The Great Planet Earth Debate


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The Great Planet Earth Debate is music + science + video = education. A Mission to Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Education...
and Entertainment.

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The Great Planet Earth Debate

  1. 1. “There is no ENERGY crisis. There is only a crisis of ignorance.” R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER
  2. 2. THE Announces Nation Wide Concerts for Education GREAT PLANET EARTH DEBATE Puerto Rico, March 22, 2010. THE GREAT PLANET EARTH DEBATE, a non-profit organization, has launched their project concerts throughout the US. It consists of a 45 minute science multimedia rock show in surround sound where multiple screens serve as a backdrop while displaying visuals with information and bullet points that flow in sync with live music. The elements come together telling the story of the relationship between humans and the planet they inhabit and how our modern behaviors are starting to alter the balances that allow for the conditions of our comfortable existence. With illustrated evidence of the changes that have slowly been taking place in the last decades and pertinent scientific information the show manages to point towards a new hope, revealed through the possibilities that our modern understanding and our new technologies offer and show ways to improve humanity's condition on earth. Ignacio Pena, founder of THE GREAT PLANET EARTH DEBATE hopes to deliver education throughout the US bringing this show to schools and universities. For more information on how you can support or partner please see contact information above. Headquartered in Puerto Rico, THE GREAT PLANET EARTH DEBATE specializes in multimedia concerts for education. See the Trailer on Youtube and Facebook
  3. 3. IGNACIO PEÑA Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ignacio Peña got his B.A. in Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music. In 2001 Peña released his debut album, "El Mundo Al Revés" which earned him rave reviews from the critics: "Singer/songwriter Ignacio Peña's first outing, on Universal, is a lovely collection of pop tracks that evoke everything from Eric Clapton to Oasis. Thanks to thoughtful, well-written lyrics that never fall into triteness, this manages to be an album without a single throwaway track." Billboard Magazine After touring throughout Latin America and the U.S., sharing the stage with the likes of Roger Waters, Eric Clapton, and Oasis, Peña reinvented himself by presenting his second album, “Anormal”, with an audiovisual show entitled “Phono/Grafico” the likes of which had never been seen in the Latin market. This opened up his possibilities as an artist and communicator immediately putting him in a class all of his own as a multimedia creator and musician at the forefront who also presented his music with visual ideas which he put together himself while composing the music.
  4. 4. In 2005, Peña relocated with his band to Austin,Texas. It was there where he was invited to perform at a secondary school event about climate change. This opportunity opened up his eyes to the idea of merging his musical and visual artistic abilities to create educational experiences that would serve as a tool to better get the message across to a younger audience. “THE GREAT PLANET EARTH DEBATE” is his work of the last 3 years. The music, the editing, the story, the message, the information and the research all has been personally put together by him creating an educational experience unlike any has ever been seen.
  5. 5. It is our mission to bridge the gap between TRADITIONAL EDUCATION...
  7. 7. To create educational experiences that catch the imagination of our youth and interest them in the sciences, the natural laws that govern the world around us, and the power of human ingenuity and invention.
  8. 8. THE COMPLETE EXPERIENCE A 45-minute multimedia science rock show presented in Surround Sound where multiple giant screens serve as a backdrop while displaying visuals and information that flow in sync with the live music. These elements come together to tell the story of the relationship between humans and the planet they inhabit and how our modern behaviors are beginning to alter the delicate balance that allows for our comfortable existence...
  9. 9. THE WEBSITE Attendees will be directed to the official website where a “living bibliography” with videos, links and images will serve as reference... a tool to share ideas and opinions about the vision and information they were presented throughout the “Debate” experience. The website will be designed as a portal where news and related information will be featured as it happens.
  10. 10. check out the trailer: See the video for “MIENTRAS ESPERO EL FIN DEL MUNDO(2010)” The Debate @ SeriouslyCreative (Puerto Rico) SeriouslyCreative Blog (Puerto Rico) For more info contact: Patricia M. Passaretti Publicist (408) 221-2233 Cell