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A Generic Sales Process Flow – Task/Performer Perspective

A Generic Sales Process Flow – Opportunity/Management Perspective

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Sales Process Flow V4


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This was a process implemented in CRM.

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Sales Process Flow V4

  1. 1. A Generic Sales Process Flow – Task/Performer Perspective Yes Inbound Call Outbound Call Email Contact in Create Contact Update Contact Start No Web System? Information Information Word of Mouth Contact Other New Create FollowUp Schedule Follow- Yes Create Opportunity Quote Opportuntity A Open Opportuntity? Task/Activity up Task/Activity Opportunity Execute Follow-up Record Follow-up Opportunity No Task/Activity in System Open/Close? FollowUp Close Schedule Follow-up/ Execute Follow-up Activity for contact for Close Opportunity task for winning Won/Lost? Won thanking as well as in System the business. feedback on the Record in CRM purchase A Close Schedule Follow-up/ Reason Code for Activity for Contact as Lost Close Opportuntity losing the well as what we can do opportunity to win their business the next time.
  2. 2. A Generic Sales Process Flow – Opportunity/Management Perspective Inbound Call Outbound Call Email Is customer a prospect? Schedule future Start Qualify Customer No Suspect Web Do they plan to buy? follow-up task Word of Mouth No Other Yes No Obtain more information about Do they plan to buy Qualify the Is opportunity Yes the intended now? Opportunity qualified? Prospect purchase Yes Will strategy Do a SWOT Perform further Can positioning be change our Schedule future analysis for sales/ Is there a good fit? No No analysis improved? positioning over follow-up task purchase fit. time? Pipeline Yes Yes Re-qualify? Include opportunity Why do anything? Evaluate risk/ Compete for End in forecast Why now? reward ratio business Why us? Forecast Perform win Opportunity Schedule future Lost Lessons learnt End analysis and next Won/Lost? follow-up task steps Close Won