance, M. (2006). Interactive stories on an iPod. MET Vol 15, No.1.