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A Day In The Life Of A DBA Manager


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An attempt to describe the life of a DBA Manager in an IT Department of a company.

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A Day In The Life Of A DBA Manager

  1. 1. Mahesh Vallampati
  2. 2. Typically report to the VP/Director of IT Operations Considered the Back Office of IT Operations Considered Important only when things are broken No credit for doing a good job Typically has a contentious relationship with Development Organization Very little clout in the organization Has very limited say in code movement into production Owns Performance Issues whether or not issues are related to the DB or tied to code quality
  3. 3. Software Installation Data Security Development Support Application and Database Availability Avoiding Data Loss Owns Database and by deduction Application Performance Issues
  4. 4. Understaffed Overworked Under-Appreciated Limited Career Advancement Considered Out-Source-able Skill Distribution is Skewed Good DBA’s are a prized commodity
  5. 5. IOUG 2001 DBA Survey
  6. 6. IOUG 2001 DBA Survey
  7. 7. Overnight Jobs have failed Reports are still running Databases for Application Development have not been cloned Business Process Owner has escalated to IT management IT Development Manager complaining to anybody who will listen Have to get that status report out Operational Users calling in reporting that screens are hanging Star DBA was paged overnight to address a backup that failed Wake him up!!!
  8. 8. Re-started Overnight Jobs Reports are using in-efficient execution plans Run Statspack reports Got Lucky and found the root cause to be a statistics issue Fixed the statistics Send an update to the Business Process Owner and IT management explaining an intricate stats issues (nobody cares) Developers requesting code changes to production Data Fixes being developed by Business Process Owners CIO wants to know why the DBA team is “reactive” and not “proactive” Where is that contractor who was supposed to be bought on board?
  9. 9. Send out Outage Notifications Send out Post-Mortem Reports on the Backup Failure Users of the System and Developers Take early lunch as the DBA team is working on issues Summoned to the Director/VP of IT Operations to explain why there are so many issues Still no answer of the back filling of the departure of the other star Oracle DBA The UNIX System Administrator is sulking that he was woken up last night by the DBA to address the backup issue and makes a snide remark Where is my SAN Disk request? Get Junk food from kitchen (No Soup for you!!!)
  10. 10. Systems Stabilizing Cloning of Development Databases complete Run Data Fix Scripts Meeting with SOX Auditors Star DBA comes over to complain that he will start looking for a new job DBA needs a vacation and comes in with a vacation request Next Weekend Release Planning Meeting SQL Server License Compliance Meeting with Microsoft Prep HR Calling into request an audit of HR Database Access
  11. 11. Get a Breather Call Wife who is sulking as she has not been called during the day Talk to Software Vendor about a “new” monitoring solution Get a cold call from a recruiter who is interested in placing DBA’s. Get a complaint from a development manager about a DBA being rude to his staff PMO calls to let the team know that there will be additional databases for new business initiatives Get a note from a friend on “DBA costs”
  12. 12. Catch up on E-Mail/Voice Mail Vendor demanding that the support invoice better be paid or else Send a note to purchasing Note from HR Telling you and your team to finish the on-line training on compliance Drive-by from Production Support Manager talking about how difficult his life is Drive home