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Travel buy overview document

  1. 1. e-Commerce Travel & Entertainment Solutions W h o i s Tr a v e l B u y? How can TravelBuy help you? TravelBuy is a Certified Payment Service Provider (CPSP), also know as a Payment Gateway, specialising in solutions for the travel and hospitality industry in South Africa. A Payment Gateway manages the processing of online credit card transactions for a customer. TravelBuy has 4 bank lines (Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB & Nedbank), and handles the verification and transfer request of transactions, instructing payment from a shopper‟s credit card and payment into the customers merchant account. TravelBuy, formerly know as Better View, is a member of the Payment Association of South Africa (PASA) – so we are legal! Why Choose TravelBuy? TravelBuy is more than just another Payment Gateway, by specialising in the travel industry, and offering various Modules which can be tailor made to meet your business requirements. Our transaction fees are highly competitive, and we do not charge fees „as a percentage of the transaction value‟, but rather a fixed fee – so no hidden costs! Our staff is from the travel industry – so we understand the industry, providing industry driven solutions! Who can use TravelBuy? Any company that wishes to sell their products/ services online, and to accept customer‟s payments via credit card. How does online credit card processing work? You are required to obtain a merchant bank account, from your South African bank of choice. TravelBuy can assist with the application process – it‟s easy! TravelBuy then set up your company, with the merchant account details and your business rules for transactional processing – and „Bob is your uncle!‟ What cards can my website accept? By default, Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Should you wish to accept American Express and Diners Cards, application to these issuers can be made. Subject to approval, your site will then also be able to accept these cards. Are my clients’ details safe? Absolutely! For businesses that are looking to accept credit card payments online, security is always an issue. You want to be assured your clients financial details are not being misused, and if you have their financial details stored on a computer, they are vulnerable to a hacker attack. The solution? A Payment Gateway, like TravelBuy. Payment Gateways are governed by PCI DSS – see section 2 for the „tekkie detail‟! Information is stored by TravelBuy in compliance with PCI DSS, and is simply transferred. If the card is not reported stolen or listed for fraud, the transaction will be processed. Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.
  2. 2. TravelBuy Systems South Africa (PTY) Ltd Page 2 How do I know that transactions have been processed through my site? All transactions processed are viewable online; real-time, so literally seconds after the transaction is processed by your customer, you can view the details online – how cool is that! Can I accept Foreign Currencies? You can display foreign currencies with an equivalent value in South African Rands on your website. Your client‟s credit card statement will be charged in their local currency; however you will be paid in South African Rands (sorry – but nice try – given the fluctuating exchange rate!). Remember banks apply charges, and this remains out of our control and TravelBuy cannot be held liable for differences in exchange rates and service charges. P C I D SS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a set of global standards, enforced by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC), to ensure secure card holder data and bottom-line provides you, the merchant protection. MISSION: ‘Secure technology & banking, The PCI SSC was established by the major card brands to consolidate the integrating all following standards: processes, to manage & timeously settle  VISA Account Information Security Programme transactions,  MasterCard Site Data Protection Programme increasing the  American Express Data Security Operating Policy customers’  Discover Information Security Compliance effectiveness in  JCB Data Security Programme managing their sales risk and exposure. PCI DSS compliancy is mandatory for any entity that stores, processes and/or transmits card holder data. Compliancy therefore applies to merchants, service providers and acquiring banks. It is a set of „best practice rules‟. T h e Tr a v e l B u y A p p r oa c h All TravelBuy Solutions are interoperable and may be customised or tailored to meet your exact requirements. Due to this flexibility of our systems, TravelBuy utilises strict solution deployment methodologies in order to provide each customer with a “best-fit” solution. All solutions need to meet customer requirements as well as remain within rules defined by numerous national legislation and international compliance bodies. The aim is to provide you with what you need and not simply with what we have. Identify Requirements The process begins in understanding your requirements as well as your current internal processes. Due to the nature of information shared at this stage, a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed prior to the first meeting. Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.
  3. 3. TravelBuy Systems South Africa (PTY) Ltd Page 3 Propose Solution TravelBuy as well as its technology partners then assess your requirements and build a solution offering that may contain multiple TravelBuy Modules to meet the end-result. The proposed solution aims to streamline your process and ensure that all entities involved in a transaction are honoured. Each function within the proposal is built against a corresponding requirement defined by you, the customer. The “phased approach” may be utilised providing the ability to partially deploy a TravelBuy solution. Tr a v e l B u y S o l u t i o n s Trader Target Market: any entity selling on behalf of the travel supplier This solution allows Travel Management Companies (TMC‟s), booking agents and tour operator‟s real- time access to authorise, settle and reconcile transactions. This is the most cost-effective way to implement supplier credit card authorisations, across front, middle and back-office environments without having to acquire multiple bank terminals. Value Add  Multi supplier, pre & immediate „local‟ authorisation system  Secure, online, immediate authorisation & settlement system  Enhanced authorisation, ensuring approval received from issuing bank  Reconciliation of financial effect to & from entity  All parties involved have sight of the transaction, with enhanced online transactional analysis  Improved cash flow  Certified with all South African acquirers Assessor Target Market: Any entity who wants to use batch- based settlement processing The Assessor Module consists of a certified accounting process and EFT engine delivering complete settlement. The Assessor can further be utilised to deliver invoicing, account management, statement processing and deposits reconciliation on behalf of the entity. This takes care of the „paperwork‟ required from all the downstream partners, adding value to the administration process. With output such as encrypted and online invoice provision, this links original banking transactions to the supplied transactions. This is a secure forensic framework, which adheres to strict financial rules and expectations, delivering pure and accurate spend management. Value Add  Low investment in technology costs  Validation, auditing and control of business rules  EFT transactional handling & absolute clearing of funds  Transactional invoicing & statement provision  Service fee, incentive, commission management & disbursement  Billing & settlement outsourcing  Electronic document handoff to customers Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.
  4. 4. TravelBuy Systems South Africa (PTY) Ltd Page 4  Compliance with international banking standards, e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Amex & Diners Club  Secured data & confidentiality is maintained Supplier Target Market: Any supplier of stock to the travel industry & TMC‟s This solution delivers immediate settlement of transactions from all sales points, ensuring funds, value and reconciliation is handled in real time. The payment channel allows funds to flow from POS to supplier and vice versa. Where necessary, a certified treasury can be utilized to manage the accounting and journal processes of financial decision making, thereby minimising costs in administration, cash transfers and reconciliations. Suppliers, therefore, achieve significant improvement in process efficiencies, cost and effort. Value Add  Online Treasury Model facilitating the fulfilment of the administrative process for financial events  Transactions are paid for prior to commitments  Effective management of commissions & turnover-based checking & payments  Reduction in administrative overheads  Technology utilises the latest certified banking standards, irrespective of which channel the transaction originated iVoucher Target Market: Any entity allowing debtor travel & wishing to remove card information within the organisation The iVoucher, pre-paid or pre-auth, or post-paid, connects payment and fulfilment obligations between all parties. This removes the traditional debtor management and enhances the cash flow, whilst maintaining the importance of security and reconciliation of services, without compromising personal information. This solution delivers immediate check-out value and digital invoicing on behalf of the supplier and TMC transaction. The encrypted and online invoice provision connects original banking transactions to supplier transactions, and provides a full reconciliation of the corporate spend. Value Add  Security of personal information & PCI compliancy  Immediate settlement to all parties, enhancing cash flow  Embedded corporate & procurement rules  Reduced administration costs for all parties  A feed for business intelligence  Can be utilised as an enhancement to spend management Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.
  5. 5. TravelBuy Systems South Africa (PTY) Ltd Page 5 Buyer Target Market: TMC & Corporate Customer The Buyer Module exposes detailed procurement accounts to the forward entry points of a transaction, such as POS, procurement engines and Global Distribution Systems (GDS‟s). This solution provides agnostic payment tokens on behalf of corporate procurement officers, thereby ensuring business-based rules are managed and adhered to, prior to any financial authorisation and/or settlement. This therefore delivers unique and tailored corporate specific travel policies, linked to the fulfilment (financial events), allowing complete reconciliation of procurement and fulfilment. Value Add  Online, real time system  Visible globally  Dynamic business rules application  Level 2 & Level 3 Data  Cost per account metric largely reduced  Business Intelligence Issuer Target Market: Travel Account Issuers, Banks & TMC‟s This solution provides real-time account view of traditional bank issued accounts and virtual sub- accounts, allowing issuers to segregate or aggregate account issuing. The transactional MIS attracts all EFT transactions to the respective registered account, which in turn is visible to the issuer‟s customer. Value Add  Online, real time system  Visible globally  Level 2 Data  Cost per account metric largely reduced  Business Intelligence  Enhances value add of issuers Hosted Payment Pages Target Market: Any entity selling online Hosted Payment Pages offer secure credit card payment transactability, via a website infrastructure, in accordance with SecureCode. Value Add  Reduced IT investment in building & adhering to payment pages requirements  Certified with all South African acquirers  Achievement of liability shift  All other value add‟s as per the Supplier Module Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.
  6. 6. TravelBuy Systems South Africa (PTY) Ltd Page 6 Contact Details Physical Address First Floor Block C Little Fourways Office Park Phone + +27 (0)11 300 1000 No 1 Leslie Road East Fourways Fax +27 (0)11 300 1001 2055 E-mail Postal Address PO Box 71517 Bryanston 2021 Our Strategic Client Services TravelBuy involves customers in every stage of the relationship: from system specification, project management of the integration process and training. Ongoing support is provided by the Customer Care desk to ensure product back-up and optimal use of the solution. Customer Relationship Management is of key importance to TravelBuy, the relationship does not die after the go live date! Copyright ™ TravelBuy It remains the property of TravelBuy and its contents may not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent.