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This is a paper that was developed as a collaboration with Bill Milligan at Level 3 in the late 90's. We extended the OFA concept of Cary Millsap to the 11.0.3 Apps.

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OFA Apps

  1. 1. An Optimal Flexible Architecture for Oracle Applications Bill Milligan Level(3) Communications Mahesh Vallampati Oracle Corporation Introduction Oracle Applications in its new Network Computing Architecture form offers significant benefits in administration. We will propose a new standard for deploying multiple application instances in this new architecture. Using these standards will promote a flexible and optimal way of deploying these applications. This paper grew out of an effort to manage multiple 10.7SC and Release 11 ICA Instances at a site with aggressive timelines. This standard helped us support the upgrade effort from 10.7 to Release 11 in an efficient manner. These standards are basically guidelines we used in this project. The motivations, challenges and necessities to develop this standard will become evident as we proceed. Issues Which Impact Oracle Applications Patching of Oracle Applications: Oracle Applications in its realistic sense needs to be patched and upgraded on a regular basis to be supported by Oracle Corporation and also for Operational uses. The Oracle Applications has various stacks, they are; • The Database stack. • The Web Stack which enables Network computing. • The Application stack on the Database Server which are the concurrent programs • The Application stack which includes the forms and HTML • The customization stack which encompasses all of the above which are not a part of the standard applications pack. All these stacks have to be maintained efficiently. Some commonly Used Terms explained. • APPL_TOP: APPL_TOP refers to a directory on an Operating system where the Oracle Application files are stored. • APPLFENV: APPLFENV refers to the name of the Environment files and is executed to identify Oracle Applications and its products.
  2. 2. Environments Needed to Support Oracle Applications We recommend the following environments at the minimum to support Oracle Applications. • PROD: This is the environment for production and is used for operational and business support. This is the core system. • PRODTEST: This is the environment for Production Support and is an exact replica of production. It could lag production by a day to provide realistic support. This is the environment where production problems are resolved and addressed. • SANDBOX: As the name suggests, this environment is a place where people have the luxury of testing their setup and other testing before actions are done in PRODTEST and then migrated to PROD. • DEVEL: This is the environment for developing customizations. This environment should be as current as possible and hence it is important that customizations should be easily installable if they have not been migrated to Production. Other environments should be provided as and when needed to support upgrades, patches and other functional issues. Database Stack “The OFA Standard for Open Systems” is a white paper from Oracle Corporation by Cary Millsap. This standard has been well accepted and is well known. We recommend that this standard be adhered to closely to achieve the benefits mentioned in the paper for the database stack. Application Stack The Application stack refers to the following components: Forms, Reports, Concurrent Programs, SQL Code and messages on the Operating System. Most often than not, Operating Systems and hardware resources are dedicated to supporting Oracle Applications. In the Network computing architecture, the Forms and HTML are placed on multiple application servers. The Reports and Concurrent programs are stored on the database server. In the Smart Client architecture, the Forms and HTML used to reside on the clients, which caused administrative problems. The Network computing architecture offers significant performance and administrative benefits.
  3. 3. The Concept of APPL_BASE We recognize that the variable APPL_BASE points to a directory on the operating system. Readers familiar with OFA will recognize the analogy to ORACLE_BASE. The most important difference between Oracle OFA Architectures and Applications OFA Architectures is that the binary code has to be replicated too in the case of Oracle Applications. That is to say that a unique Oracle Applications instance is not just characterized by the database alone, but also with its APPL_TOP. For sake of convenience, we will adopt /export/home/applmgr/APPS as the APPL_BASE. Further more, we will assume that the Operating system is UNIX. Multiple Oracle APPL_TOP’s in Windows NT will require a paper in itself. Due to the limitations of the file system sizes and other considerations, we will specify the same mount point concept in OFA. The analogy here is that /uxxx/oradata/ORACLE_SID in OFA will be /uxxx/appl/<release>/ORACLE_SID. Furthermore, for the sake of convenience and standard, we will create symbolic links from the APPL_BASE directory. (machine_name) [SID: PRDTEST]/export/home/applmgr/APPS> CRL3 DEVR11 FAIL2 MRC PRDTEST PROD SANDBOX PROD -> /d4/appl/R11.0/PROD PRDTEST -> /d19/appl/R11.0/PRDTEST SANDBOX -> /d13/appl/R11.0/SANDBOX DEVR11 -> /d13/appl/R11.0/DEVR11 MRC -> /d18/appl/R11.0/MRC FAIL2 -> /d6/appl/R11.0/FAIL2 CRL3 -> /d10/appl/R11.0/CRL3 Standardizing the installation of the Oracle RDBMS, JDK and Web server on each node will provide additional benefits when it comes to maintenance and portability of the applications. For example, install the Oracle RDBMS in /u01/app/oracle/product/8.0.5 and the JDK in /u01/app/jre on each node. The application’s adovars.env file will never need to be modified. Example of code form adovars.env file. JAVA_TOP="/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.5/forms45/java" export JAVA_TOP OA_JDK_TOP="/d1/app/jre" export OA_JDK_TOP
  4. 4. The following changes need to be made when cloning or porting an application database between nodes. Within the application change or verify the following; • Site Name • Application Web Agent • Help System Base URL • Change Passwords Outside of the Application change or verify the following • Create new DAD and register with PLSQL agent for Data Export and Workflow Monitor utilities • Database passwords • Modify the applsys.env, adovars.env, <sid>.htm Three Tier Architecture Standards Oracle Applications Network Computing Architecture is basically a three-tier architecture with one mega database server, multiple application servers and thin clients accessing the middle tier to access the database server. For the application server we will present a slightly different variant of the APPL_TOP. In the application server APPL_TOP, we will include the machine name as a part of the APPL_TOP. For example, in a two-application server configuration, alpha and beta, where alpha and beta represent two physical machines, we will establish APPL_TOP as follows. /uxxx/<machine name >/<release>/<ORACLE_SID>. In our implementation, where the machines were called steamboat and alta, the APPL_TOP’s looked something like this. See Appendix A for a detailed output of the applmgr and oracle user environments. Admin Tier (steamboat) ACC_GEN az flm l3ar per L3pay_trg.sql bom fnd l3fa pjm PRDTEST.env ce ghr l3gl po acc_gen chv gl l3pa qa ad cn hxt l3pay rg admin common icx l3per rla adsetenv crp ifa l3po shutapp_PROD ak cs inv mfg ssp alr cz ipa mrp unload.cmd.log ap dt ja msc veh
  5. 5. ar ec je oe wip as eng jg ota au fa jl pa ax ff l3ap pay Forms Tier (alta) PRDTEST.env bom ff jg qa ad ce flm jl rg admin chv fnd mfg rla aferror.log cn ghr mrp sqlnet.log ak common gl msc ssp alr crp hxt oe unload.cmd.log ap cs icx ota veh ar cz ifa pa wip as dt inv pay au ec ipa per ax eng ja pjm az fa je po Customization Standards As mentioned before, the Oracle Applications suite is typically customized for enterprises. These customizations should be done in such a way that a script applies the customization and there is also a script, which undoes the customization. The reason for this is that the upgrades are designed for the base release of the Applications and not for the enterprise specific customizations. This concept has the advantage that a well-documented strap-off, strap-on code will give the enterprise an idea of the effort and the steps, which were taken to do the customizations. Most often than not, customizations are done in an ad-hoc fashion and at the end of the implementation, the upgrade path for the applications is pretty much out of the question. This creates a lot of problems because Application versions typically run out of support agreements after a period of time and the customer is left with an unsupported combination. New Versions of the applications enable new technologies and functionality, and this advantage is lost by not having such a script. Environment File and the APPSENV Concept We recommend that the following files be maintained for Oracle Application environments. • APPSPRE<ORACLE_SID>.env • APPS<ORACLE_SID>.env • CUST<ORACLE_SID>.env • APPSPOST<ORACLE_SID>.env
  6. 6. APPSPRE<ORACLE_SID>.env is the file which sets all the pre-required environment variables. Examples are ORACLE_BASE, APPL_BASE etc. APPS<ORACLE_SID>.env is the file which contains all the Applications environment information and is generated by the auto installer program. CUST<ORACLE_SID>.env is the file which contains all the Customization environment information. APPSPOST<ORACLE_SID>.env is the file which contains other environment variables which needs to be set to run the Oracle Applications. It is not difficult to write a shell script similar to the oraenv, which basically executes the above files mentioned in that order. We will venture to call this appsenv and will basically look like this. /var/opt/oracle/appsenv PRODTEST:/export/home/applmgr/APPS/PRODTEST:Y SANDBOX:/export/home/applmgr/APPS/SANDBOX:Y DEV:/export/home/applmgr/APPS/DEV:Y The third parameter, which contains yes or no could be used to determine whether the concurrent manager should be started up or not. About the Author Bill Milligan is a Senior Analyst at Level(3) Communications. Previously, he was a senior consultant with Oracle Corporation. He has just completed upgrading Level(3) to release 11.0.2, which included all financial modules, HR/Payroll, and Capitol Resource Logistics (CRL). The upgrade entailed increased complexity by including Multi-org, MRC, and data center relocation. Bill can be reached at Level(3) at 303-635-9110 or bill.milligan@level3.com Mahesh Vallampati is a senior consultant with the Oracle National Telecom Practice. He has 5 years experience implementing Oracle Databases and 2 years implementing Oracle Applications. He holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University. Mahesh ca be reached at Oracle at mvallamp@us.oracle.com
  7. 7. Appendix A Admin Tier – Applmgr environment $(VND_VERTEX)/vap041.o $(VND_MFLIBS) $(VND_CRTLIB) AD_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ad/11.0.28 AK_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ak/11.0.28 ALR_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/alr/11.0.28 APPLBIN=bin APPLCSF=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/common APPLDCP=OFF APPLDOC=docs APPLFENV=PRDTEST.env APPLFRM=forms APPLFULL=FND AD ALR AX AK GL RG AP FA AR AS PA CN PER PAY HXT OTA INV PO CE EC ICX JG JE JA IPA IFA APPLIMG=images APPLINC=include APPLLIB=lib APPLLOG=PRDTESTlog APPLMAIL=NONE APPLMSG=mesg APPLORB=ar25runb APPLORC=ar25run APPLOUT=PRDTESTout APPLPAYLINK=cob APPLPLS=plsql APPLPTMP=/tmp APPLREG=regress APPLREP=reports APPLRGT=regress APPLRSC=resource APPLSAV=save APPLSHAR=OE FF DT BOM ENG MRP CRP WIP APPLSQL=sql APPLTMP=/usr/tmp APPLUSR=usrxit APPL_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST AP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ap/11.0.28 AR=ar ARFLAGS=rv AR_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ar/11.0.28 AS_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/as/11.0.28 AU_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/au/11.0.28 AX_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ax/11.0.28 AZ_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/az/11.0.28 BOM_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/bom/11.0.28 CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc CE_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ce/11.0.28 CFLAGS=-Xt -xstrconst -xcg92 $(INCLUDE_FLAGS) -O -DSUN_OS5 -DAFSTUBS CHMOD=chmod CHV_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/chv/11.0.28 CLASSPATH=/d1/app/jre/lib/rt.jar:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/jdbc/lib/c lasses11 1.zip:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java: CN_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/cn/11.0.28 COBDATA=:/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pay/11.0.28/vertex COBDIR=/opt/lib/cobol
  8. 8. CP=cp CRP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/crp/11.0.28 CS_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/cs/11.0.28 CZ_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/cz/11.0.28 DT_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/dt/11.0.28 EC_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ec/11.0.28 EDITOR=vi ENG_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/eng/11.0.28 FA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fa/11.0.28 FF_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ff/11.0.28 FLM_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/flm/11.0.28 FNDNAM=APPS FND_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28 GHR_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ghr/11.0.28 GL_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/gl/11.0.28 GWYUID=APPLSYSPUB/PUB HOME=/export/home/applmgr HOST=steamboat HXT_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/hxt/11.0.28 HZ=100 ICX_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/icx/11.0.28 IFA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ifa/11.0.28 INCLUDE_FLAGS=-I. -I$(FND_TOP)/include -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public - I$(ORACL E_HOME)/rdbms/demo -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/reports25/pub - I$(ORACLE_HOME)/forms45/pub INV_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/inv/11.0.28 IPA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ipa/11.0.28 JAVA_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java JA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ja/11.0.28 JE_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/je/11.0.28 JG_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/jg/11.0.28 JL_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/jl/11.0.28 L3AP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3ap/1.0.0 L3AR_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3ar/1.0.0 L3FA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3fa/1.0.0 L3GL_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3gl/1.0.0 L3PAY_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3pay/1.0.0 L3PA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3pa/1.0.0 L3PER_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3per/1.0.0 L3PO_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/l3po/1.0.0 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d1/app/jre/lib:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/lib:/usr/li b:/usr/o penwin/lib:/usr/dt/lib:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/lib/libXm_sol2.4:/d1 /app/ora cle/product/8.0.4/lib:/usr/ucblib LOGNAME=applmgr LUSRIAP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/xitusr.o LUSRLIB=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/libusr.a LUSRPRG=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/prglib.o /d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/prgcat.o /d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/EXPROG.o LUSRSRW=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/xirusr.o MAIL=/var/mail/applmgr MCS=echo mcs MFG_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/mfg/11.0.28 MRP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/mrp/11.0.28 MSC_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/msc/11.0.28 NLS_DATE_FORMAT=DD-MON-RR
  9. 9. NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE=AMERICAN NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1 NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS=., NLS_SORT=binary OAD_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/ OAH_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/html OAM_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java/oracle/apps OA_DOC=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45//doc OA_HTML=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/html/html OA_JAVA=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java OA_JDK_TOP=/d1/app/jre OA_MEDIA=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java/oracle/apps/media OE_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/oe/11.0.28 ORACLE_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 ORACLE_SID=PRDTEST OTA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ota/11.0.28 PATH=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/bin:/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ad/11.0 .28/bin: :/usr/ccs/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb:/etc:.:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 /bin PAY_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pay/11.0.28 PA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pa/11.0.28 PCC=$(ORACLE_HOME)/bin/proc PCCFLAGS=include=$(PCCINC) ireclen=161 PCCINC=. include=$(FND_TOP)/include include=$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public PER_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/per/11.0.28 PJM_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pjm/11.0.28 PLATFORM=SUN_OS5 PO_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/po/11.0.28 PS1=(${HOST}) [SID: ${ORACLE_SID}]$PWD> PWD=/export/home/applmgr/APPS/PRDTEST QA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/qa/11.0.28 REPORTS25_PATH=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/au/11.0.28/plsql:/d19/appl/R11/PRDT EST/fnd/ 11.0.28/reports: REPORTS25_TMP=/tmp RG_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/rg/11.0.28 RLA_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/rla/11.0.28 RM=rm -f SHELL=/bin/ksh SSP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/ssp/11.0.28 TERM=vt220 TNS_ADMIN=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/network/admin TZ=US/Mountain VEH_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/veh/11.0.28 VERTEX=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pay/11.0.28/vertex VNDARPL= VNDARSL= VNDPAYPL=$(PAY_TOP)/lib/py3cob.o $(VND_VERTEX)/vap020.o VNDPAYSL= VND_CRTLIB= VND_MFLIBS= VND_VERTEX=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/pay/11.0.28/vertex WIP_TOP=/d19/appl/R11/PRDTEST/wip/11.0.28 _=/bin/env
  10. 10. Forms Tier – Applmgr environment AD_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ad/11.0.28 AK_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ak/11.0.28 ALR_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/alr/11.0.28 APPLBIN=bin APPLCSF=/d20/app/PRDTEST APPLDOC=docs APPLFENV=PRDTEST.env APPLFRM=forms APPLFULL=FND AD ALR AX AK GL RG AP FA AR AS PA CN PER PAY HXT OTA INV PO CE EC ICX JG JE JA IPA IFA APPLIMG=images APPLINC=include APPLLIB=lib APPLLOG=PRDTESTlog APPLMAIL=NONE APPLMSG=mesg APPLORB=ar25runb APPLORC=ar25run APPLOUT=PRDTESTout APPLPLS=plsql APPLPTMP=/tmp APPLREG=regress APPLREP=reports APPLRGT=regress APPLRSC=resource APPLSAV=save APPLSHAR=OE FF DT BOM ENG MRP CRP WIP APPLSQL=sql APPLTMP=/var/tmp APPLUSR=usrxit APPL_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST AP_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ap/11.0.28 AR=ar ARFLAGS=rv AR_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ar/11.0.28 AS_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/as/11.0.28 AU_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/au/11.0.28 AX_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ax/11.0.28 AZ_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/az/11.0.28 BOM_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/bom/11.0.28 CC=/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc CE_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ce/11.0.28 CFLAGS=-Xt -xstrconst -xcg92 $(INCLUDE_FLAGS) -O -DSUN_OS5 -DAFSTUBS CHMOD=chmod CHV_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/chv/11.0.28 CLASSPATH=/d2/app/jre/lib/rt.jar:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/jdbc/lib/c lasses11 1.zip:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java:/d2/app/jre/jre1.1.6/lib /rt.jar CNTL_BREAK=ON CN_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/cn/11.0.28 CP=cp CRP_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/crp/11.0.28 CS_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/cs/11.0.28 CZ_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/cz/11.0.28 DT_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/dt/11.0.28 EC_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ec/11.0.28 EDITOR=vi
  11. 11. ENG_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/eng/11.0.28 FA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fa/11.0.28 FF_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ff/11.0.28 FLM_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/flm/11.0.28 FNDNAM=APPS FND_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28 FORMS45_APPSLIBS=APPCORE FNDSQF APPDAYPK APPFLDR GLCORE HR_GEN HR_SPEC ARXCOVER FORMS45_DEFAULTFONT=MS Sans Serif.10.Plain.Medium FORMS45_MAPPING=http://alta.l3.com:8080/OA_TEMP FORMS45_MESSAGE_ENCRYPTION=TRUE FORMS45_OUTPUT=/var/tmp FORMS45_PATH=/d3/app/PRDTEST/au/11.0.28/resource FORMS45_SESSION=TRUE GHR_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ghr/11.0.28 GL_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/gl/11.0.28 GWYUID=APPLSYSPUB/PUB HOME=/export/home/applmgr HOST=alta HXT_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/hxt/11.0.28 HZ=100 ICX_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/icx/11.0.28 IFA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ifa/11.0.28 INCLUDE_FLAGS=-I. -I$(FND_TOP)/include -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public - I$(ORACL E_HOME)/rdbms/demo -I$(ORACLE_HOME)/reports25/pub - I$(ORACLE_HOME)/forms45/pub INV_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/inv/11.0.28 IPA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ipa/11.0.28 JAVA_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java JA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ja/11.0.28 JE_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/je/11.0.28 JG_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/jg/11.0.28 JL_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/jl/11.0.28 JRE_TOP=/d2/app/jre LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/d2/app/jre/lib:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/lib:/usr/li b:/usr/o penwin/lib:/usr/dt/lib:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/lib/libXm_sol2.4:/d1 /app/ora cle/product/8.0.4/lib:/usr/ucblib LOGNAME=applmgr LUSRIAP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/xitusr.o LUSRLIB=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/libusr.a LUSRPRG=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/prglib.o /d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/ usrxit/prgcat.o /d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/EXPROG.o LUSRSRW=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/usrxit/xirusr.o MAIL=/var/mail/applmgr MCS=echo mcs MFG_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/mfg/11.0.28 MRP_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/mrp/11.0.28 MSC_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/msc/11.0.28 NLS_DATE_FORMAT=DD-MON-RR NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE=AMERICAN NLS_LANG=AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1 NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS=., NLS_SORT=binary OAD_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/doc OAH_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/html OAM_TOP=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java/oracle/apps
  12. 12. OA_DOC=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/doc/doc OA_HTML=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/html/html OA_JAVA=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java OA_JDK_TOP=/d2/app/jre OA_MEDIA=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/forms45/java/oracle/apps/media OE_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/oe/11.0.28 ORACLE_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 ORACLE_SID=PRDTEST OTA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ota/11.0.28 PATH=/d3/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/bin:/d3/app/PRDTEST/ad/11.0.28/bin::/d1 /app/oracle/product/8.0.4/bin:/bin:/d2/app/jre/jre1.1.6:/usr/ccs/bin:/bi n:/usr/bin:/usr/ ucb:/etc:.:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/bin:/d2/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28/ secure:/ usr/sbin PAY_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/pay/11.0.28 PA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/pa/11.0.28 PCC=$(ORACLE_HOME)/bin/proc PCCFLAGS=include=$(PCCINC) ireclen=161 PCCINC=. include=$(FND_TOP)/include include=$(ORACLE_HOME)/precomp/public PER_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/per/11.0.28 PJM_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/pjm/11.0.28 PLATFORM=SUN_OS5 PO_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/po/11.0.28 PS1=(${HOST}) [SID: ${ORACLE_SID}]$PWD> PWD=/export/home/applmgr/APPS/PRDTEST QA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/qa/11.0.28 RG_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/rg/11.0.28 RLA_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/rla/11.0.28 RM=rm -f SHELL=/bin/ksh SSP_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/ssp/11.0.28 TERM=vt220 TZ=US/Mountain VEH_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/veh/11.0.28 VNDARPL= VNDPAYPL= VNDPAYSL= WIP_TOP=/d3/app/PRDTEST/wip/11.0.28 _=/bin/env
  13. 13. Admin Tier – Oracle environment EDITOR=vi HOME=/d1/app/oracle HOST=steamboat HZ=100 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/openwin/lib:/usr/dt/lib:/usr/lib:/d1/app/oracle/pro duct/8.0 .4/lib LOGNAME=oracle MANPATH=/usr/man:/usr/local/man ORACLE_BASE=/d1/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 ORACLE_SID=PRDTEST ORACLE_TERM=xsun5 ORAWEB_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/ ORAWEB_SITE=level3 ORA_NLS33=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/ocommon/nls/admin/data PATH=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/bin:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/rdbms /lib:/op t/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb:/etc:. PS1=(${HOST}) [SID: ${ORACLE_SID}]$PWD> PWD=/d1/app/oracle SHELL=/bin/ksh TERM=vt220 TMPDIR=/tmp TNS_ADMIN=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/network/admin TZ=US/Mountain _=/usr/bin/env
  14. 14. Forms Tier – Oracle environment APPLTMP=/var/tmp APPL_TOP=/export/home/applmgr/APPS/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28 EDITOR=vi FND_TOP=/d2/app/PRDTEST/fnd/11.0.28 HOME=/export/home/oracle HOST=alta HZ=100 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/openwin/lib:/usr/dt/lib:/usr/lib:/d1/app/oracle/pro duct/8.0 .4/lib LOGNAME=oracle MANPATH=/usr/man:/usr/local/man ORACLE_BASE=/d1/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 ORACLE_SID=PRDTEST ORACLE_TERM=xsun5 ORAWEB_HOME=/d1/app/oracle/product/ ORAWEB_SITE=level3 ORA_NLS33=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/ocommon/nls/admin/data PATH=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/bin:/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/rdbms /lib:/op t/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ucb:/etc:. PS1=(${HOST}) [SID: ${ORACLE_SID}]$PWD> PWD=/export/home/oracle SHELL=/bin/ksh TERM=vt220 TMPDIR=/tmp TNS_ADMIN=/d1/app/oracle/product/8.0.4/network/admin TZ=US/Mountain _=/usr/bin/env