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Individual Employment Opp Travel Writer South Africa


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Individual Employment Opp Travel Writer South Africa

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Individual Employment Opp Travel Writer South Africa

  1. 1. Employment Opportunity Travel and Marketing Copywriter: KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga or Southern Limpopo, South Africa November 1 , 2009 1. The WHL Group (WHL) invites qualified individual Consultants to apply for the following position: Travel and Marketing Copywriter 2. WHL is requesting communication from interested individuals. The communication must be submitted in writing and signed. They must contain: a) Expression of understanding of the assignment; b) A writing sample, Demonstration of dedication to sustainable tourism or sustainable development; c) Consultant details, with CV or resume; d) The assignment is expected to take approx 3-4 months in the field, beginning sometime in February / March 2010 . Consultant to indicate availability during this time period. 3. All communications must be submitted in the English language and contain all information requested above in reference to the attached Terms of Reference. Individual consultants are welcome to bid. The deadline for submission: Wednesday 30th December at 5pm, email to eet- All applications must remain valid for three weeks. For any clarifications or further inquiries about this notice, please send by email before 18th December 2010 to 4. Preference given to citizens of South Africa. 5. The Selection Criteria are: Criteria Points (i). Demonstration of experience in the type of work required by the 40 assignment (ii). Demonstration of understanding of the assignment (as per the 40 Terms of Reference) (iii). Qualifications and competence of the consultant for the 20 Assignment TOTAL 100 Points Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. 6. An individual consultant will be selected based on the above selection criteria. The top three candidates will be shortlisted for final comparison. The minimum score required to be shortlisted is 70. The individual consultant achieving the highest score will be invited for negotiations. Subsequently, a contract will be issued. 7. Confidentiality: All data and information received from WHL Consulting for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. The contents of written materials obtained and used in this assignment may not be disclosed to any third parties without the expressed advance written authorization of WHL Consulting. Further details on the services are provided in the attached Terms of Reference. This assignment is expected to commence in the middle of February 2010. Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. TERMS OF REFERENCE PROFESSIONAL TRAVEL WRITER KwaZulu-Natal BACKGROUND WHL Africa (WHLA) is the regional branch of the WHL Group (WHL). WHL Africa is the executing agency of the project, Elevating Experiential Travel – Empowering South African Low Income Tourism Providers Project (EET-SA) through The Shared Growth Challenge Fund, which is a project under the Business Trust. This project is being run in association with WHL Consulting (WHLC), a specialized unit of the WHL Group, which focuses on technical assistance and capacity building for enterprises at the destination level. WHL has developed a unique business model for enabling micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) to be listed and sold online, whilst limiting revenue leakage. The business model involves having locally owned and operated e-marketplace web portals connected to a global network (providing hosting, payment gateways, booking engine and web marketing) and utilizing a common management system. This e-marketplace model was designed and built from the ground up to meet the special needs of MSME accommodation providers in the developing world, and has proven to be very successful in reaching a community of accommodation providers who have not been well served by existing e- marketplace models. The new model has also allowed booking commissions to be retained on-shore in the developing countries, further reducing the “leakage” of tourism profits from the developing world. New ratings schemes called “caring for the customer” and “caring for the destination” have been added to the WHL sites to encourage MSMEs to improve customer service and to engage in proactive sustainability initiatives. WHLC works with the product providers in the developing world (mostly the smaller local hotels, guesthouses and tour / activity operators) to assess market readiness (readiness for groups like, Expedia, Orbitz and others to sell online); to develop high quality digital content needed for global distribution in the online world; to build capacity; leverage renewable energy practices; and to assist with access to finance. WHLC also has a strong commitment to sustainable travel and has built a focus on sustainable development into all the consulting products and programs in practice. With the Business Trust, WHL Africa is implementing a project in the Mpumalanga, Southern Limpopo & KwaZulu-Natal provinces. The goal is to provide tools to MSME product owners to be able to participate in the global online marketplace through a variety of activities and tools unique to WHL and WHLC. To meet the overall goals WHL Africa with WHLC has devised a set of tools and activities that will be rolled out in each of the destinations. The WHLC tools to be employed are Market Readiness Assessments, Content Collection Exercises and Market Access Training Seminars. In addition, WHL Africa will be constructing e-commerce websites. Finally, jointly the two entities will be developing a tool called the Tourism Development Bank which will allow for this program of activities to be replicated in other destinations. Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES The overall objective is to improve market access for MSME accommodation and activity providers through a cluster marketing strategy. The WHL will help them to more effectively market to the growing independent traveler (FIT) market. The proprietary tool to assess the SMEs, Sustainable Market Readiness Assessment (SMRA), has the objective to identify accommodation products ready to participate in marketing directly to a global audience via e-commerce channels, as well as those nearly ready or not ready at all. For those that are nearly ready or market ready, they will engage in the next step of the program: the Content Collection Exercise. It is one thing to have a nice guesthouse or local homestay but it is entirely another thing to have the professional and high quality digital content (photos and story) needed to sell the product. One of the biggest needs for SMEs throughout the developing world is this content, without which it will be impossible to reach a global audience. It is the minimum entry requirement for building market access. The content needs to be high quality, in the correct format (e.g. digital images in both high and low resolution formats), and also placed in the hands of the accommodation owners so that they can use the material to leverage the multitude of distribution channels available to them. The WHL Consulting Content Collection Exercise (CCE) is designed specifically to address this need. The CCE consists of two parts (two separate consultants): A Travel Copywriter and A Professional Photographer. This RFP is for the Travel Copywriter position. For each tourism product a travel writer is needed who has experience in writing copy for MSME tourism products. WHL has a particular interest in sustainable tourism and has developed a new measure called Caring for the Destination. One of the key components in this assignment will be for the travel writer to extract valuable stories to be relevant to this branding opportunity for the MSME. The CCE Travel Writing portion is essentially an interview and site visit that is conducted at the MSMEs premises with the MSME owner or manager. Each CCE can take approximately 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, thereafter the content needs to be written as per the scope of work below. The Consultant will need to manage the travel and interview schedule, calling ahead to confirm appointment time so that at least 3 (average of 4.5) interviews can be conducted per day. There will be 2-4 CCE Travel Writing consultants hired under this project, to cover different territories. Each CCE Consultant will be assigned to interview between 100-200 MSMEs in total and it is expected this target can be reached in 3-4 months time, with the expectation that 50 MSMEs are interviewed, written up, re-written and text loaded to the CMS per month. In addition, the destination blog and articles need to be completed during that time period. Every two weeks the Consultant will need to report to the project coordinating office with status updates and to coordinate the next two weeks of the travel and interview schedules. If the Consultant is able to interview more than their agreed targets and if there are more MSMEs to interview once the agreed target is reached, the consultant and the project coordinating office may agree upon a rate and time frame for the Consultant to conduct the additional SMRAs. The consultant will be required to undergo 2 days of training at the start of the assignment. SCOPE OF WORK Working closely with the appointed WHLC task team leader, tasks the consultant will undertake, will include: Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. • Write two versions of quality English language copy for each product. WHL will provide the Consultant with a questionnaire form which will include: o General Introduction Text (100-300 words) - A catchy introduction of each establishment of approx 8 lines, to encourage the person reading it to look for more information on the establishment. o Room Descriptions (General and Individual) (75-200 words each) o Facilities & Amenities Descriptions (75-250 words) o Location Description (75-150 words each) o Host Details (75-200 words) - The host information page is an opportunity to differentiate the establishment - Who they are, why they are running the establishment, what their passions are, etc. o Caring for the Destination Description, if applicable (75-200 words) - One of the main focus’s of WHL is to promote sustainable tourism. Therefore we like to promote establishments that are making CfD efforts. This could be related to their community projects, effective energy conservation policies or practicing carbon-neutral activities, for example. WHL has an interview prompting questionnaire to help the travel writer see if there is a story here as often the establishments are not aware of their CfD practices. • Create a blog outlining your visits to the various establishments. A blog template and instructions for use will be provided by WHL. • Write two (2) destination articles for the destination – one focused on an aspect of the destination, one on sustainable tourism related aspect of the destination; each approximately 400-750 words and each in English. The consultant will then be responsible for: • Loading all the accommodation and destination content into a WHL software application. The Consultant will need to provide all there own equipment (a laptop, ideally, for in the field data entry). When the consultant is uploading the accommodation content to the WHL software application, he/he will be required to have internet access. The work done by the consultant will be performed at the consultant’s home base and in the field in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga & Southern Limpopo provinces. The assigned territory will depend on number of consultants hired under this portion, consultant/s home base and based on negotiation. The anticipated travel schedule is as follows: Task Number of Days Approximate Dates Location Training 1-2 days 15 January 2010 Hazyview, Mpumalanga SME Site Visits, Writing 3-4 Months Start February / In the field, Home and Data Entry March 2010 – Base Completed by mid 2010 Page 5 of 6
  6. 6. QUALIFICATIONS Successful Applicants should: • Have 2-3 years of international travel and work experience. • Have solid writing and editing skills for marketing purposes. (Preferably experience writing up accommodation marketing content). • Be able to evidence a strong knowledge of and understanding of the South African region. • Be committed to a sustainable tourism industry and sustainable development. • Able to work flexible hours and manage their own time efficiently. • Regular access to email and Skype for correspondence, coordination and virtual training with WHLC prior to and during implementation. REMUNERATION The contract will be a monthly contract at ZAR 10,000 per month with the expectation that 50 interviews and write-ups are satisfactorily completed per month and that all other deliverables are submitted by the end of the contracted period. The contract is for three to four months depending on the allocations of interviews. The coordinating office will review the completed write-ups at end of each month to determine if quality standards were met. If more than the agreed interviews were completed in a given month, the carry-over will count towards the second months numbers. If less than the agreed interviews were completed in a given month, the Consultant will need to explain the reason for not hitting target and/or present his/her plan for catching up. If the consultant is able to do more than the agreed MSME interviews and the coordinating office has more interviews to assign, the two parties may agree to additional pay and time to complete more interviews. All travel and communication costs incurred in the course of conducting the Travel Write up’s will be at the cost of the project either as a reimbursable expense or paid directly by the project. All reimbursable expenses will be paid out at cost with corresponding documentary evidence. All travel will need to be arranged and approved in advance with the project coordinating office. REPORTING The consultant will report to Anita Raw, Project Manager. Page 6 of 6