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Planning Grant Proposal


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Planning Grant Proposal

  1. 1. Planning Grant Proposal Deena Larsen HyperText Collection
  2. 2. Initial Inventory
  3. 3. Identify user community and needs
  4. 4. Determine best tools for use through pilots and testing • Test look and feel through migration • Test look and feel through emulation
  5. 5. Determine best tools for searching through pilots and testing • Find out what users need/want to be searchable
  6. 6. Create document listing what is needed for best tools
  7. 7. Best model for preservation of content • Original/analog storage/content • Digital storage/content
  8. 8. Metadata connects two and connects to descriptive metadata
  9. 9. Integrate new knowledge for a preservation and access database
  10. 10. Final deliverables of project: • Functional searchable database using web interface • Policies, procedures, and next steps document for implementation of perservation plan based on technical knowledge and user testing