The CEO & CMO’s Guide to Social Media ROI   How Listening and Engagement Leads to a Better Social Media ROI LEVERAGING SOC...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM                       ...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine Marketing        A Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM!    Your%inter...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM  an infinite amount of ...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMand phrases, which have...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMthe customers you hope ...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMMutualMind Combines Qua...
Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMJoin the conversation y...
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Leveraging Social Media for SEO / SEM


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White Paper: Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine Marketing

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Leveraging Social Media for SEO / SEM

  1. 1. The CEO & CMO’s Guide to Social Media ROI How Listening and Engagement Leads to a Better Social Media ROI LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SEARCH ENGINE IBU T ION TR DIS MARKETING T TER CHA SOCIALPR A Guide to Integrating Social OFIL ES Media With SEO/SEM© 2011 MutualMind .......
  2. 2. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM brand site, improve your search engineAbstract marketing, boost conversion rates, andI n the good old days, interactive marketing create a cohesive brand experience was about using online ads to drive traffic to across all channels. your website. Yesterday’s banner and pop-up 1ads evolved into today’s search placementstrategies and now includes both search engine A Brief History ofmarketing (SEM) and search engine Online Marketingoptimization (SEO). Interactive marketing hasbeen complicated by the addition and First came the website. It’s a necessity.exponential growth of social media, including After all, how else can your customers findblogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, your company online?and more. Next came the means by which to driveTo create a strong online brand image, you traffic to the website: first with un-need a comprehensive mix of all the right targeted banner and pop-up ads, andelements, including a robust later, with more effective, keyword-basedbrand website, aggressive ads designed to reach targeted userssearch engine marketing, and on search engines like Google,social media pages with Yahoo!, and MSN. These searchengaged audiences. placements evolved into searchMore importantly, engine marketing (SEM), pay-per-you need an click ads that appear inintegrated strategy search engine resultsthat addresses all pages (SERPs), andthese areas. search engine optimizationSure, you’ve been (SEO): thespending on search process of craftingand you’ve embraced social your webpages tomedia, but are all the elements of yourinteractive marketing coming improve visibility and page-ranktogether to work effectively for you? within the organicFor most marketers, these elements have SERPs. Interactive marketingbeen compartmentalized into designated silos has become more complicated with thewith separate messages, promotions, and even exponential growth of social media, anddifferent “languages”. In this paper, you’ll see presents new challenges to maintainingwhy interactive integration is imperative and brand status and consumer to leverage social for best business results In general, though, you feel good about– results that can increase the traffic to your your interactive marketing.© 2011 MutualMind 2
  3. 3. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine Marketing A Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM! Your%interactive%marketing%efforts%should%be%fully%integrated%to%maximize%your%ROI.%% ! 2 Your web designers manage the brand website. Your SEM firm or team manages your Why integrate PPC campaigns and facilitates both off-site and SEO, SEM & Social? on-site SEO, creating new content, posting You’ve embraced social media as a product news in your company’s and other marketing tool, but have you made the relevant blogs, and including back-links to your connections between those media product website. Lastly, you have a social and your search engine marketing? media manager who maintains your With the help of today’s social media Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, all of monitoring software, you can leverage which have a substantial number of friends, your social media efforts to improve your followers and connections, respectively. These search engine marketing, increase the profiles are consistently updated with new traffic to your brand’s website, generate product information, industry news, promotional higher conversion rates, and create a offers and opportunities for your customers to cohesive brand experience across all ask questions and offer input on your products these channels. and services. Consider a few of Google’s Top 10 You have a comprehensive mix of all the Ranking Factors and how the proliferation elements necessary to create a strong online of social media can influence a search brand image, but there’s still a problem. All of engine’s organic search results: these elements have been compartmentalized into their designated • High Quality Links - Blogs, Facebook silos. While the independent metrics seem posts, Tweets and YouTube Shares are promising, you still aren’t sure how one element littered with links. These links are embedded with and/or surrounded by of the interactive marketing mix affects the topic-relevant keywords: depending on others.1 And therein lies the problem. the context, they can bestow significant You wouldn’t let your offline marketing credibility—think News-source blogs or campaign launch before you carefully Influential industry leaders’ profiles. coordinated the print ads, TV and radio spots, • Keyword in the Domain Name - A no- point of purchase materials and direct mail to brainer for anyone who has created an ensure they’re presenting a cohesive brand account on Facebook or Twitter: you experience. So why do the various elements can actually elect to have your social of your interactive marketing operate media domain contain the name of your business, your slogan or your unique independently? Why is the association of your selling proposition. “brand” and a common medium the only thing that ties them together? • Unique, Optimized Content - Content is key when it comes to SEM, and with © 2011 MutualMind 3
  4. 4. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEM an infinite amount of space and millions of Ranking Factors (SRF) conducted by content creators who maintain blogs and SEOmoz, it was found that Page Level regularly investigate developments in their Social Metrics weigh in at 7.22% of SRFs. field, social media far outpaces traditional More to the point, the experts surveyed in content providers in uncovering the latest and the SEOmoz study predicted that Social greatest on the web. Signals, both at the Page Level and the• On-Page Optimization – While social media Domain Level, will continue to increase marketers have no control over the domain in importance in the coming years. As hosting or meta tags on the back-end of their Google and Bing place higher levels of social profiles and pages, they can pack keywords into the content, photo captions, importance on the influence of these and links found within the site. growing media, it’s easy to see why integrating your search and socialSocial media can do much more than simply marketing initiatives will soon becomeaffecting the results of a search engine. imperative in order to maintain the statusAs one example, Facebook’s recent integration of your online brand.efforts have resulted in “social sharing” Search engine marketing campaignsbuttons across over 2.5 million websites. can be difficult to get started. SelectingThese buttons allow visitors to instantly share the keywords and keyword phrases forpurchases online content, promotions and which to optimize and purchase on a pay-videos with their Facebook friends. More per-click basis is easier said than done.importantly for marketers, this integration lets Marketers often have a handful ofvisitors place an inbound link from Facebook to keywords and keyword phrases that theyany article, content or purchase they “like”. This associate with their brand, products, andlets social media users actually contribute to services, but these terms may not beyour search engine optimization without ever very relevant to the brand in theleaving your website. Facebook has provided a consumers’ minds.way for your brand to receive free searchengine optimization from the very customers If the marketer’s set of keywords have ayou are trying to reach! low search volume, then it is likely that their customers find their site with entirelyDespite the often-rocky relationship between different search terms. Conversely, if thethe online powerhouses, Google, the world’s keywords have a very high search volume,largest search engine, could hardly ignore the as is common in very competitive verticals,force behind the Facebook phenomenon. This the number of search terms, the adrecognition is reflected in recent changes to the position, and/or the number ofsearch algorithms at Google as well as impressions delivered per search may beMicrosoft’s new search engine, Bing. Both limited by budget or the sheer volume ofsearch engines now take social media competition.signals into consideration when ranking siteson their SERPs. In a 2011 survey of Search Finding the most relevant mix of keywords© 2011 MutualMind 4
  5. 5. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMand phrases, which haveboth sufficient searchvolume and offer anefficient cost-per-click,can prove costly and timeconsuming. This is one areawhere social media, ifcorrectly monitored, canprove invaluable to the Having accurate, up-to-the-minute keyword analysis helps uncover related questions and topics your customers are interested in. Source: MutualMind.process. The organicconversations taking placeon Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs areteeming with the keywords and phrases yourcustomers and your competitors’ customersuse in their everyday communication when 3 Boost Your SEM With Social Media Monitoring social media mentions of your brand as well as your competitors’ is areferring to brands, products and services. strong starting point for search engine“Listening” to these conversations provides an marketing. While search volume sourcesarray of relevant keywords that will serve as like Google AdWords will show you thea great starting point for an SEM campaign. highest-volume and most-frequentAccording to, many companies keywords in your industry, those sameare looking to achieve a greater return on keywords and phrases are the mostinvestment in their paid advertising efforts, and competitive—and therefore the mostare embracing the integration strategy in order expensive—to purchase on a PPC maintain a cohesive brand experience They are also the most difficult to “rankacross all of their media channels. This trend for” by using SEO strategies. However,should start with the integration of social media monitoring social media mentions of yourand search marketing. By monitoring online products and brands (as well as those of“buzz” through social media monitoring your competitors) provides a wealth oftechnology, you’ll be able to tailor your search quantitative data to lay the groundwork formarketing to changes in the way your your SEM strategy. Your search enginecustomers discuss your brand online, including marketing takes on a new level ofsocial media mentions, keyword search volume, relevance when you can match your SEOand more. You’ll also be able to see customer and PPC campaigns to authenticresponse to new advertising, promotions, and language that’s already being used inproduct launches in real-time—and be able to reference to your products and productquickly avoid costly mistakes and category.inappropriate marketing strategies. Social media provides a wealth of new data that can be harvested directly from© 2011 MutualMind 5
  6. 6. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMthe customers you hope to reach and engines alter their SERPs to account forwhose loyalty you seek. Unlike traditional search social media, it’s clear that having amarketing references, social media provides strong social media presence can only help your brand’s ranking—and will beboth quantitative and qualitative data. While even more important in the future.consumers may frequently associate a • Measures Brand Experience Acrossparticular keyword or keyword phrase with your Multiple Channels. This lets you viewbrand, if the sentiment is negative, it would be the full scope of your marketing effortscounterproductive to optimize for that keyword. and understand how they’re being seenSentiment patterns found in social media by others—giving you the ability to make quick, precise adjustments to yourmonitoring can indicate alternative keywords or marketing strategy.phrases associated with more positive • Measures Market “Buzz” forconsumer sentiment. Specific Products & Services. Social media lets you discover exactly how4 Maximize the ROI your customers feel about your products —even opening up opportunities to of Search + Social provide great customer service orBy using social media effectively, you can uncover issues before they escalate.significantly boost the performance of your • Competitive Intelligence. A high- performance social media monitoringsearch engine marketing. Using the right kind of platform will also let you investigate thesocial media monitoring tools will help you keywords and phrases your competitorsstreamline and refine the integration of your are using—allowing you to use theirSearch and Social efforts and lead to a better market research for your own campaign. 5ROI for both.Social media monitoring has many benefits How MutualMindfor businesses of any size. These include: Can Help MutualMind Removes Noise To Find• Keyword and Keyword Phrase Insights. Social media can help identify relevant Actionable Information. keywords with less competition—saving MutualMind, an enterprise social media money with every click. management system, lets companies drill• Authenticity & Relevancy. Social media down on specific keywords as they monitoring will let you pick up on the language used in natural conversation online appear across social media channels. The —leading to meaningful campaigns and unique filtering system sorts through promotions your customers appreciate. thousands of brand mentions and quickly• Keyword Tracking… Before Spending On categorizes them by keyword, channel, PPC. Social media analytics let you test out and consumer sentiment—saving the time keywords and see what works before starting and effort of manually sorting and a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. analyzing each of your social media• Improves SERP Ranking, Even As Algorithms Change. As the major search channels.© 2011 MutualMind 6
  7. 7. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMMutualMind Combines Quantitative andQualitative Information into Useful Reports. Key TakeawaysMutualMind’s customizable reports show younot only the frequency with which your brand, • Integration of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media isproducts, keywords and services are imperative.mentioned, but also determines the sentimentin which they were referenced, on a per-channel • Monitoring Social Media is thebasis. These reports can help show you where first step to integrating yourto apply future efforts to improve your interactive marketing.interactive brand experience. • Your Social Media successMutualMind Detects Search Patterns. directly affects the success of your Search Engine Marketing.In a real-time monitoring study of the 2011Super Bowl ad spots, MutualMind software was • Social Media Monitoringable to immediately determine which ads software, such as MutualMind,garnered the most “buzz,” see how many provide quantitative andmentions each ad received, and ascertain qualitative data that can bewhether the sentiment behind the brand and used to improve your Searchcampaign mentions was positive, negative or Engine Marketing Strategy.neutral. When applied to a specific brand, this • Full integration of yourpowerful listening capability allows ad agencies marketing efforts will improveto make adjustments in ad length, tag lines or your search engine marketing,other edits that will generate more “buzz”— increase traffic to your brandleading to a significant improvement in response site and generate higherrate when the ad next airs. conversion rates while building a cohesive brandMutualMind Provides Key Business experience across allInsights for Marketing Teams. channels.The data collected through MutualMind’sproprietary software allows for customizedreports that can demonstrate how well youroffline marketing elements drive traffic to socialmedia and search engines. By monitoring thenumber of times a commercial is viewed onYouTube or shared across Facebook, Twitterand MySpace, you can see how your broadcastelements compel consumers to share anddiscuss your brand in social media.© 2011 MutualMind 7
  8. 8. Leveraging Social Media for Search Engine MarketingA Guide to Integrating Social Media with SEO/SEMJoin the conversation your customers are already having.MutualMind brings detailed, up-to-the-minute measurements and analysis to your entiresocial media campaign, giving you the clear, actionable insights your business needs toleap ahead. Built from the ground up to empower campaigns of all sizes, MutualMind’sproprietary software maps consumer sentiment across the Web, filters out the noise, anddelivers relevant metrics and information directly to you.MutualMind’s proprietary social intelligence engine integrates both listening andengagement insights with built-in, best-in-class tools for managing multiple social channels,one-click engagement and followup, team-based collaboration, and social customerrelationship management.To learn more about how your business can unlock the social web, visit 6/seo-social-media-blogging-business-catch, Vis- ited June 15, 2011.1., (2011), “Companies Integrating Market- 6. Chalton, Graham, (2011), “The Future of Social ing Efforts, Questioning Effectiveness,”, Search: the experts’ view,”, May 26, available at: June 15:, Vis- ited May 30, 2011. f-social-search-the-seo-experts-view-2 Visited2. Facebook Statistics, (2011),, available at: June 15, 2011. 7. Fishkin, Rand, (2011), “2011 Search Ranking May 25, 2011. Factors,”, available at:3. 0-ranking-factor-or-how-to-get-google-top-10-ranking/ ors#overview , Visited June 15, 2011.4. Stein, Gary, (2011), available at: 8. Resource Nation, (2010), “Search Engine Optimi- zation: Optimize Online – How to Build your Page 1/serp-position-goes-fold Rank,”, available at:5. Crispin Sheridan, (2011), “SEO + Social Media + Blog- ging: When Will Big Business Catch Up?”, 3/ Visited June 20, 2011. June 1, available at:© 2011 MutualMind 8