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OIC Incentive Compensation Process

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AP Processing

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OIC Process Flow V7


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A complete sample process flow for Oracle Incentive Compensation for a real world customer. The compensation data was an external source and some customizations were done.

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OIC Process Flow V7

  1. 1. OIC Incentive Compensation Process Setup/Correct Use Distributor and Flag Commission Open Current Distributors and Site Information to Eligibility at the Verify Resources Are Resources Verify Rates Are Rates Accumulation Start Distributor Sites in create resources in Yes distributor level (OIC User) Correct? (OIC User) Correct? Period AP/PO CRM (AP User) (OIC SuperUser) (AP User) (OIC Super User) No Correct Rates No B A Pre-Processing Run Collection Run Collection Load Collection Run Exception Review Exception Make Resource/ Pull summary trx Are there Program again for A Is Pull OK? Yes Interface into staging tables Report Report Yes Rate Changes Data to 11i exceptions? Invalid Records (OIC User) (OIC SuperUser) (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) Collect No B Yes Correct Errors Issues Load Transaction Create Summary Check for errors in Review Validation Run OIC Run OIC from OIC Staging Calculate Check Reports and Detail Reports No Errors? calculation Report Validation Calculations tables into OIC (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC Super User) Interface Tables (OIC Super User) Compensation Analyst Pay Payrun- Create Payrun reviews worksheets and Lock Worksheets Approve Create a Payrun Submit Worksheet Move to AP AP Worksheets can make changes to pay - Delete $0 Worksheet (OIC SuperUser) (OIC User) Interface (OIC SuperUser) amount Worksheets (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) (OIC User) Worksheet
  2. 2. AP Processing Delete 0$ Disable Invoice Re-enable Invoice Payable Open Review Import AP Commission Approval Approval Interfaces Import Exception Report? No Issues Invoices Requirement Requirement (AP User) (AP Manager) (AP User) (AP Super User) (AP SuperUser) Import AP Import Exception Report Issues Handling Process Spot Check Validate Invoices No Errors Errors? Inovice (AP User) (AP User) AP Error Handling Errors Check and Validate E-Mail Run Payment ACH Payment Commission Process (Auto/Manual) Reports (Auto/ (AP User) (AP User) Manual) (AP User) Pay and Mail Journal entry changes to post from OIC Expense GL Accounts to Contra- Revenue Accounts (GL Manager) Processing