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BusinessObjects 4.1 Architechure


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BusinessObjects 4.1 Architechure

  1. 1. Web Intelligence Servers Reporting Databases Web Clients BI Launch Pad Explorer BI Workspace Modules Analysis, edition for OLAP Web Intelligence WebClient Applications Management BI Analytics System Databases CMS system database Auditing Data Store Semantic Layer System Databases Databases Monitoring database T Secondary access via... Database Access Lifecycle Management database Business Views SAP Business Explorer queries OLAP Desktop Clients Crystal Reports for Enterprise Dashboards Crystal Reports Viewer 2011 Query as a Web Service Widgets Mobile Experience Explorer Mobile Management Servers Event Server Explorer Master Server Server Intelligence Agent Web Application Container Server (WACS) Web Application Server (Java) Explorer Servers Exploration Indexing Search Crystal Reports Servers 2011 Processing Processing 2011 Report Application Connection Servers Connection 32 Connection Processing Dashboards Servers Adaptive Processing Adaptive Servers Adaptive Job Server Legend Direct access to reporting databases Via Universe to reporting databases D VXB Plugins Analysis, edition for MS Office (Excel...) Live Office (MS Office add-in) Semantic layer and System Administration Tools Multitenancy Management Data Federation Administration Report Conversion Repository Diagnostics Translation Management Upgrade Management WDeploy Desktop Tools SAP BusinessObjects BI platform infrastructure SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1 Architecture Information Design Tool (UNX) Business View Manager Universe Design Tool (UNV) CCM - Central Configuration Manager Web Intelligence HTTP WEB CLIENT WEBCLIENT SOAP HTTP SOAP Central Management Server Storage servers Input File Repository Crystal Reports Cache Output File Repository Dashboards Cache File Storage Web Clients CMC - Central Management Console Mobile Application Server Universes BICS SAP ERP E Flat Files Hadoop HSAP HANA V UNV UNX X DVXB ...Primary direct access bus Crystal Reports 2011 H E R C D H R X B B CubeSystem Primary/Via... Secondary HANA SAP ERP RELATIONALOLAP/SAP BW UNV Universe 17 possible connection types June 13, 2013 UNX BICS Semantic Layer O B B H E RH R V X B OO B B H E RH R X B OO B B H E R C D H X B O B H R C DV O H E R B E E H E RH R CT V O X B B OO B B H E E 7 H E RH R V X B OO B B E 10 V O 10 10 10 8 3 1 1 unavailable data connections Legend C O B B H E 4 H E R C D H X B O B 7 B H E 2 1 Via OLAP or BW Cubes - semantic layerC Direct access to system databases Via 3-tier architecture (using HTTP) Via web services (Using SOAP) T Web applications SAP BusinesObjects BI platform infrastructure 4.1 Full Client Full Client Administration Tool Semantic Layer Design Tool Web Client Web Client Administration Tool Mobile Client Database bus Database connections supported by SAP product H E R C D H X B O B 7 H E RR C V O X OO 10 V B O H D H Semantic Layer DB General RELATIONAL R V Direct D H E R H R C DV O H E R B 8 H E R C D H R X B B O B B E10 H E RH R X B OO B B E10 V H R C DV O H E R B 16 17 X B H HE R O B E O B H E RH R V X B OO B B E10 H E RH R C DV O H E R X B B OO B B H E T T 1 T Web Services (+SOAP) i Web Applications i i i i Web - Applications Web Server Web - Static Processing Servers B V X C Cubes SAP Business Warehouse i Processingi