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CRM Lead Lifecycle Process

  1. 1. CRM Sales Process Flow Lead Handling An automated email send a An email is received A custom plugin creates a new Lead from the email The router pushes note to the customer that the Potential customer enters in exchange and and automatically assigns it to a sales rep. A Web the email to a lead has been assigned and Inbound Lead Capture data into a web form CRM Email Router human friendly Lead ID is generated with a lead Queue in CRM a copy of the itinerary is sent captures it source of web as well (EMAIL_1) Lead Type Quote Inbound Phone Inbound Phone Begin Quoting Process Call Quote Good Yes Is customer still Tag Lead as Lost Yes No interested? in CRM Quality of Lead Data for Quote Survey-Lead SOP for Unreachable Lost/ Is Customer Customer/Tag in CRM Lead No Unreachable Reachable? System for Metrics Incomplete SOP for Customer Service/ Is it Spam, Lead or Customer Service Tag in CRM System for End Customer Service? Metrics SOP for Spam/Tag in Spam CRMSystem for Metrics
  2. 2. CRM Sales Process Flow Quoting Create Customer Information in No System Quote Process Create a quote in system with the clientid Quote Do we have enough SOP for Existing Is this is an existing record of the customer. If its an email Yes Yes Information to Quote? Customer Check customer? lead, enter the lead id. If it is an inbound phone call, leave it blank. No Follow-up for Quoting SOP for gathering Information Gather Information Information for to Quote Quote Send Quote Follow-Up and Sell Email/Mail/Fax Quote to Customer EMAIL_2/EMAIL_3
  3. 3. CRM Sales Process Flow Follow-Up and Sell Execute Follow- 24 Hour Follow-Up Up and Sell and Close Deal Follow-up Follow-Up and Sell Execute Follow- 72 Hour Follow-Up Up and Sell and Close Deal 14 Day Prior Execute Follow- Decision Date Up and Sell and Follow-up Close Deal If won, an automated follow-up for Survey/ Interface Updates Convert Quote to 1.) Order Confirmation 2.) Payment Collection 3.) Follow-up for Mark quote as Win Win CRM Record as Booking in System next Order System in System won Close Survey/ If Lost Interface Updates Win/Lose/Expire Close Quote as Mark quote as Lost Lost 1.) Cancel Quote in System CRM Record as Quote? Canceled Lost in System 2.) Put a reason Code Lost Expired Survey/ Quote Interface Updates Mark quote as Expired Automatically CRM Record as Expired in System Expired Lost
  4. 4. CRM Sales Process Flow Survey Survey-Won Send Survey to Customer End and Solicit Feedback Survey-Lost Send Survey to Customer End and Solicit Feedback Survey Survey- Expired Send Survey to Customer End and Solicit Feedback Survey-Lead Unreachable Lost/ Send Survey to Customer End and Solicit Feedback