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Golden Chain Of Friendship


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Golden Chain Of Friendship.
Poem by: Helen Steiner Rice.
This pps is dedicated to my dear friend, Monica T.

Golden Chain Of Friendship

  1. 1. Poem by: Helen Steiner Rice
  2. 2. Friendship is like a golden chain
  3. 3. the links are friends so dear
  4. 4. And like a rare and precious jewe
  5. 5. t's treasured more each year
  6. 6. It's clasped together firmly
  7. 7. With a love thats deep and tru
  8. 8. And it's rich with happy memories
  9. 9. And fond recollections, too
  10. 10. Time can't destroy its beauty
  11. 11. For as long as Memory lives
  12. 12. years can't erase the pleasure
  13. 13. hat the joy of friendship gives
  14. 14. or friendship is a priceless gif
  15. 15. That can't be bought or sol
  16. 16. ut to have an understanding frien
  17. 17. Is worth far more than Gold
  18. 18. And the golden chain of friendshi
  19. 19. Is a strong and blessed tie
  20. 20. inding kindred hearts togethe
  21. 21. As the years go passing by. This pps is dedicated to my true friend, Monica T