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I Zigg Press Kit


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Overview of iZigg\'s products and opportunity.

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I Zigg Press Kit

  1. 1. We are in the Midst of a Mobile revolution. Communication and branding are changing before our eyes. businesses and individuals alike are quickly realizing the power of realtime communication on the go. it’s no secret today that we use our mobile phones for just about everything. People carry their mobile phones with them everywhere. Whether you’re a iZigg 90210 business professional or business owner, if you’re not communicating via mobile, you are not communicating the “dot com” effectively with today’s consumers. of Mobile Media iZigg is building the largest world-wide mobile media community where businesses and people can now stay connected through the world’s most recognizable Mobile Media shortcode - 90210. With iZigg, connecting and interacting with individuals on the go has never been so simple, powerful, or fun!
  2. 2. so how does it all work? iZigg 90210 makes it reallY easy. there are three simple steps to putting iZigg 90210 to work for you: simply choose your personal name, business name, or step one personalize desired keyword at 90210. share it with the world. tell everyone. Put it in your store. step two promote display it on your website. it’s game time. Create your message or special offer, select step three play your group, and hit send. or better yet, if you’re busy and on the go, grab your cell phone - type your message like you’re sending to a friend, but send to your entire group. Whether this group is 100 or 100,000. With iZigg 90210, it’s just that easy. We put You in control of the Mobile revolution.
  3. 3. what you want, when you want iZigg is creating the largest global community through our world-famous 90210 Mobile Media Platform by providing individuals the information they want, when they want it. iZigg is proud to offer our exclusive Channel service free* to the consumer. With our Channel service, you will receive realtime updates on today’s hottest topics. simply select your preferred iChannel - text the keyword to 90210 - and instantly be “in the know” of the most relevant info delivered directly to your mobile device. amaze your family and friends with how in tune you are to realtime events. *Standard Text Messaging Rates Apply diet diet tip text messages give you the advice you need to make it through your diet, one day at a time. celeb daily Celebrity Gossip text updates keep you up-to-date with the scandalous activities of all your favorite celebs. You’ll receive up to three juicy celebrity gossip headlines per day, ensuring you’ll always be the source for the latest water-cooler talk.
  4. 4. what you want, when you want green Green living text message alerts remind you of the little things you can do on a daily basis to help save the planet. Keep in front of environmental research with these regular reminders. finance financial news alert text updates bring you the latest market and financial news headlines, up to three times a day. You won’t miss anything major happening, even if you’re on the go. iChannel will play an intricate role in iZigg 90210’s development in building the largest Mobile ad network in the world. the power of this free subscription service is in the people it connects. the iZigg agent platform provides the ability to virally create a global community all connecting through 90201. that is the power behind the iZigg strategy. don’t forget to text ‘iZigg’ to 90210 for real time alerts on what’s happening todaY with iZigg!
  5. 5. we’ve been asked by many... We’ve been asked by many how it’s and operated global companies that have spirit, as we deliver the most relevant, possible to become one of the most paid out in excess of 700 million dollars applicable, and innovative mobile media visited brands on the internet in the in commissions to its agents. We have services in the global marketplace. united states in a matter of days. taken companies public, implemented our goal is to always maintain a fun, growth, and emerging market strategies exciting environment for our agents, and for fortune 100 and fortune 500 firms. provide them the opportunity to become the answer educated, empowered, and entertained We attained our almost instant popularity through our unique culture. our agents through our relentless drive and passion and customers are our top priority as to deliver the most innovative mobile we clearly understand that you and your media services while empowering our invaluable relationships are our business. team of agents to achieve extraordinary success delivering these services to our We are excited about clients. the mobile media our fundamental core belief as a phenomenon and are iZigg is passionate about creating the company is that all people, regardless of determined to stay on largest global community and brand race, creed, nationality, or educational the cutting-edge of this name in mobile media. our core background, should have the equal revolution in order to leadership team has unique expertise opportunity to succeed in our capitalistic help you, our agents... marketplace. We are committed to do crush it! in taking companies from small to big and creating exponential growth. our whatever it takes to foster this belief management team collectively has owned in people and their entrepreneurial
  6. 6. why mobile? why now? We are a nation, a world, of texters with no end in sight. Mobile is the future. the future is now. through the use of mobile marketing, a business now has the opportunity to mobile marketing combines the wide reach of television and the precision of direct marketing, with the tracking power of connect with its prospective and existing the internet. Source: cellular-news customer base through the one device that is connected to over 95% of us consumers...their mobile phone. over 4.1 billion mobile phones are in use around the world. that’s double the amount of people that use the iZigg provides the consumer interaction internet and more than any other electronic device in history including and control. iZigg provides professionals email. Source: and business owers with the platform to brand and connect, like never before in history, on our world-famous 90210 Mobile 97% of all SMS messages are opened: Media Platform. 83% are opened within one hour. Compare this with email of which today is 90% sPaM and unread by the recipient. Source: New York Times the iZigg 90210 Mobile Media Platform can be effectively utilized by individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.
  7. 7. communication on the go... 52,083 texts sent per second. text messages have grown to exceed 1.56 trillion annually in the united states alone. that’s more than double last year. Source: CTIA 80% of americans across all age groups feel they will get a quicker response from a text message than from email, phone call, or voice message. Source: CellSigns mobile media is increasing at a staggering rate and projected to reach a staggering $24 billion by 2013. Source: Mobile Marketer 42% of 18 to 34 year olds and 33% of 35 to 44 year olds with cell phones were interested in receiving alerts on their cell phones from places they frequent. Source: Harris Interactive
  8. 8. toyotaB96: the power of branding YOU Toyota B96 did an event in Chicago with Ludacris, T-Pain, Jason Derulo, and other artists. There were about 10,000 fans and ToyotaB96 was able to get 1,200 to opt in with only a “win a free t- shirt by texting toyotab96 to 90210” side banner. They didn’t have any face-time on the jumbotron above the stage, none of the artists said text to win, the announcer didn’t mention it, their wasn’t 1 single piece of print material anywhere to be seen, the only thing they had was a banner ad on the sides of the arena, and 1,200 people opted-in.
  9. 9. soulkast: the power of branding YOU “We have never experienced the ability to dave Crater, one of the band members, to remind them of the upcoming show. instantly brand and communicate as we says, “We love iZigg and their mobile the fans love it because they get the have experienced with iZigg 90210. media platform because it is so easy information they want right to their cell to manage, understand, and instantly phones. We love it because we can reach In our first couple weeks we have already implement. even more beneficial is our our fans with a click of a button. the had hundreds of our fans opt in to our ability to create different groups in our venue locations love it because we have ‘Soulkast’ 90210 channel. back office and build lists specific to gigs, more people showing up to our shows. cities, or events and directly target and With iZigg 90210, everyone truly wins! By simply creating banners that we communicate with the right individuals hang on stage during performance, for that particular venue. iZigg 90210 wearing t-shirts that read “Text ‘Soulkast’ makes it so simple to connect and To 90210”, our fans have immediately communicate with our fan base. the responded and truly enjoy the interaction scheduling service even allows us to on 90210.” automatically send messages to our fans
  10. 10. mahlchers: the power of branding YOU Mahlchers implemented text ‘Mahlchers’ today’s youth, i know that being able to “At one of our events we received 42% of to 90210 at 3 different events: communicate with my fans, customers, our audience opt in to win Skate Decks, and students is everything in growing Headphones, Tee-Shirts, and other Prizes. 1. skate event my brand, so i am choosing to do it with That is HUGE! The most interesting thing 2. surf Competition the most effective tool, the 90210 mobile about our experience is that people from 3. Marine Corp. Marathon media platform.” all ages were having fun texting in for a chance to win. It was easy, fun, and eric sorensn, Mahlchers Ceo & founder, eric and his brand Mahlchers received simple for everyone! I absolutely love this says, “being in the action sports industry hundreds of opt ins at each of the events. platform and know it’s a huge step toward and being a coach and leader of massive growth for my company.”
  11. 11. pickle’s: the power of branding YOU With zero technology background, Sam - sam placed these small signs all around sam is most excited about 90210’s the owner of Pickles Deli, within one day his deli and asked his patrons to join his scheduling feature which allows sam to became a Mobile Media Expert with iZigg ‘Mobile viP Club’ to receive sandwich alert customers right before lunch the 90210. Sam simply secured his business deals and daily specials. sam has soup & sandwich deal of the day. our name ‘Pickles’ at 90210. He then went already received hundreds of opt-ins customers love the convenience, value, to a local print shop and traded food and has initiated a convenient system of and interaction. for simple signage to hang in his deli. delivering coupons for sandwiches, 1/2 The signs read: Text Pickles to 90210 & off lunches, free bags of Chips, etc. receive FREEBIES instantly! Why go to without the standard costs of printing lunch anywhere else? and distributing coupons.
  12. 12. grubby’s: the power of branding YOU “iZigg 90210 made initiating a mobile marketing campaign simple and fast. We secured our business name ‘Grubbys’ at 90210 then immediately posted on our Facebook Page for our customers to opt- in to get special offers. We received an impressive 68 opt-in’s our very first day!” Justin Jachura, Senior Grubby’s Manager
  13. 13. why iZigg? 5 We are the Game Changer 4 We Make Mobile easy 3 We harness the Power of People 2 We are the World famous 90210 1 We are Where the Eyes Are who is doing mobile? realtors stores entertainers radio doctors night Clubs Churches Magazines iZigg lawyers Casinos Promoters stores restaurants spas ad agencies night Clubs m o ia schools Golf Courses tv Casinos b il d e me are you where the eyes are?
  14. 14. iZigg plans mCard iConnect $14.95 Monthly $99.95 Monthly 1 Keyword (ex. text “Your name” to 90210)* 2 Keywords* 1 account login 2,000 Messages per Month unlimited auto-responder unlimited auto-responder Custom text response (160 Characters) unlimited subscribers Customized Mobile landing Page Mobile Couponing Calendar/scheduler detailed reporting iConnectPro iConnectunlimited $249.95 Monthly $1,500 Monthly 5 Keywords* 5 Keywords* 5,000 Messages per Month unlimited Monthly Messages unlimited auto-responder unlimited auto-responder unlimited subscribers unlimited subscribers Mobile Couponing Mobile Couponing Calendar/scheduler Calendar/scheduler detailed reporting detailed reporting
  15. 15. retail application date:________ Mobile Phone: _______________________ Client name: __________________________ email: _______________________________ Client address: ________________________ Web site url: ________________________ _____________________________________ digital Consultant: _____________________ _____________________________________ Contract start date: ____________________ Keyword: 1st Choice ____________________ business Phone: _______________________ 2nd Choice____________________ SELECT PLAN: $14.95 mCard $99.95 Connect $249.95 ConnectPro $1,500 iConnect unlimited Method of PaYMent name on Card: ____________________________________________________ PaYMent aMount security Code: amex (4 digits on front of card above card number) _________ sub total $_____________ MC/visa (3 digits on back of card in signature line) _________ disCount (if applicable) $___________ billing address (if different from Merchant address) _____________________ total $ _____________ _________________________________________________________________ aMount Paid $ _____________ Check: #__________ notes:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ bY siGninG this aGreeMent, CustoMer aGree to be round bY the terMs and Conditions found Within Client aCCount found at WWW.iZiGG.CoM CustoMer Will be eMailed a loGin PassWord/usernaMe. CustoMer: iZigg: by: _________________________________ date:_______________ by: _________________________________ date:_______________ name: __________________________________________________ name: __________________________________________________ title: _______________________________ title: _______________________________
  16. 16. agency owner packages • Mobile software system • Custom text response (160 Characters) Charter • 1 annual mCard subscription • Customized Mobile landing Page Membership ($179.40 retail value) • Must purchase Charter Membership in $99.95 • 1 Keyword (ex. text “Your name” to order to purchase Annually 90210) • agency Promo Pak or Charter Platinum • unlimited auto-responder • Qualification as an agency owner agency • 5 one-Year mCard subscriptions ($897 retail value) Promo Pak • 1 one-Year Connect demo account $349 • 2 Keywords one-time fee • 500 Messages/Month Charter • 10 one-Year mCard subscriptions • 5 Keywords Platinum ($1,794 retail value) • unlimited auto-responder Partnerships • unlimited Msg for 12 Months • unlimited subscribers $2,495 ($18,000 retail value) • Mobile Couponing annually • exclusive Platinum Member events • Calendar/scheduler (Limited-Time Offer) • exclusive Platinum Member Promotions • detailed reporting
  17. 17. agent application MeMber inforMation first name: __________________________ last name: ___________________________ ssn# ________________________ Mobile Phone #: ________________________ email: ______________________________ billing street address:_____________________________________________________________ City: ______________________ state: ____________ Zip Code: _________________________ Personal inforMation Keyword 1st Choice : ___________________ Keyword 2nd Choice: ___________________ 3rd Choice : ___________________ Personal site name : ________________________ 2nd Choice : ___________________ 3rd Choice :___________________ username:__________________________________ Password: __________________________________ Member birthday (MM/dd/YY): _____/______/______ sponsored by: __________________________________ MeMbershiP $ 99.95 Annually: Charter Membership- includes Mobile software system (Mss) + mCard subscription for 1 year (Must purchase Charter Membership in order to purchase Mobile Media agency Promo Pak) $349 One Time Fee: Mobile Media Agency Promo Pak - immediately qualifies you as an agency owner $2495 Annually Charter Platinum Partnership (Limited Time Only): 10 one-Year mCard subscriptions + unlimited Msg for 12 Months + exclusive Platinum Member events + exclusive Platinum Member Promotions + Much More!!! Method of PaYMent Credit Card #: _____________________________________________________ exp. date: ____________ name on Card: ____________________________________________________ security Code: amex (4 digits on front of card above card number) _________ MC/visa (3 digits on back of card in signature line) _________ signature: ________________________________________________________ date: _______________ ContaCt us: email: online:
  18. 18. connect with iZigg 90210 text “iZigg” to: 90210 iZigg storyline 507-726-4043