Pitching Your Non Investors


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Startups spend too little time pitching their most important stakeholders. From prospective customers to partners

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Pitching Your Non Investors

  1. 1. @shaunabeAlmost a decade of seed stage investing, including:ZocDoc, Trialpay, Refinery29, Retrofit,Crowdtwist, Sense Networks, Tonx, Jovoto,Mealku, Stylyt, Everest, Minbox, Care at HandCrowdstorm Author + Advisor on crowd-enabled businessMultiple startups (good, bad + ugly) including:govWorks(Startup.com), Starmedia, MediaSentryMIT CADLAB, Berlin School, U. Cape Town 2
  2. 2. Proposed PlanTheory+ Some context+ Value exchange+ Participant journeyLets do this+ What you are working on+ Applying the ideas+ Pitching
  3. 3. Some Context
  4. 4. Investors on Angel.coProduct, Tech, Traction, Team, Investors, Press, Fundraising
  5. 5. Backers on KickstarterProduct, Hopes, Dreams, Pledges
  6. 6. Biggest Startup ChallengesSource: startup genomeCustomer AcquisitionCustomer AcquisitionCustomer AcquisitionCustomer Acquisition
  7. 7. So why are we so focused onpitching investors?
  8. 8. Before you need investors youneed (prospective) customersDiscovery+ hypothetical test+ many interviews+ first offering+ ffffundingValidation+ real test+ test value exchange+ refine initial offering+ investor funding7m 11m
  9. 9. Q: You need help.But where will it come from?A: Value Exchange
  10. 10. 11
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. 13Minbox Public Challenge
  13. 13. 14Gotham Defender Prototype Demo
  14. 14. 15Holstee Manifesto
  15. 15. 16Retrofit Quiz
  16. 16. 17Life Edited Designer Search
  17. 17. What motivates people?The best answer so far:Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll.But also:Meaning, Mastery, Autonomy18
  18. 18. Ten thousand people a yearseek out fame + fortune19
  19. 19. Beyond the day jobExperience + Good20
  20. 20. The right mix of incentives for your participants21
  21. 21. So if we can give peoplesomething they wantWe can get them to help us insome wayORIf This Then That (IFTTT)
  22. 22. IFTTT value exchange recipesIf you offer me great contentThenI might subscribe to your e-mail listIf you promise to make this product and ship itto me in 6 monthsThenI will give you money now (if you hit yourthreshold)
  23. 23. More IFTTT value exchangerecipesIf I can try our your product for freeThenI will give you some feedbackIf your story sounds interesting to meThenI will answer your research questions
  24. 24. Even More IFTTT value exchangerecipesIf you send me a t-shirtThenI might tweet about youIf you keep me updated on your progressThenI can volunteer to help out in ways we didn’tanticipate
  25. 25. Even even More IFTTT valueexchange recipesIf you let me partner with youThenI will share my design ideaIf you thank meThenI will help with customer service
  26. 26. TheParticipant Journey[or what needs to happento get to value exchange]
  27. 27. 28
  28. 28. 29How can you make iteasy for someone elseto tell your story?LIFE EDITEDHOLSTEE
  29. 29. 30How can someonequickly understand theIFTTT?MINBOXEVEREST
  30. 30. 32How can you make it aseasy as possible forsomeone to help you?ZOCDOCLAUNCHROCK
  31. 31. 35Time to deliver on thepromise (and belistening for whensomeone thinks youdidn’t)
  32. 32. 36If all goes according toplan, the magic ofadvocacy will begin (andyou can nudge a littletoo).
  33. 33. OK. Lets do this.