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Mva internal newsletter 20100420


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Mva internal newsletter 20100420

  1. 1. M V A T W E E T S Internal staff newsletter in Asia MVA Let’s tweet in Asia! Spring Issue
  2. 2. What MVA Tweets does? In the popular social networking platform “Twitter”, “Tweets” are quick posts and instant updates that get designated messages across a wide community. In MVA, we would like to create such platform through our internal newsletter whereby our staff are kept updated about the company. Whether it’s staff breaking news, a local staff event, a Starbucks coupon to circulate or a funny story of a colleague to crack into jokes, MVA Tweets keeps you informed with what matters most to you and MVA today, and creates the synergy that help drive the values of our companies. Let’s celebrate the birth of our MVA new baby! Hope you enjoy our first inaugural issue and look forward to your contributions in the next issue! The gossipy editorial team M V A
  3. 3. Annual Dinner toptweets City-in-the-south Fresh news reported from Shenzhen – Annual dinner held on 9 April! about 1 week ago Asia’s World City Yay! We had our annual dinner on 26 March with “Oddies” as the theme! It was awesome! Our Hong Kong staff turned themselves into hippies and Elvis Presley……Great dance and great photos! In the past 6 months Capital of the Future We had our annual dinner in freezing December! Outside with the chilling winds, but we were warmed by the family atmosphere of the dinner……. In the past 6 months
  4. 4. For more photos, please visit
  5. 5. ASIA FAMILY Toptweets: Asia’s World City Congratulations to Hilary TSOI and Kenny TAM of our Hong Kong team! In the past 6 months Fun-in-the-sun Karin LIMAPORNWANITCH, Principal Engineer at MVA Thailand, has also become a pleasant father of a baby in December, 09. In the past 6 months Durian-sensation Tan KS at MVA Singapore also join the parent club, in November, 09 In the past 6 months Capital of the Future Yvonne ZHANG of MVA in Beijing became a proud mother too in November, 09!! :D In the past 6 months
  6. 6. Wedding Toptweets • Billy YUNG November, 2009 Hong Kong • Leo WONG November, 2009 Hong Kong • Eric YEUNG December, 2009 Hong Kong • Gary TSUI January, 2010 Hong Kong • Mark WU February, 2010 Shenzhen • Bill GUO October, 2009 Beijing • Yu TAO March, 2010 Beijing • Taweesak BANAWIROON January, 2010 Bangkok Will you marry me? Of course, Idiot!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
  7. 7. Asia Headquarters – HK Helen LEUNG Graduate Transport Planner Maggie LEE Human Resources Executive LIN Chi Kit Graduate Traffic Engineer Keith LIU Graduate Traffic Engineer Tobie NGAI Facility Management Executive Elaine NG Marketing and Communications Executive Beijing Bettie WANG Draughtsman Arron WANG Draughtsman Linda LI Assistant Traffic Engineer Bangkok Rock GRAVENVESH Transport Engineer (Contract) Surichat YUENYANG Assistant Engineer NEW STAFF Let’s give a warm welcome to the new members recently joining our MVA family in Asia Singapore LIM Tse Wen Administrative Assist/ Technician India Alok JAIN Regional Director
  8. 8. MVA in Asia * Hong Kong * Beijing * Shenzhen * Singapore * Bangkok * Mumbai * Ho Chi Minh City * Dubai * Abu Dhabi * For enquiries, please contact Marketing & Communications Department at / * Woking * London * Birmingham * Manchester * Edinburgh * Glasgow * Dublin * Paris * Lyon * Marseille *