Narcotic analgesics drug


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Narcotic analgesics drug

  1. 1. Narcotic analgesics drug muzammil khalidDow institute of medical technologist Dow university of health sciences
  2. 2. Narcotics Narcotic agents are potent analgesics which are effective for the relief of severe pain Analgesics are selective central nervous system depressants used to relieve pain Analgesic term indicate without pain. administration produces tolerance, psychic, and physical dependence called addiction.
  3. 3. Narcotic (contd,) Narcotic agents may be classified into four categories 1) Morphine and codeine - natural alkaloids of opium. 2) Synthetic derivatives of morphine such as heroin. 3) Synthetic agents which resemble the morphine structure. 4) Narcotic antagonists which are used as antidotes for overdoses of narcotic analgesics
  4. 4. Receptors location There are various types of receptors for opiates upon stimulation produces specific functions Muu Kappa Sigma Delta Epsilon
  5. 5. Receptors contd, When mu receptor stimulate it produces CRESP Kappa stimulation produces SMS Where as stimulation of sigma induces DH Delta are for specific binding of enkaphalin analgesia antidepressant effects physical dependence
  6. 6. Narcotics analgesic Morphine sulphate Meperidine Hydromorphone Fantanyl Alfentanil sufentanil
  7. 7. Other narcotics Codeine Oxycodone Meperidine Pentazocine Dezocine Methadone Nalbuphine
  8. 8. Indication of narcotics Pain control Sedation in surgery Analgesia Hypnotic in case of high doses
  9. 9. Morphine effects Analgesia Suppression of cough Inhibit release of norepinephrine, acetylcholine, and substance p Supraspinal analgesia Open potassium channel Preanesthetic agent
  10. 10. Morphine effects contd, Reduces arterial resistances Reduces ventricular workload Myocardial pain analgesia Relieve pulmonary congestion, edema
  11. 11. Morphine side effects• Addiction Respiratory depression Constipation Physical dependence Release histamine Bronchoconstriction Increases muscles tone Releases vasopressin Dark resistant meiosis
  12. 12. Morphine side effect contd, Nausea vomiting Increased craving Physical dependences Inhibits gonadotropin Abrupt discontinuation may lead to withdrawal symptoms High doses can produces death due severe respiratory depression
  13. 13. Morphine side effect contd, CNS depression Hypotension shock
  14. 14. Non narcotics analgesic Pain medications, also known as analgesics, Are a type of drugs used to relieve pain. With no loss of consciousness to achieve their pain-killing effect
  15. 15. Non narcotic contd, Non-narcotic analgesics are milder forms of the painkillers that include Acetaminophen Aspirin Ketorolac Phenaopyridine
  16. 16. Non narcotic contd, Most of non narcotics drugs produces analgesic, antipyretic and somewhat at higher doses has anti-inflammatory effect Side effect are gastric ulcer, perforation and GI bleeding
  17. 17. Non narcotic anti-inflammatory These drugs have analgesic and very importantly inflammatory effects E.g. are Indomethacin Phenylbutazone Ibuprofen Naproxen Sulindic Piroxicam
  18. 18. Side effects Bone marrow suppression Aplastic anemia Edema Ulcerogenic