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Daily activities


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Materi Bahasa Inggris aktivitas sehari-hari untuk anak SD

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Daily activities

  1. 1. Assalamualaikum......
  2. 2. Now, we are going to learn about sentence. The example sentences are about “Daily Activity” Sekarang, kita akan belajar tentang kalimat. Contoh kalimatnya dari “Aktifitas Sehari-hari”
  3. 3. Daily Activities
  4. 4. Get Up/Wake Up
  5. 5. Take a bath/Take a shower
  6. 6. Have Breakfast
  7. 7. Go to School
  8. 8. Study in School
  9. 9. Have Lunch
  10. 10. Have subuh/dzuhur/... Prayer
  11. 11. Take a nap
  12. 12. Watch television
  13. 13. Play in the field
  14. 14. Sleep
  15. 15. Daily Activities WHEN? in the morning in the afternoon in the evening First Afterwards Next Then After that Later Finally always/usually/sometimes/ never/ often/ every day
  16. 16. Make the sentences (membuat kalimat) Saya selalu shalat subuh I always have subuh prayer
  17. 17. Exercise (latihan) Saya I bangun jam 5 pagi get up at 5 in the morning selalu Always
  18. 18. Exercise (latihan) Saya I sarapan di rumah have breakfast in home sering often
  19. 19. Task (Tugas) Translate into english 1. Saya sering shalat magrib di masjid 2. Saya jarang bermain bersama teman 3. Saya tidak pernah tidur siang 4. Saya selalu membaca komik 5. Saya sering menonton televisi Selamat Mengerjakan Yaaa