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Social Production Field Guide V1


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A guide to spotting and understanding Crowdsourcing, Co-Creation and Communities in the Wild.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Social Production Field Guide V1

  1. 1. !"!"The  Social  Produc>on  Field  Guide  V1.0  "A guide to spotting and understanding  "Crowdsourcing, Co-creation + !  "Communities in the wild!   Shaun  Abrahamson       @shaunabe  
  2. 2.  Social  Media  for  Communica>on  
  3. 3.  Social  Produc>on  for  Collabora>on  
  4. 4. Mark  Zuckerberg   I  think  the  last  5  years  have  been  about   connec>ng  all  these  people.     The  next  5  years  are  going  to  be  about   the  crazy  things  you  can  do  now  that  all   those  people  are  connected     about  2  months  ago                  Shaun  Abrahamson  and  thousands   of  others  like  this      From  Social  Media  to  Social  Production  
  5. 5. 2001! 2003! 2005! 2000! 2006! 1991! 2000! 2004! 1996! 2001! 1999!    A  Decade  of  “Crazy  Things  You  Can  Do”  
  6. 6. HINT: ! They are hiding in the open!    So  why  don’t  we  see  more  examples?  
  7. 7. Google Maps Traffic Layer for Sao Paulo! How did Google get this data?! What would an alternative  Is  this  Crowdsourcing?   cost?!
  8. 8. This is the biggest Who are hotel in these NYC?! people?!  Marketplace  or  Community?    $300  house  
  9. 9. Who Designed This?! What Do They Who Receive?! Decided To Sell This  The  answers  may  surprise  you   at LEGO?!
  10. 10.   !   Field Guide for! Social Production!
  11. 11.     OUTCOMES!
  12. 12. Value Created! ! R + D! Production! Operations! Marketing! Sales! !                   Income/Expenses!    How  does  Social  Production  impact  the  business  model?  
  13. 13. 101 million people on !    What  tasks  can  be  performed?  
  14. 14.     PEOPLE!
  15. 15.    Who  should  participate?  
  16. 16. Stuff! Money! Attention! Experience! Good!    What  do  people  expect  for  their  efforts?  
  17. 17.     ORGANIZATION!
  18. 18. Player! Coach! Fan at home! Fan in stadium!    What  are  the  roles  in  the  ecosystem?  
  19. 19. Horse! Horse designed ! by a committee!    How  are  decisions  being  made?  
  20. 20.    What  are  some  of  the  business  challenges?  
  21. 21.     TOOLS!
  22. 22.    How  is  scaffolding  used  to  support  key  ac>ons?  
  23. 23. My Klout! My Giving (Crowdtwist)! My Creative Impact(Jovoto)!    How  are  people  evaluated?  
  24. 24.    How  much  technology  versus  how  much  people?  
  25. 25. Social Production Field Guide Cheat Sheet  " "1 What is the impact on the business model?!" "2 What tasks should be performed?!" "3 Who should participate?!" "4 What do they expect for their efforts?!" "5 What are the roles in the ecosystem?!" "6 How are decisions made?!" "7 What are some of the business challenges?!" "8 How is scaffolding used to support key" "activities?!" "9 How are people evaluated?!" "10 How much is technology (vs. people)?!
  26. 26. !"!"The  Social  Produc>on  Field  Guide  V1.0  "A guide to understanding "!  "Crowdsourcing, Co-creation + !  "Communities in the wild!   Shaun  Abrahamson       @shaunabe