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ITP Instance Management Process V2


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ITIL DBA Instance Management Databases Database Administration

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ITP Instance Management Process V2

  1. 1. ITP#### – Instance Management Process for Applications<br /> <br />PurposeThe purpose of this document is to communicate and follow the process for managing the number of instances for Applications Development at <Company>. <br /> <br />ScopeThis is a process designed for creating instances for Applications at <Company>. The scope of it is for all instances of Applications which have significant impact on Infrastructure Economics. This includes all < > Application Components.<br /> <br />ResponsibilityThe following chart displays the function of each group responsible.<br />ResponsibleFunction<Company> Business OperationsConducts Business for <Company>.Uses IT Systems to conduct businessFunds IT and IT InitiativesInstance RequestorUses IT Systems, Applications and Instances and helps Support Business OperationsIT DBA(DataBase Administrator)/IT Data Center OperationsManages Software Infrastructure for Vision and Customer Facing Applications.Manages Hardware/Storage/Operating Systems and Logistics Transactions Systems used by <COMPANY> to conduct BusinessVP IT (Ops/Dev)Responsible for IT Infrastructure (Ops)Responsible for IT Applications (Dev)Office of the CIOResponsible for overall <Company> IT.<br />Procedure for Instance This is the procedure for Instance Management Process for Applications at <Company>.<br />Management<br />StepAction1Instance Requestor assesses a need for an instance.2Instance requestor sends an e-mail for a project or an initiative.3Instance Requestor Justifies the business need of the instance.4DBA Team assesses the level of effort, license cost and Disk/Server Requirements5IT Data Center Ops communicates the cost of the instance by storage and server6VP of Development Communicates Recommendations to VP of IT Ops7VP of IT Ops communicates recommendations, economics and approvals to the office of the CIO.8The CIO Communicates Approvals if there are no significant economic impact.9If there is economic impact, a funding request is sent to the business.<br />DocumentationThe following is a listing of documents maintained by this process.<br />TypeListingRecords ReferencesAssociated FormsNot Applicable <br />End of ITP###<br />