Travelwires rate card 2010


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Travelwires rate card 2010

  1. 1. 107 Proot Street | Witpoortjie Ext.7 | 1724 Tel: (011) 762 6634 6634|Fax: 086 627 1492 | muzimohale | @travelwires | travelwires ADVERTISING RATE CARD About Us is a blog about hotels, car rentals and airlines business news in South Africa. We publish industry news daily as they happen to keep our readers well informed. This blog has been in existence since 2006 SITE TRAFFIC & REACH TRAFFIC SOURCE: COUNTRIES VISITING BLOG: Monthly Unique Visitors: 74.73% = Search Engines South Africa = 11,038 15,587 Monthly Unique Page Views: 10.08% = Referral Sites United States = 1,687 29,095 15.16% = Direct Traffic United Kingdom = 1,333 NEXT TO LOGO (option 1) RATES IMPRESSIONS BANNERS PER LIMITS BANNER SIZE SPOT R3,500/m 20,000/ ,000/m Three (3) ads in No flash, 728x90 pixel rotation excessive (All pages) (fully booked) blinking, or nudity RIGHT SIDE BAR (option 2) R2,500/m 20,000/ 0,000/m Three (3) ad in No flash, rotation. excessive 300×250 pixels blinking, or (All pages) nudity LEFT SIDE BAR (option 3) R3,000/m 20,000/m 20,000/ Three (3) ad in No flash, 160x600 pixel rotation. excessive (All pages) blinking, or nudity RENT A PAGE (option 4) R1,000pm Tourism company has exclusive rights to a page, which offers a link on the Minimum 3 website’s menu bar visible to all our readers. months. 1
  2. 2. COLUMN SPONSORSHIP TRAVELNOISE BY SHARON VAN WYK (option 5) R3,500/m unlimited 2 x banner No flash, (2) 468x60 pixels exclusive excessive (1 homepage exposure. blinking, or nudity above headline and 1 below each blog post) Example: sponsored by: (first banner) The irony of Tourism Month Somewhere in Limpopo, in search of biodiversity: It’s 6am, the sun is coming up over the horizon and I am blazing a trail of minor proportions through Limpopo, a province I love to pieces. You see, I have taken the call to arms issued at Last Thursday’s Tourism Month launch to heart and am pounding [...] complete blog post here sponsored by: (second banner) TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. All banner campaigns for a minimum of 3 months. 2. Column sponsorship 6 months or more. 3. You provide banner creative, however we can design banners on request at a fee 4. All quoted rates exclude VAT, we’re not VAT vendors and don’t charge VAT. 5. Once you’ve selected your preferred campaign option, we’ll send an insertion order which has to be signed before camp campaign is published on the blog. Muzi Mohale | | Tel: (011) 762 6634|Fax: 086 627 1492 | muzimohale | @travelwires | travelwires 2