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The character growth of Queen Elsa in the Disney movie frozen


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this presentation discusses the character growth of Queen Elsa from the Disney movie frozen using Kubler-Ross' change curve

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The character growth of Queen Elsa in the Disney movie frozen

  1. 1. The Character Growth of ‘Queen Elsa’ from the Disney animation Frozen Done by: Muzna AL Hooti Azhaar AL Bassami Under the supervision of Dr. Nada AL Ajmi
  2. 2. Outline * The argument * Plot Summary * Applying Kobler-Ross’ change curve on Queen Elsa’s character * Conclusion
  3. 3. The argument • How does the character growth of ‘Queen Elsa’ from Frozen helps children to adapt with change and accept their differences?
  4. 4. Plot Summary Watch the movie trailer
  5. 5. Applying Kobler-Ross’ changecurve on QueenElsa. Change Denial Anger & Blame Depression Trial Decision New Self
  6. 6. Why did the change occur?
  7. 7. The Change Elsa and Anna were separated.
  8. 8. Go back to the curve
  9. 9. Denial Elsa sits at the window looking out, longingly. Suddenly, her icy hands freeze the windowsill. The King slips leather gloves onto Elsa’s hands. King: Conceal it. Young Elsa: Don’t feel it. Young Elsa & King: Don’t let it show. Let’s read this dialogue between young Elsa and her father. Think about the role of parents.
  10. 10. So, why and what is she denying? She is feeling threatened because of her own power. “The reserved and reluctant Elsa remains distant, and with gloved hands hopes not tofreeze anything and reveal her true self” (Lemire, 2013). Go back to the curve
  11. 11. Anger and blame The party goes silent as everyone watches the sisters. ELSA: Enough, Anna. ANNA: No. Why? Why do you shut me out?! Why do you shut the world out?! What are you so afraid of?! ELSA: I said, enough! Ice shoots from Elsa’s hand, spikes across the floor! Guests cry out in shock, back away.
  12. 12. ELSA: Please, just stay away from me. Stay away! Clearly,Elsa is blamingher power It is her power and her difference that led to all this. Go back to the curve
  13. 13. Elsa runs out of the gates and down to the water’s edge. The shoreline freezes under her feet. Anna calls to her from the gates. Elsa glances back at Anna, but turns away. She tentatively steps out onto the fjord. It freezes instantly. She breaks into a run, as the water freezes over with each step. Depression The thing that was supposed to be hidden is revealed and acknowledged. Isolation “The Kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I am the queen.”Go back to the curve
  14. 14. Trial Let it go “All of that singing about "let it go" during the film was rather reminiscent of Buddhism and Taoism if you ask me. Surprisingly deep for a children’s tale” (Saedi, 2013).
  15. 15. When Anna finds her, she still thinks that isolation is the solution for her. She was upset when Anna told her that the kingdom was frozen!!! Go back to the curve
  16. 16. How does she decide? She is found and forced to get out from her own world.
  17. 17. HANS: Elsa. You can’t run from this! Elsa backs away from him. ELSA: ...Just take care of my sister. :HANS Your sister? She returned from the mountain weak and cold. She said you froze her heart. ELSA: What? No. :HANS I tried to save her, but it was too late. Her skin was ice. Her hair turned white... Elsa’s face sinks as she realizes what she has done. HANS (CONT’D) Your sister is dead... because of you. Elsa drops to her knees, emotionally broken. And with that, the swirling storm suddenly stops. The snow freezes mid-air, hangs suspended, trapped in grief.
  18. 18. Realization will leadher to take a decision • What has she done to the kingdom? • What has she done to her own sister? • Now she knew she must do something about it, but she didn’t know what yet.
  19. 19. Decision
  20. 20. -Sacrifice -Love
  21. 21. OLAF An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart. ELSA (processing) Love...will thaw... (realizing) Love.... Of course. Elsa looks at Anna with confidence. ANNA Elsa? ELSA Love. Elsa lifts her arms, and the ground shakes and cracks. The ice and snow breaks away and rises high into the air. Beneath their feet the bow of a ship thaws. The entire fjord melts and other boats right themselves. The villagers come out to see the warmth returning. In one final wave, Elsa draws all of the snow into a giant snowflake in the sky, then waves it away, leaving only a warm summer day.
  22. 22. Kids will learn that they are loved despite their differences and only love can make them feel indifferent. “Elsa’s magic in “Frozen,” is controlled by emotion: the evil magic that freezes the kingdom is born from Elsa’s fear, anger, and isolation, while the good magic that helps Elsa create ice rinks and snowmen comes from her love and happiness” (Davis, 2013). The importance of family bonds. Go back to the curve
  23. 23. New self The gates to the castle are wide open. ELSA: We are never closing them again.
  24. 24. Love Acceptance Hope Trust
  25. 25. Finally
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